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  1. I am with Christian ...awesome so far!!! John
  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! really amazing work there Elmo!!!! John
  3. Good evening guys, new summer, different work place, a bit difficult times with this new virus. Well i try to overcome with my favourite hobby with new subject, this time a jet one from the cold era, the very good revell 1/48th scale F-86D. First of all ihave to thank Duncan, for his valueable help, explaning details, providing info and clarifiying things regarding this beautiful aircraft and my build specifically. I was going to build this model OOB in order to test an approach to Bare Metal Finish, but...... Here is the profile i want to build, is one provided wit
  4. Dont know if it is the right place to share but i saw some guys are interested in. I have available the Eduard set 48870 which is the landing flaps for eduard kit which i think is a hasegawa reboxing. I made some measurements my self and it seems to fit perfectly on the accurate one. For the moderators, please if i brake any rules with this post delete it, dont want to cause any trouble. John
  5. Lovely Work so far!!! I would love to see how The salt weathering will come out!! John
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