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  1. Mine was either an Italeri 1/72 A-4, a Promodeler 1/72 Me 262 (excellent reference photos included in the instructions) or an Airfix Stuka. Memory's a little fuzzy.
  2. More light two-seater COIN aircraft like the Tucano in injection plastic, preferably in 1/48 scale.
  3. Just my 2 cents- After I got my airbrush I cut my teeth on a Hobbyboss 1/48 FM-2. Therefore I would recommend going for aircraft with a simple one-colour or two-colour finish as I did not find typical WWII German subjects beginner-friendly due to the (comparatively) complicated camouflage. Aircraft with lots of cockpit framing can frustrate quckly if one does not buy ready-cut masks. Tanks provide a good canvas for practicing airbrushing skills, but when I was just starting out I absolutely detested gluing all those road wheels together; YMMV! Hobbyboss' Easykits have very few parts in the
  4. Just dropping by to say thanks for the tips! Tried the technique with acrylics and no Future coat- turned out fine. Great technique to learn.
  5. I'm planning on doing something similar for a USAAF fighter based in New Guinea, here's what I have in mind: 1. Spray severely faded OD. 2. Use your salt technique with regular OD. The idea is to use the salt to mask off areas that should be faded, like the wingroots and control surfaces. Would this approach work?
  6. As written in the title- I'm looking for the clear parts for the AModel 1/72 Ka-26 series (it's a sprue common to all versions, I believe). I will pay for price + shipping by Paypal. Do PM me so that we can work something out.
  7. Awesome camouflage scheme on that Krokodil. Which colours did you use?
  8. HB's catalog lists it as an Su-27. I have lots of high hopes for this kit (Holding off on buying the Academy because of this), but knowing Hobbyboss, they'd probably deliver a beautiful *****-up: Great detailing, removeable panels/radome, decent cockpit, but with some painfully avoidable shape/measurement error. At least I can be confident that the weapons load won't disappoint.
  9. Thanks for the help guys. As long as it isn't too crude I think I'll be able to manage- It's a kit, and not LEGO after all.
  10. Hi all, Just ordered a KP Models Su-25K. Since it's the OEZ tooling, I decided to search for reviews under all 3 company names. Reviews seem to differ greatly, varying from "It's a crude lump of plastic" to "A challenge, but builds into a nice model". (And the usual "OMG this looks great!!" in-box review) Did KP clean up the OEZ moulds, or is it just different opinions at work? How would you guys rank the kit in terms of buildability, would it be, say, on par with an early Kinetic F-16 kit? Or would it have more of a "limited-release kit" kind of quality? Any major pitfalls to expect? (I
  11. I have the Zvezda kit on order now. Looks spectacular, if a little small. Thanks for the advice! EDIT: I'm not so sure about the base camouflage colour of the Russian Hinds though- it seems to vary from a Middlestone-type dark yellow with a bit of green, to something resembling RAF Sky. Would either colour accurately represent the Hind's base camo colour?
  12. Hi all, Planning to build a 48th Mi-24 Hind from Revell (Monogram tooling, I suppose). 2 questions before I spend my dough on the kit: 1. Is the asymmetric "twist" to the Hind's fuselage present on the kit? 2. Is the cockpit accuracy decent, or is it more of a vague representation of the real thing? I ask because I also have half a mind to save up just a little longer to buy the 1/35 Trumpeter offering, instead of the Revell one with the associated resin. Help is much appreciated.
  13. Hi all, Been looking to get one of these, but Googling it can't seem to nail down the marking/painting options provided in the box. I know the NMF Putt Putt ***** and Trailblazer (Droop Snoot) are provided, but are the other 2 options OD birds by chance? Have got a huge NMF B-29 on the bench, and don't want to touch any more of the shiny silvery stuff if it can be avoided ;) Or do I have to spring for an aftermarket decal sheet to build a Pacific OD bird from this kit? Any help is appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the help guys! Would a 1/48 B-29 canopy be one of them?
  15. Title says it all. How do you guys handle canopy framing when finishing a NMF aircraft with metal foil? Do you mask it off and spray it a NMF colour, or do you foil the entire surface, cut out the windows later and clean up the glue residue? I've seen B-29s and F-84 Thunderjets done with foil but no mention as to how the extensive canopy framing was done. Any help is appreciated!
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