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  1. Those are a BIG help! Thanks a million, Scott. That's a beautiful Hog!
  2. Oh yeah! Scott if you have any of those pics that you can share that would really make my day! All I have at the moment are the tiny pics that come with the TB decal sheet. Any shots of the real bird in higher resolution would be a great help. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Eric. The cockpit detail on this kit is VERY basic (decal only) and the seat needs replaced with an ACES II to resemble anything like a modern A-10. Even then there are other accuaracy issues with this kit trying to masquerade as any production model A-10. Having said that, this is more of a paint project for me. That Euro I camo is one I've been wanting to tackle for some future builds. So this one will be practice for me. And I really like the "Ice Hawgs" markings to dress the end result up a little better. I've got a HobbyBoss, a couple of Italeri, and several Revell/Monogram A-10s waiting in the wings for the full treatment . . .
  4. I figured someone with an name and avatar like mine ought to finally get around to actually building a Warthog! So I got to work on my Tamiya A-10 that I plan to paint in the Euro I Lizard scheme and adorn with TwoBobs "Eilson's Ice Hawgs" markings. Building this one OOB with the addition of a QuickBoost bang seat and the aforementioned decals. This will be a pre-LASTE upgrade A-10A, so there are no major modifications needed to the Tamiya airframe. This one is all about the 3-color paint scheme practice for me . . . . Here's where we stand:
  5. Yeah, Aaron, this is the first Academy Eagle I've built. I, too, prefer Hasegawa's offerings over the Academy stuff. This one was a Christmas gift from a friend and I wanted it to be the first build of the new year.
  6. First one I've finished in 2010. Academy kit OOB, with TwoBobs TMOTA 2005 decals and Steel Beach resin intake/exhaust plugs.
  7. First one I've finished in 2010. Academy kit OOB, with TwoBobs TMOTA 2005 decals and Steel Beach resin intake/exhaust plugs. OOOPS! Should have posted this in the Display Case thread. See more pics HERE.
  8. weathering looks good to me - even in 72nd scale. Looks like a bird that's been flown hard!
  9. great idea using the tape for lights . . . and overall a fantastic HAWG!!!!
  10. I second Storm's idea. An Ice Hawg would be cool - no pun intended!
  11. just stick it to the back of your hand proir to applying it to the model and the oils from your hand will reduce the tackiness. You can also try sticking it to my shirt sleeve or pants leg to acheive the same result. . . .
  12. I have the following kits, PE, and decals available for trade. Shipping is extra. I will gladly combine items to reduce shipping costs . . . so buy more to save more! A short-list of trade wants is at the end of the list. Thanks. 1:32 Eduard 32-576 A-7D avionics PE - $13 1:32 Eduard 32-573 A-7D interior PE - $13 1:32 Steel Beach SB504-Black A-7 FOD covers - $5 (Buy all three 1:32 items for $30 shipped) 1:48 decal sheets: TwoBobs 48-103 – F/A-18F Rockin’ Rhinos, VFA-106, VFA-11 - $6.00 TwoBobs 48-028 – F/A-18C Ultimate Warriors, VFA-8 - $6.00 TwoBobs 48-029 – F/A-18C Fighting Redcocks, VFA-22 - $6.00 TwoBobs 48-154 – F-15DJ JASDF Cold Face Killas #3 - $6.00 - PENDING Zotz 48-002 – F-16AM – “I’ll Be Back†Belgian Viper - $5.00 Zotz 48-021 – F-16C Block 30 “Jason Sqd, 40k Anniversary - $5.00 SuperScale 48-1092 – F-15A/B Eagles 102nd FW and 142nd FW - $6.00 Experts Choice 48-58 – F-16C/D 115th FW WI ANG, 127th FW MI ANG - $6.00 - PENDING Hasegawa 1:48 F-15D/DJ Eagle – $22.00 - PENDING HobbyBoss 1:72 A-7A Corsair II - $9.00 Short-list of 1:48 “Wantsâ€: • Hasegawa A-4C-Ms (let me know what you’ve got) • Hasegawa F-4C-Gs (let me know what you’ve got) • Monogram F-5E/Fs (let me know what you’ve got)
  13. patience is a good thing, but I know when I sell items I keep the buyer updated on when the item was shipped, and do my best to respond to all emails. As a buyer I expect the seller to do the same. I'd have an issue with not hearing from someone who has had my money for over three weeks and I have nothing to show for it . . . not even a date when the item left his/her hands. Sometimes a simple email can keep the peace.
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