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  1. Do you have these still for sale? 1/48-1/72 Yellow Hammer/Cutting Edge Decals CED48-042 F-104G Special #1: “The Last Starfighter” $12 (Are these 1/48?) 48-145 F-105F/G “Wild Weasel” $5 (Your PM is full.)
  2. Are these still available? Tamiya 1/48 Swordfish Mk. II &40 (sealed Great Wall Fw 189A-1 $20 (sealed) (Your PM is full.)
  3. riceballtrp is excellent to deal with. No worry.
  4. Emailed you about these Wolfpack 48189 MH-53E Sea Dragon Update Set (sealed) $19 SuperScale Decals 32224 A-4E Skyhawk VA-212 $5 Fightertown Decals 48036 F-14B Tomcat VF-102 Diamondbacks OEF $14
  5. You read it here, PEP is great person to deal with on ARC. 8)
  6. I just got my kit from Volks USA. I have wanted one since it was first announced years ago, but never had the money. Well this time the stars aligned and the funds were there so I pulled the trigger. It's a great looking kit. I can't wait wait to start the build. Has anybody built one? Any interesting schemes? The IJN scheme is OK, but a bit pedestrian. I want to put the cannon in mine, as a home defense bird. It's just been a little while since I did Imperial Japan. Man, it's a nice kit though!
  7. Brought to yu by the country who built their own weaponless and engineless stealth plane in 1/2 scale a few years ago.
  8. But it's a A-10. It has to be UGLY first.
  9. "WAR-HOG" Does it bother anybody else it's missing the 'T'?
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