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  1. Congrats Chuck, as always a masterpiece model , your patience for details is the key for a great model. Jorge
  2. Tank , when i used for the first time the rivets, was in my black hawk i did several years ago, i only used water on the rivets, and after the paint was done you can see clearly the carrier film around the rivets, thta is why i used solvaset on my LB and the carrier film is not visible at all . Jorge
  3. They are on now, after i took the pictures a remembered
  4. Thanks Tim over ARC page on Facebook you can find more images with better quality jorge
  5. I managed to finish this bird before i leave for several days, i hope you guys like it, more pictures with better quality in Facebook Jorge
  6. Kike i am trying to match your production rate, yes i am getting slower, this will be my 6th model finished in 2018 so far😝
  7. Guys i promise it will be done by this weekend, but have to go flying out of the country tomorrow and will be back by monday, so by next week it will be finished Jorge
  8. Floyd, do you know if they ill have the option of folded blades? it would be great so it wont take that much space on the shelf Jorge
  9. Brandon, thanks for your kind offer, already sealed the decals, i think by this weekend it will be ready, i am planning on buiding the M version that is coming soon this one in the A version so I will have both the AH and the MH. Jorge
  10. Yes, the decals are light gray, i already reduce the color with tamiya weathering powder, but need to give them a darker shade, i need to finish this one with this decals for upcoming expo now in July for the new one u will get werner’s decals Jorge
  11. i started working on the left side of the fuselage on the weathering, i think it looks quite nice , depending on how the light falls on the fuselage you see more or less weathering. I am mad because the tai bomm decal moved in UNITED word, and i dont have another one to replace it, so i will have to live with it as is coments welcome
  12. Base color is on, MRP tire rubber gives a look of faded black, nice color for the little bird And here is a picture of CATZILA aka CATISIS, this morning she hit hard again this time both skids torn off the model, thank god it was easy to fix, from now on she wont bother any more, after punishment she is been hiding under the bed all day long
  13. I just glued them in that position, the kit itself lets you play with the position of the skids, just need to know on how the real helicopters skids behave under weight, with that information you go after what you need to position the helicopter in a real weight on skids position Jorge
  14. Hi LD, here is a picture with the measurement , sorry they are in centimeters, the back side of the skids is wider than the front, this is because of the helicopter weight over the struts located in the aft skid arms I will try to start painting tonight the black base coat, had a problem with my cat, she found the helo over the desk and she started playing with the model, at the end, broken tail boom and vertical tail, and much of the rivets in the tail and boom were gone. Jorge
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