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  1. Willys Jeep 1:24 scale

    Made the hitch at the back work by so if needed I can add a trailer Looked at the petrol tank which went on the back bracket I see this is the American one and I am doing this Jeep in Canadian markings I needed a British petrol tank so I changed it up Here is the American This is what I came up with Up next was the wind shield this is what is supplied So out came the brass tube and brass shim and made this Until next time Regards Richard
  2. Willys Jeep 1:24 scale

    Thanks for the welcome and yes did use Albion brass tube bought all sizes from .3 to 2 mm I think have the steering work makes for more realistic looks made the white ball by rolling two part epoxy putty and filling to size Regards Richard
  3. Willys Jeep 1:24 scale

    Next up was to change the seats which did not look right Made these out of brass tube and .003" brass shim Made the hinges work Until next time Regards Richard
  4. Willys Jeep 1:24 scale

    Hi this is my first post on this site, thought I would show you what I did with this Hasegawa 1:24 scale Willys Jeep First off made the steering work Next up was the engine, added some sparkplugs Until next time Regards Richard