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  1. 10 minutes ago, habu2 said:


    ICE vehicles are taxed - at the gas pump.  If you are driving an electric vehicle you don’t pay this tax - even when the electrical energy used by your electric car is generated by means that generate pollution.


    If electric vehicles dominate the roads you can be sure the taxation method will be adjusted to include non-ICE powered vehicles. 



    They'd just institute a mileage tax. They've already talked about it in Vermont since gas tax revenues are going down as efficiency goes up.

  2. 13 hours ago, TaiidanTomcat said:



    exactly, Most of the USMC's harriers are PMC because they don't bother to fix sidewinders and gunpods until its live ammo and dead bodies time. 


    Numbers still seem funky to me... 

    We had a missile shoot coming up back in my F-4N radar days at El Toro, about 1979 or so. The whole shop spent about 24 solid hours running test equipment on missile stations trying to find enough up stations or ones that we could fix in time for the sorties.


    If maintenance control won't let you have the bird to troubleshoot deferred gripes because they need it to fill holes in the flight schedule, it's not going to be a FMC airframe.


  3. 19 hours ago, ikar said:

    I'm trying to find a 1/35th duce 1/2 from the Vietnam war.  The gun ring and cover for the back are noty necessary.


    I'm alsl trying to find the conversion kit for the H.B. V-100 that will turn it into the A.F. Security Police base defense version.


    The last two are a 1970s version of a C.J. 5 jeep and a M-715 weapons truck, at least that's what we called it back then, without the cover for the back.


    Academy makes an M35 Vietnam era 2½. It's a nice kit.


    oops, never mind. you want 1/35th.

  4. 13 hours ago, DrGlueblob said:

    This would sure be a hit 1n 1/72 to go along with the Revell/Zvezda Topol, Czar Bombs, and other doom porn..

    Dragon kitted it in 1/72. It's more accurate than the Renwal monster (I have both) but it's still cool. I've also got the Zvezda Topol and Iskandar. Both of those are insanely awesome kits judging by the box contents at least. I guess I have a thing for "doom porn"!

  5. On ‎11‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 10:34 AM, Brian P: Fightertown Decals said:

    We always used scuttlebutt = gouge or rumors. 

    Some of the best times were at the dirty shirt for midrats - sliders, rollers, autodog and drinking bug juice. 

    We never used "gouge" to mean rumors; only for valid information. It was more used for meaning passdown information at shift change, hints and tips for troubleshooting, deployment schedule information...all of this was "the gouge". Really important info was "the good gouge". I guess rumors could be "bum gouge" in some cases. ...unless the rumors proved true...then they'd be "the good gouge".

    Scuttlebutt goes all the way back to the days of sail when drinking water was served out of a wooden "butt" or barrel on the deck of the ship. Maybe they stored the drinking water on the edge of the deck near a scuttle?


    Back when I was a newbie the shop sent me out on one of these quests. I think it was for a "speed gate" which is just an electronic pulse in the radar circuitry. Had gotten the good gouge on this trick so I just went over to the geedunk and had me some pogey bait for a couple of hours. Then I went back to the shop and said I couldn't find any speed gates at supply and they laughed and I laughed and life went on.

  6. Unless you're going to be dumping a whole ton of solvent through it the fuel/air mixture will be waaaaaay too lean to ignite. An airbrush couldn't move enough solvent through to be dangerous.


    Disclaimer: I am not any sort of engineer, chemical, mechanical or fire protection. Just another a-hole with an opinion.

  7. Now, they don't need to, the AIM-9X can be targeted at a trailing aircraft, fired forward and then pull a high-G turn to reverse course and kill the target. It probably loses less energy pulling the turn than a rear-firing weapon would need to slow down, stop then speed up again in the opposite direction, which in effect it would need to do. If the target was fairly close (mile or two) the missile and target would merge while the missile probably had a very low TAS and so would be very easy to avoid. If the target were much further away, it would probably be more effective to turn the launching aircraft around and attack normally.

  8. Here's another late reply. I use Mr. Color Leveling Thinner for almost all of my paint reducing. It's the only thing I've found that works at all with MM flat black. Everything else seems to clot.


    It's also really good for thinning Alclad II Primer/Fillers and Mr. Surfacer. It works well on Tamiya acrylics too.

  9. 3 hours ago, Mr Matt Foley said:


    Off topic but was the America the carrier that had the horrific night time crash and fire back then?

    The carriers that had bad fires were the Oriskany, Forrestal and the Enterprise. Oriskany's fire was caused by an ordnance man accidentally igniting a flare during stowage and then chucking the burning flare into a magazine full of flares and then shutting the door. I think both the Forrestal and Enterprise fires were caused by accidental launch of a rocket on the flight deck during flight ops. The Forrestal's fire is what initiated thermal coating being applied to bombs.

  10. Not model related but a similar story: My wife volunteers at the local library. One of the books that came in donations for the semi-annual book sale fundraiser was a kid's book, one of those "Scholastic Book Fair" books. She looked it over and inside the cover was a stick-on book plate with her niece's name on it. It was about 25 years old from 100 miles south. The next time we were down to visit she gave the book back to her niece. It was pretty funny.

  11. On ‎5‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 11:43 AM, KursadA said:


    I am still working on it - just another one of the dozens of things I am working on. I will let everyone know when it is ready. 

    Yay! Thanks.

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