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  1. I thank you for sharing your work. Your WIP report is so enjoyable to read and an inspiration to all of us.
  2. In theory, yes, you can use just about anything. But you would want an ultra quiet compressor to be productive and keep family harmony. Ultra quiet compressor used to cost hundred of dollars. But you can now find ultra quiet compressor in regular hardware store that is quite good for just a little over $100. Do not get the cheap compressor whose noise can bring down a house. "California Air Tools" was a good brand a few years ago and may still be. Google "ultra quiet compressor" to see what people say now. The California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compress
  3. Check out this thread. A superquiet compressor with tank for under $100. It is hard to beat. Silentaire knockoff on Ebay But I don't know if you can find an Ebay seller of this compressor in Norway. It is very heavy and the shipping may kill the deal.
  4. I found the Kitty Hawk in stock at Free Time Hobby. For under $200, I am amazed at what the kit offers.
  5. You made an excellent points. Everyone would expect the technology to move forward instead of moving backward, so is the design and development process. Yes, I understand that F-35 is newer technology. But if the technology is not mature and ready, the war fighter cannot afford it. It is not just the initial money cost, it was the maintenance time and complexity that caused the B-2 and F-22 programs to be cut short. The F-35 program needs to demonstrate that it is different, but has not been successful in showing it yet. There is a good reason that the Navy is so reluctant to give up the Sup
  6. Stacey or marcinnyc, any update on your overall opinion of this compressor after another 3 months?
  7. Would you let me know whenever it happens?
  8. I used to recommend against buying small oil-free compressor that was made in China. I tested several and they all ran very hot. When I tested the Taiwan made Iwata or Sparmax compressors, they ran much cooler. This oil lub compressor that Stacey purchased may be a different story. I hope the quality is good enough to last a bit longer. Besides, it is very quiet. I am very tempted to get one myself. When asked about the term "Italy" in the auction title, the seller explained that the compressor uses "some" Italian parts and was assembled in Taiwan. I have no proof of those claims, just rel
  9. Stacey, Thank you for your posting. It is about time that we get a super quiet compressor for airbrushing at this price point. Your experience seems very encouraging. I hope the workmanship is good and the unit endures We've had dorm refrigerator using the same type of pump for $100 or less for a long time. They keep running for years. I hope that this compressor is as good.
  10. You made the right choice. Sparmax makes the Iwata compressor too and is known for quality. On the other hand, the new Badger compressor is sourced in China and equivalent model can be had for much cheaper with other brand label on it.
  11. It is wonderful that the new compressor keeps domestic peace. More importantly, it makes airbrush session more enjoyable to you too. Enjoy looking at the finished work you posted. They look wonderful to me.
  12. The U.S. Navy Doesn’t Seem to Care That the F-35 Can’t Dogfight It seems to make perfect sense.
  13. Navy, OSD study on EW Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work is overseeing a study of electronic warfare requirements across the entire military. Since the Growler carries the primary jammer for all four services, that study has particular significance for the Navy, which is worried it won’t have enough jamming capacity.
  14. This question keeps coming up because airbrush compressor manufacturers have moved to cheap, poorly designed pressure regulator. I have been using a "ture diaphram" type pressure regulator that I got from TCP Global years ago on a Paasche DA400 compressor. The DA400 is powerful enough that I can keep constant pressure up to 60 psi with the Iwata Eclipse at full blast (I normally airbrush at the 15-25 psi range). The regulator reading never change more than 0.5 psi from no flow to full flow. In addition to using the true diaphram type regulator, it is also important to install the pressure ga
  15. It is not the end of story after adding 15 more Growler in the 2015 defense budget. U.S. Navy opens door to more orders of Boeing jets It is no surprise that the Navy is thinking more E/F Super Hornet (fighter shortage after 2020). That will go away fast if Lockheed Martin can bring the F-35C cost to what they promised and demonstrate a combat ready rate matching the Super Hornet. But those are big "IF's". What is surprising is that Greenert mentioned "possible additional (Growler) sales to other military services". Did the USAF change their thinking about the need of broadband jammer air
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