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    model planes(surprising to see some one with this interist on the forum...), guitar, aviation.
  1. :D Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!! I do love the A-10 and FSX... So the iris A-10... :wub:
  2. Thanks guys, This tail graphic is definitely better that the other one I did earlier. Starting on 2 aggressors now, an F-5 (Sundowners obviously...) and an F-16 (have I ever said I love the look of arctic camo...).
  3. How about this, build I model I would actually be willing to post here...
  4. For this one I tried to ad the proper under nose (keyword is tried). Well I think I need another hobby, I worked on this continually every spare moment I had... So, here it is.
  5. I know, but I could not find a line drawing for an F-14B. and I think your right but they don't need to be very much thicker.
  6. Thanks Holmes, and Gregg, it helps quite a bit. Any photos of the area around where the Word navy is on my above profile?
  7. Thank you I'll get started tonight. Felix looks funny with a santa hat.
  8. Any pictures of the VF-31?
  9. Do you know of any other Christmas aircraft? I know it doesn't have the seasons greetings fuel tanks but I couldn't find a line drawing with them so I went without them. Tis, the season for some Tomcats...
  10. Ha, I thought the same thing, I almost wanted to darken that entire area because of it but decided not to. Thanks again for pointing that out.
  11. Well here it is, all highlights and most other things were duplicated from my other tomcat. The Tail Logo was partialy done by me, the actual skull was taken from the squadron insignia to the right. Well what do you guys think?
  12. There, problem solved. (Santa Cat is done too)
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