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  1. not yet, by sunday i think it will be done, i will publish photos on fabebook, as you said, this forum is a ghost town, so i will not post more updates here
  2. I am back with some more progress. So the cobra is standing now on his legs, the main windshield is on, the door will be the last , decals are on. The kit is excellent, what i dislike are the decals, they are like the new eduard decals, that when they dried you have to peel the carrier film, this is a disaster with the small data stencils, most of them will come off with the carrier film
  3. as soon as i can i will, at the moment i am dealing with some health issues with my mother, so i have not doing much this past week Jorge
  4. Most of the paint work is done on the fuselage so far i am buiding an specific Cobra "wretched mildred"
  5. Some update on the Cobra Finished painting the front and middle section of the fuselage, so far i like the weathered look of the paint so far
  6. i used Quinta studio panels, the rest isOOB
  7. here i am again, let see how this experiment will work at the end, differents shades of green as a base coat some white and black splashed to simulate faded and weathered paint at the end
  8. Hello everyone, long time no posting on this forum, i got my Special hooby / ICM Cobra with all the aftermarket goodies included in the box, i just added the Quinta studio panels So far i have finished the cockpit fuselage fitting is excellent , so far not a single drop of filler need it , i added a few rivets on the ammo doors surface
  9. talking about the cabin windows, the Lear 35 have 6 on the right side and 5 on the left side, the lear 36 have 5 on the right side and 4 on the left side, this due to the extra fuel tank aft of the cabin on the lear 36, so hasegawa's model is a Lear 36 on the box not a 35 model Jorge
  10. I used gunship gray with a few drops of white to tone it down a bit
  11. Dave, i started with NATO black as the base color, from there i lightened and darkened in places to simulate faded paint or weathered paint. Jorge
  12. If i leave the hole rotor assembled with the blades will take lots or space, that is why i just removes the blades as they do in the real ones
  13. so i finally finished this two birds, i modified the main blades so they can be removed for storage , and in order to take this pictures one next to each other. Now i am waitin the release of the Seahawk to add another one to the family
  14. Y don’t know why they add helo drab, all of them are faded black, in some you ser some helo drab color on the wings, but is because those wing were green and then painted black on top, the one in the museum you can see in the pictures the green on some areas, but just the wings
  15. i am using a mix i did myself, NATO black with a few drops of white and dark gray
  16. About 10 PSI, and i use tamiya yellow cap thinner, alclad airbrush cleaner, or the cheapest one, carburator cleaner spray bottle
  17. there is no secret, straight from the bottle to the airbrush, with low pressure
  18. hello all, i am working on a new Kitty Hawk black hawk, the decals from the model are useless, when they go to the model they are transparent and disappear on the model. Is there any good soul that is willing to sell werner's wings decals for the MH-60L nightstalkers?? best regards Jorge Oppenheimer
  19. what can i say? some folks complained about some fit issues, so far for me didnt have any fit issues and have not used any filler at all so far
  20. i am using gunship gray from MRP paint, i am not using any gloss clear coat, the paint leaves a satin finish good enough for decal placement
  21. i dont use oils on my models, airbrush work and water pencil colors
  22. main gear done and refueling probe too, this is what a have done so far
  23. main gear strus in place as well as their covers, also gunner door done
  24. next stage of the fuselage painting process Engine exhaust and exhaust deflectors in place
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