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  1. I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my wingman, Niblet a medium hair orange tabby cat, earlier this year in July and I know your pain. I still miss him terribly but at least I am able to hold back my tears. Niblet was a dog in a cat's body, he loved me unconditionally and always followed me everywhere. I was volunteering at an animal shelter and found him in the quarantine area because they ran out of cages in the regular cat hold room. I just heard this 3-4 week old kitten with a raspy meow crying loudly over and over as they were preparing to close up for the weekend. I opened his cage and
  2. I bought a UH-60J kit from Dave a couple of months ago and I had no issues. I did a quick search on his Facebook page, as Dutch mentioned he is currently having house issues and is handling business matters 4.00am to 7.00am each day. https://www.facebook.com/flyingleathernecksmodels.net/ I hope things work out for everyone
  3. I'm looking for the 1/72 decals (for all black and all grey F-16) that was included in the Twobobs 1/48 F-16C Alaskan Splinters Part II decal sheet. I will buy the whole sheet if necessary.
  4. They never responded to my inquiry and I opened a dispute with my credit card, who refunded me instantly. I was expecting to receive an email to say I was a bad customer but I didn't even get that. I will not be going back to this retailer
  5. Its been over a week and my order still has not shipped. I sent them a message and received the automated response. I'll start a dispute with my credit card company if I don't hear anything from them in a couple of days
  6. Damn, Murphy's Law just got me. I just placed a $200 online order with them this evening and a couple of hours later I notice this thread..... I should've figured it was too good to be true, I've been looking for an Airfix Sea King HC.4 and they're the only ones to have it in stock Stateside. Everything else I ordered is available elsewhere so hopefully they have them in stock too.
  7. PM inbound to you two gentlemen, I was clearing out my modelling stash and I have 2 of the Repliscale decals sets I will most likely not use.
  8. Selling my duplicate Trumpeter Flanker kits since I will not get around to building all of the variants I had planned. All kits are new with the parts still sealed in the clear bags. Payment via Paypal only, shipping cost is extra and will be at cost (only what USPS charges me). Trumpeter: Su-27 Flanker B (boxing 01660) - $19.00 x 2 Su-27 Flanker Early Type (boxing 01661) - $19.00 x 2 Su-27UB Flanker C (boxing 01645) - $19.00 J-11 Chinese Flanker (Su-27) (boxing 01662) - $19.00 x 2 J-15 Chinese Naval Flanker (Su-33) (boxing 01668) - $19.00 J
  9. Thanks for the tip, the site is formatted fine when I was not logged in. I had resorted to logging out just be to able to browse the forums
  10. I am looking to sell my remaining 1/200 model kits, I ended up switching to 1/400 prepainted models due to space issues and lack of time to build. Each kit is $10 unless noted, shipping is extra to your location. Payment via Paypal is preferred but I am willing to consider other payment methods. Boxed Kits: 727-300 ANA Boxing LB1 x 2 727-300 Alaska Airlines Boxing LB2 x 2 727-300 Ansett Australia Boxing LB3 737-400 JAL Flower Jet Boxing 10180 LT120 (3 kits in 1 boxing) x 2 $15 each 737-400 JTA Japan TransOcean Air
  11. tsculton, 3 of the Corsairs have been taken and the last one is currently on hold. I'll let you know if the other member is not able to complete, in which case it goes to you. Also, it looks like shipping averages out to $4.80 via 1st class shipping to anywhere in the U.S.
  12. More free goodies! The Revell F/A-18A Hornet is boxing 04075 - box is crushed but kit is fine. The F-14A Tomcat is boxing 04004. The boxes have been opened to both kits are still sealed in their plastic bags - instructions and decals are included. Free to anyone anywhere (one per person to keep it fair). Only requirement is you pay for shipping. I will only charge actual shipping cost, I will cover the shipping box and packing material.
  13. Ian, I sent you a PM. I cleared up my inbox to receive PMs.
  14. I bought these kits as part of a lot but I do not build 1/48 scale or WWII subjects. I have 4 of these F4Us total, they came from the Testors Famous WWII Fighter boxing #4053. The models are not boxed but are still sealed in the plastic bags - instructions and decals are included. Free to anyone anywhere (one per person to keep it fair). Only requirement is you pay for shipping. I will only charge actual shipping cost, I will cover the shipping box and packing material.
  15. If the instruction manual still has the parts order form I can place you with a contact in Japan who can order the replacement parts direct from Hasegawa on your behalf.
  16. How much are they selling the J-31 for? Bel-Air is a bit of a drive for me from Waldorf MD but maybe I can get to their Rockville store.
  17. I just want to update that I received a response from Steve and I was able to purchase some decals, which are on the way. My original post was not a complaint, I was trying to make sure my e-mails were not going to his spam folder. Buy with confidence and be sure to send an e-mail and not PM per his instructions.
  18. I never received a response to my first e-mail from your previous sales thread. I sent a second e-mail in response to this thread but have yet to hear back. Are you receiving my e-mails? My name is William Lok and I am sending e-mails from gmail. Anyone else not receiving responses??
  19. Maybe it is referring to the OLS-K targeting pod to be integrated with the MiG-35. Source
  20. I have a few extras if you're interested in any of these, some have already been sold but I still have most of what is shown:
  21. I have 3 new Minicraft 1/72 F/A-18 Hornet model kits available. This is the NASA boxing (11656) but does NOT include decals, parts are still sealed in plastic bags. Kits are free to anyone who wants them, I only ask you pay for shipping and paypal costs. 1 kit per member.
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