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  1. Mustang381, Where did you order from as I am unable to find the kit online. Regards, Chris the cabbie
  2. Kursad, I have to call out the elephant in the room here. Habu has posted images that make my coming point abundantly clear. Despite all the decals and mask sets for the Ertl kit, you need to make more than a token effort to repeat what has already been done. What am I getting at you ask? STENCILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make your effort the definitive decal sheet on the subject instead of another "also ran" sheet. On another note, how much longer for the 1/72 C-119 sheet with the deicer boots. You mentioned that sheet being inbound over a year ago and I've been waiting to use those on
  3. That looks quite sweet! Please consider doing this in 1/72 and listing them on eBay will get a strong reaction as the Fujimi kits could really use this set! Regards, Chris the cabbie
  4. Not to rain on anyone's parade but, when will the C-119 sheet with the prop deicer boots get released?¿??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. Gabor, Any chance you might part with a couple of seats? I have the Resin in Motion A-5 and Trumpeter kit needing those for Pakistani AF builds as they truly look the part! Regards, Chris the cabbie
  6. Giovanni, After perusing the thread, I noticed you had offered resin detail parts on eBay for the kit from your masters? Any chance you might offer them for those that missed out? I'd like the full set if possible. Terrific build BTW! Regards, Chris the cabbie
  7. I have to ask with the plethora of sheets on the P2V from Caracal. Is there any chance that the AP-2H will get some love? It has been poorly served on the releases from Microscale and Zotz as the same options were chosen. What if the sheet gave all the AP-2H options and threw in the OP-2E as well?? Just an idea as the gunships are starting to get addressed as AOA did the AC-119 and that sold out quickly. The AC-130 should be a great subject as well for Vietnam and post Vietnam, don't you think? Regards, Chris the cabbie
  8. Brent, I may have the Eduard instrument panel in color but will need to check the stash to be sure. Be forewarned that most of the stuff from Plus model is nice but pricey. I have a spare set of wheels from them as well. Regards, Chris the cabbie
  9. Aaron, I am interested in this set. What would be the shipping to zip 63116? Regards, Chris the cabbie
  10. Titan8251, I have a mint unopened sheet ready for shipment. I am asking the retail plus shipping to you. You have a choice of Priority or First class but doubt the price will matter much(need to check to be sure). drop me an email offboard @ cabbie945(AT)gmail(dot)com and I can get a total out to you via Paypal if you are so equipped. Regards, Chris the cabbie
  11. Chinese made crap airbrush. I would steer clear of it as the quality on these ranges from ok to god awful. Do you really want to take the chance and roll the dice? Regards, Chris the cabbie
  12. Curt B, My friend on another forum has been buying airbrushes for decades and has over 200 of them (including a lot of vintage examples). Ken at Badger has been trying awful hard to recruit him as a mouthpiece for Badger but he refuses- politely mind you, to get involved. The SOTAR 20/20 he received recently (twice mind you!) were both defective and does indeed point to a clear issue at Badger on quality control. My friend has now sworn off anything from Badger at this point and might I reccomend looking for a Thayer & Chandler Elite A or AA? A much nicer brush all around and c
  13. From my library, I would recommend a couple for sure. 4+ makes a good book but will need to be sourced as I believe it is OOP. Aerofax makes a nice combo book on the MiG-23/27 but is a good title. Shame that Verlinden never included it in his line for some nice close up internals. There is a former MiG-23MF in my area that is in flight worthy status if you need any specific pics. Regards, Chris the cabbie
  14. more like "the shark has been jumped" to death.. Regards, Chris the cabbie
  15. Mine also arrived and couldn't be happier. Well, I would if there was a 1/32 scale kit that was actually worth the money paid..... Regards, Chris the cabbie
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