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  1. I have to ask with the plethora of sheets on the P2V from Caracal. Is there any chance that the AP-2H will get some love? It has been poorly served on the releases from Microscale and Zotz as the same options were chosen. What if the sheet gave all the AP-2H options and threw in the OP-2E as well?? Just an idea as the gunships are starting to get addressed as AOA did the AC-119 and that sold out quickly. The AC-130 should be a great subject as well for Vietnam and post Vietnam, don't you think? Regards, Chris the cabbie
  2. Brent, I may have the Eduard instrument panel in color but will need to check the stash to be sure. Be forewarned that most of the stuff from Plus model is nice but pricey. I have a spare set of wheels from them as well. Regards, Chris the cabbie
  3. Aaron, I am interested in this set. What would be the shipping to zip 63116? Regards, Chris the cabbie
  4. Titan8251, I have a mint unopened sheet ready for shipment. I am asking the retail plus shipping to you. You have a choice of Priority or First class but doubt the price will matter much(need to check to be sure). drop me an email offboard @ cabbie945(AT)gmail(dot)com and I can get a total out to you via Paypal if you are so equipped. Regards, Chris the cabbie
  5. Chinese made crap airbrush. I would steer clear of it as the quality on these ranges from ok to god awful. Do you really want to take the chance and roll the dice? Regards, Chris the cabbie
  6. Curt B, My friend on another forum has been buying airbrushes for decades and has over 200 of them (including a lot of vintage examples). Ken at Badger has been trying awful hard to recruit him as a mouthpiece for Badger but he refuses- politely mind you, to get involved. The SOTAR 20/20 he received recently (twice mind you!) were both defective and does indeed point to a clear issue at Badger on quality control. My friend has now sworn off anything from Badger at this point and might I reccomend looking for a Thayer & Chandler Elite A or AA? A much nicer brush all around and c
  7. From my library, I would recommend a couple for sure. 4+ makes a good book but will need to be sourced as I believe it is OOP. Aerofax makes a nice combo book on the MiG-23/27 but is a good title. Shame that Verlinden never included it in his line for some nice close up internals. There is a former MiG-23MF in my area that is in flight worthy status if you need any specific pics. Regards, Chris the cabbie
  8. more like "the shark has been jumped" to death.. Regards, Chris the cabbie
  9. Mine also arrived and couldn't be happier. Well, I would if there was a 1/32 scale kit that was actually worth the money paid..... Regards, Chris the cabbie
  10. Mizar, I have the decals for 04352 on hand an do not plan to use them. Let me lay hands on them and I will get back to you. Regards, Chris the cabbie
  11. Mstor, I think the real issue isn't necessarily their ability to cast in clear resin but lack of experience and that the masters were not properly prepped for production. By that I mean properly sprueing up the parts with good amount of extra room. Too closely mounted parts to the large part of the sprue is what I saw too much of on the main canopy to sprue join. This causing issues with finish and extra material needing to be sanded off the inside bow and then polished out. Jury is out on what the result will be at this point. I may opt to remold and use better resin I have on han
  12. Habu, I seriously doubt you understand what constitutes "on steriods" even means? The range of the F-18A & B was 1200 miles while the YF-17 was 2800 miles! Mind you, while dealing with pilots from Canada, Spain and Australia who flew the Alpha model Hornets I got to speak with them at length about the relative likes versus dislikes of using the Hornet. To say the pilots despised the lack of range was to put it VERY MILDLY! To make the YF-17 a carrier capable fighter meant adding tons of weight that sapped the good range of the Cobra and limiting it's combat capability. Ever ta
  13. Habu, Clearly you like to play pro Soviet and like Wikipedia?? Well, you should have bothered to continue reading as it clearly states that Volk was preceded by the Swedish AF flying J35 Drakens.. But Igor Volk was the first Soviet pilot who tested[when?] aircraft behavior at high super-critical angles of attack (around 90°) and performed aerobatics such as the "cobra" maneuver.[3] However, decades prior to this, Swedish pilots in the Saab J35 Draken performed a visually similar maneuver as a training routine while learning how to best recover from a so called "super st
  14. Habu, wrong again as the period news reports clearly state McAir payed $50 million to Northrop over the pending litigation. I don't know where you reside but, if I'm innocent then I sure don't part with 50 MILLION. The settlement came with a gag order on both parties and Northrop accepting secondary supplier status on aft fuselage assemblies IIRC. I live in St Louis and know quite a few McDonnell engineers and they were quite vocal during this period in behalf of the Northrop viewpoint. The McAir marketing and sales departments were ruthless back then and did not play well with others at all.
  15. I know alot of ARC members may not be old enough to remember this but, the famed Pugachev cobra maneuver was started by the YF-17 in 1974! Look it up as the Russians did NOT create it, Northrop's test pilots did. This was also the first aircraft that could handle some extreme angle of attack vectors that everything that was in service didn't have a chance in hell of trying. Regards, Chris the cabbie
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