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  1. I'd ordered from MasterCasters before, so, a little over ONE year ago, I ordered the CF-105 detail sets from MasterCasters. I contacted them on several occasions, and Jay and Roberta always had excuses; the patterns were being updated, the mold maker broke his hand or something, problems with this that and the other thing! I was patient! Then, I realized that the one year anniversary of my order was coming up. I managed to get in contact with Roberta, after many tries! The phone number listed on their website was not in service! Finally reached Roberta, after trying to reach Jay at Scale Aircr
  2. Hey Guys, Word of advise: DO NOT ORDER FROM MASTERCASTERS! Although they have nice products, Jay Laverty has taken me for 66 GBP. I ordered the CF-105 sets a little over ONE year ago! Jay and his wife Roberta always had convenient excuse, about production problems, delays, all sorts. In the end they simply stopped providing excuses and now prefer to ignore my emails altogether. They are both dishonest and not to be trusted!!! If you really want their products, then order them from Hannants, not MasterCasters. Although I don't recommend supporting such nasty thieves who take the money from
  3. Hi Chris, Count me in for one set. By the way, your AIM-9X's look fabulous on my 1/32 F/A-18E! Cheers, Luc
  4. Crap! I ordered stuff from Rhino Models not too long ago, twice! I didn't know he was a fraud. His eBay account changed at some point between my two and I found it odd but I didn't dig any deeper. He's off my list! You say his stuff is copied from DMold? I'll have to go check him out. Thanks for the alert. That's the last purchase he sees from me!
  5. Has anyone tried to access IPMS Stockholm recently? I've trying for 2 days and I keep getting error messages.
  6. Thanks for the link. I contacted Borgfeldt Canada and they can't help since they "import" the kits to Canada from Dragon USA and we all know what's going on there. A friend of says he may have a part for me in his stash of leftovers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Luc
  7. I just checked their website again and I didn't find any e-mail address. I'm in Canada, so maybe I going to try and contact Borgfeldt. That's the Canadian distributor (just figured that out!). Maybe they can help me. Just in case, do you have the e-mail address? I looked on www.hasegawa-model.co.jp Thanks
  8. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how to order a part or part tree from Hasegawa. I checked the instructions in all of my kits and there is no mention of how to do this. I also looked at there website and there's nothing there either. Any ideas. This kit is a tough build to start with and when a part is missing, it does nothing to help! FYI, I'm missing part 91 from tree F (F91). Just in case someone has one lying around! Cheers, Luc
  9. Hi, This is my first time on this forum. I've only come back to modeling in the last 18 months after many years away from it. I've been working on the I Italeri C-130J which I received from a friend and I'm having a heck of a time trying to get the leading edge colour on the props. Since the C-130J six bladed props have such a curve, I'm not sure how I'd mask them. The raised ridge is still present, so I tried flowing on some thinned paint but it invariably goes over the ridge. Freehand? Well I'm not that steady! Any ideas or suggestions? They're really tick me off!
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