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  1. A lot of the Chinese model kit sellers on eBay run similar prices and offers, sometimes it's worthwhile to add the items to your eBay cart and see if they offer combined shipping for additional savings. Below are some of the eBay stores mentioned above as well as ones I've bought from: https://www.ebay.com/str/auroramodelshop https://www.ebay.com/str/flymodel https://www.ebay.com/str/xfreehobby https://www.ebay.com/str/fancykicks https://www.ebay.com/str/peaceful2018
  2. Under fuselage Data link pod according to navalnews.com
  3. For Hasegawa kits, I believe the F-14D chin-pod only came in F-14D specific boxings on Sprue R. However, the F-14D boxings also came with the chin-pods for F-14A & B variants on Sprue J so hopefully someone with an F-14D boxing and wants to build an F-14A or B can help you out.
  4. Zvezda's Su-34 kit calls for the underside to be painted in Humbrol 23, duck egg blue. A color conversion chart can be found here
  5. I've bought from Ali Express several times over the years, some of them knock-off toys, and I always received what I paid for. There are lots of knock-off items listed on there but they are clearly listed as knockoffs or off brand. Legit brand items are sold on there but I have not found any real good savings buying those from Ali Express versus other online retailers. For example, I was looking for Academy's new 1/72 F-14B model kit earlier this year, they were being sold for a somewhat reasonable price on Ali but I bought from another online retailer for a similar price instea
  6. HLJ only shows shipping costs of true in stock items, I do not recall for in stock 3-5 days items but they do not estimate shipping for pre-order items. Once you start using the private warehouse option it becomes harder to estimate shipping. Buying from Japan was cheap pre-covid but even with the low Japanese Yen right now, shipping costs are very high.
  7. I think what I wrote is not being understood. This is not a COD situation, the additional cost is either due to taxes or fees and the courier did not correctly explain the situation. I find it very unlikely the extra cost goes back to HLJ.
  8. It appears COD is not fully understood by some folks. COD stands for Cash on Delivery or Collect on Delivery, it is a method of paying for the goods at the time of delivery versus paying before being shipped out. The courier did not explain or fill out the form correctly, and by refusing the package the buyer will most likely have to pay for shipping from Japan a second time.
  9. Thank you for the link and the updated photos, that is some amazing and realistic weathering.
  10. Do you have a link to the post on the burned metal finish? I was unable to find it using the search function or looking back through yours post history.
  11. As a couple of folks have already pointed out, Hasegawa mainly focuses on their domestic market and are producing what sells well in Japan. They have released dozens of new tool kits the last few years. For aircraft they have focused on anime/sci-fi, such as the Macross series, and they also re-release many aircraft kits each year with different decal schemes. Trumpeter may be producing a lot more modern kits but their focus is on the latest fad and accuracy / fit is average. Hasegawa products seem to focus more on quality and they just have a different business model. Its li
  12. Sorry to hear someone has taken your money. I never use friends and family when paying with Paypal. On a separate forum someone with a low message count was selling some hard to find kits at decent prices but wanted Paypal friends and family payment. I paid with Paypal and paid an extra 5% to cover fees. In my case, the seller turned out to be legit and I had no problems. It's possible to have honest folks out there but I've learned it's best to keep 'friends & family' out of business.
  13. Orders now have to be $100 minimum to qualify for free shipping
  14. A quick search on Google led me back to ARC, this gent removed the canopy by carefully cutting it out:
  15. And the PA Attorney General is taking action against them: https://www.attorneygeneral.gov/taking-action/press-releases/attorney-general-shapiro-files-complaint-against-online-hobby-shop-warns-of-holiday-shopping-scams/
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