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  1. I need a few of those. Very nice work! Starting to paint my 1/48 beast soon!
  2. Ridiculously AWESOME! I have that kit, but working on others now. You ruined it for me with your superb detailing! lol Keep up the great work.
  3. Thanks Narciarz. I was speaking more about the underbelly weapons rail set. FYI - Aires exhaust nozzle conversion set for Tamiya is very good. Takes a little bit of work, but looks great and accurate.
  4. Has anyone used Wolfpack's 1/32 F-14 Tomcat resin for their Trumpy's? Does everything fit well, accurate? I was hoping to purchase a set today. Any help would be appreciated. Also, does anyone know where I can get a 1/32 AN/AAQ 25 resin Lantirn Pod? Thanks, Mark
  5. Has anyone used the Mr. Weathering products over acrylics? I have a plane painted with Mission Models paints and was wondering if this stuff was safe to use. I know it says "It's able to be used on Mr. Color aqueous paints" They have good shades for Navy jets. Just curious. Thanks, Mark
  6. I recently painted the 3 color schemes on my 1/32 F-14 with Mission models pants and used a combination of tape in areas and blu-tack. I was so impressed with how the paint leveled and left ZERO hard edges anywhere. Awesome stuff!
  7. Yeah, I have been practicing on the 1/32 F/A-18 painting top first, by holding underneath then placing on Tamiya round turntable and placing a large plastic storage bin upside down on top of it. That is probably how I will do the F-15E. I can't wait to paint the B-1B Beast. lol
  8. Hello all I have been working on several models and most are primed and ready for paint. I had a 1/32 Hornet I have been practicing on. Airbrushing cockpits, wheel wells and such are easy but airbrushing a big kit has me a little intimidated. I have been working on them for about 10 years or so and just got a Paasche 30-16 spray booth ducted outside and it's time to paint. First one is a 1/32 Tamiya F-15E. I'm using mission Models paint and a mix of 3 airbrushes. Iwata HP-CS a brand new Iwata HP-CR and a new Grex TrItium TG. Any tips on holding and maneuver
  9. Hello all, has anyone tried cutting the pieces for the 1/32 CBU-105 and GBU-12 items yet? I have a small aluminum miter box and a razor saw from UMM and another saw with 54 tpi. The razor saw from UMM is awesome, but the resin part is thicker than the saw blade. When I glue them together they are not as flush as I would like them to be. Already tried sanding flat. The detail on these items are amazing. It will be very difficult to use filler in these tight areas, but that may be my only option. The 1/32 GBU-24 I have turned out pretty well. I only star
  10. Thanks! I work at an engineering firm and going to run it past my mechanical engineers! lol
  11. I have seen many discussions hear about spray booths and certain paints that can be used. I just purchased the Paasche HSSB 30-16 and I had known it was for acrylics only. I still need to duct outside. To get into their explosion proof booth it would have been over a $1,000.00 plus needed hardwired. So how is everybody spraying alclad's, enamels and such? Everybody can't afford an explosion proof spray booth. Just curious. I just bought some Mission Models paints and like them so I will use for the most part. I will still use testor's enamels, alclad
  12. Has anyone used the canopy masks from WARE yet? I am about to primer this beast this weekend and going to lay down the masks tonight? I have never used anyone's canopy masks before. Thanks
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