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  1. Are you looking for just one of each type you listed?
  2. Habu is correct. Sorry, I had discarded the box after the build was complete.
  3. Monogram/Revell reboxing of the Hasegawa A-4 with Blue Angel decals. Phase Hanger resin bang seat. Paints were MM Blue Angel Blue and Yellow and AK Extreme metals..
  4. Might be able to help you out. I'll check later and let you know.
  5. I used MRP for the light gull gray and the white on the upper/lower fuselage. Then I color-matched the red from Vallejo's Mecha range of paints.
  6. Kit: Hasegawa A-4C Scale: 1/48 Paints: MRP Decals: Victory Models
  7. Kit: AMK Kfir C7 Scale: 1/48 Paint: mostly Tamiya colors Extras: Eduard cockpit PE
  8. The c version is factory sealed, the a version is open box but sealed bags inside. Cost would be $40 per kit plus $20 to cover shipping. For a total of $100 for both kits.
  9. I've got a stash of them. What version are you looking for?
  10. I'll take the T-45. Do you take Paypal?  What trades might you be interested in?


    Andy Mason

    Seminole, FL 33776

    1. tosouthern66


      Yes I do! Whats your zip and I'll go get the pricing tomorrow morning when the post office opens up. I bought this thing to build it for a local teacher that is an aviation buff. He was going to pay me for it once built. Then his wife came down with terminal cancer. He sold his house and property to move back to her home town to spend the rest of her years with the family. I told him I would build it and just give it to him but he said he didn't have room at their place in Indiana. After that I just lost interest in it.

    2. tosouthern66


      I'll mark it as pending till we close the deal


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