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  1. Interesting! d'also love to put that Turk's Viper side by side... you dun get that many chances to do a modern day jets duel...
  2. Stunning box-art ,any comment/review yet?
  3. Latest news from Wonder Festival 2016 Winter: :rolleyes:/>
  4. Which one is better: Airfix and Cyber Hobby?
  5. 23USD minus shipping at the Chinese "Bay", ask someone you know in the far east to get yours there.
  6. That Revell 1/144 Flanker was just a re-boxing of the Tsukuda Hobby tooling in late 80s (same goes to their Mig-25/31):
  7. Great work! But what?? Only two pieces of reply?? Maybe we fellow 1/144 building guys should all switch to building 1/32 or even more bigger stuffs to get positive statements.
  8. Hi there, As title, anyone of you can share a pic of the real thing of this famous Deuce? Googling with no avail. TIA
  9. Hi, anyone have clear aft under side pictures of the AN/ALE-41 chaff dispenser usually carried on EA-6A? Anyone of you have the RoG 1/72 Luftwaffe RF-4E kit could you please take a close and clear pic of the pod for us to see the detail? TIA
  10. Hi Mike, The following website may help, go hv a look! >>>>Link<<<<
  11. Nicely done but the landing gear is wrongly installed... :)
  12. Hi mates, I bought the 1:144 decals for E-2C VAW-123 Screwtops but was unable to find any pic of that scheme so anyone here hv any idea? Thx in adv! Steve
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