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  1. Hi guys..finally it's done..here's the detail about the kit Material : Soft vinyl kit Scale : 1/6 scale Kit rating : 8/10 Paint : Gunze sangyo This is my first Ma. k kit and I'm still a beginner..if there any mistake how I build or pronounce any parts of this kit..I apologize. I hope you guys enjoy it Thanks
  2. Greetings guys cheele : for paint chip I'm using hairspray technique. Grey Ghost 531, ChernayaAkula, SmashedGlass, : thanks guys olemanjoe : about the name..syyyyhhhh..it's a bit rude..well I'll change it later :D..what about skull-ma.k :D By the time I post this message the kit is already done..I'll post it here with more detail about it shortly..thanks.
  3. Greetings all..this is my 1/6 scale Fireball SG Ma.k Nitto clone with home made decal Height 19 inches = base + kit 16.5 inches kit itself + antenna Another 10% to finish line Hope you guys like it Thanks
  4. Yup..you're right..I bought this kit a long time ago..1st batch when MRC/Academy release this kit..only an expert know what I've done here..a bit of everythings..I got a few pic from the net..I just follow what I saw :D
  5. My latest project MRC/Academy 1/35 UH-60L Blackhawk with Eduard PE Enjoy Thanks
  6. blackheart


    This my 1st project or experiment about water Enjoy
  7. My latest project History about this plane : Beaufighter Mk 10, OB-A of No.45 Sqn, Negumbo, Ceylon sufferd a fatal crash at Butterworth (Malaya / Malaysia) on 11th February 1949 Enjoy Thanks
  8. Thanks guys.. Here's the detail - The PACV bild from a few brands of sheet styrene - The turret from Tamiya Pibber with Eduard PE - The guns from Academy US Machine Gun Set - The sliding side and front window/mirror from cheap plastic card - The prop is from leftover 1/32 scale parts - Masterpiece Models sell this kit in 1/35 scale ( resin ) but for me it's a bit expensive..so I think why not build 1..I build this kit +- 1 month..a lot of try and error to get the shape wright..although it's not 100% accurate but as a beginner like me I'm satisfied with it. - The deflated cusion made fr
  9. Scratch build PACV - Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle 1/35 scale with Tamiya Pibber gun turret..enjoy guys
  10. Finally it's done Thanks for all the support guys Enjoy
  11. Thanks Alex Well..a few updates today..sorry for the poor quality of pic..I will replace it later with a batter quality Thanks
  12. Arghhhhhhh what have I done..thanks for the pic..the truth is I got the wrong position of the picture.. no wonder it's looks funny..I have to redo it again ..thanks
  13. Greetings all nothing much 2 see here..just start for the 2nd time painting..I screwed up 1st painting and have to remove all the color and repaint it again..damn..I hate to things twice Thanks
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