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  1. The information I have so far is to expect a fair amount of time between the current release and the next version.. like "late Fall or possibly Winter". As with the B-25J, we'll begin Pre-orders for the next kit when it's in boxes and shipping information has been sent.
  2. 04/25 UPDATED delivery and UPS shipping info in the ARC MidTenn forum! Thanks!
  3. HK kit update: The boat with our kits docked 04/18/12, and the next steps are to unload and then clear U.S. Customs. HTH for those waiting!
  4. The kit is on the water and on the way! We expect to have it by end of April and are now taking Pre-orders for CONUS at $165.85!! LINK!! Also, because of the price, the kit qualifies for our 50% shipping discount, which will be applied when your order ships!
  5. We got notice yesterday afternoon that our first shipment of this kit is on the way, so it should be on the shelf in about 5 days, so it's available now for Pre-order! Click HERE! Jack
  6. It's not that Sprue Bros is choosing not to re-stock. Tamiya is just not available right now due to a labeling issue. Shouldn't be too much longer, but those of us that have any Tamiya paint are just selling from stock we all had before this issue came up. In the meantime, the suggestion about Smyrna Hobby was a good one. They're good people and, who knows.. maybe they have what you want. HTH Jack
  7. Someone gave you bad info. E-Z Masks is alive and well and doing business! The website is down because they are making some changes that have taken much longer than expected. As usual with some projects, what was supposed to take 24-48 hours is now into the second week. I talked to Chris at E-Z by phone today about an order, and the only thing he's concerned with is getting the website done and back online. Business is great and orders are being accepted. HTH Jack
  8. I'm not sure why you say "Obviously, you cannot expect... at the MidTenn site.", but that's exactly what I did! I put the announcement on my website, right at the top of the AMS category, and left it there for 60-90 days, until I got assurances from Harold and from Gordon that I had left it there long enough for AMS and Sprue to promote or advertise the change. At the time, it was my decision to let Harold discuss the move, which he announced in several forums. HERE is the announcemet that was on my website. It even contained a LINK to the AMS category at Sprue Bros. Gordon and I are friends, Harold and I are friends, and it seemed proper for me to make it easy to find AMS' new abode! This was last September/October. I'll leave it active AGAIN for a few days to allow anyone interested to see it. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! Jack
  9. Until the first week of November, the new Krome is available exclusively through MidTenn!
  10. I've been very happy with both Olfa and Alvin.
  11. On the other hand, he might get much improved idling and cold weather starts. Just a thought. Jack
  12. Did I see a secret surveillance team keeping an eye on Don for most of the day?
  13. Had a great time.. Indy is a first-rate chapter that hosts a first-rate show!! Was very pleased to see many old friends and also put faces with names! Bugfan? Somebody PM or something and let me know. the other other Jack
  14. Now THAT'S funny! Good one! Seriously, there are valid points by everyone. I looked at the checkout process and can see that someone who was in a hurry or had been sipping too much coffee might not notice all the choices in the pull-down menu for shipping. With 'decals only' being at the top, first choice, I can see it happening. But it doesn't look like something someone would do intentionally.
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