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  1. Good to see you back Mark. Can't wait to see your future progress on this CP-140 😃
  2. Hi Rob, Really impressive progress on this SuE
  3. Nice build, espacially with the Heller one :thumbsup:/> Damien
  4. Hi all, Back to the Shack since yesterday. Still some work to something like that : When completed, I'll mold them for the second one. Don't wanna do the job again :whistle:/> Damian
  5. Hi, I'm watching your build since the begining and I love it For a walkaround, there is this one : http://www.master194.com/photo_avion/super-etendard/index.htm (don't know if you already have it) Damian
  6. Hi Tom, Still a big fan of your work on this C-17 Because of you, I restart my 1/144th Revell kit before going back on my Shack (some changements in view for me so less time for it) ;) Damien
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for your comments and sorry to not respond earlier -_- No update for the moment, I received my Mirage III from Kinetic and start it immediately. I'm waiting this kit for a long time, so I couldn't wait any more The Shack is still on the bench, but will progress more slowly. I make update when real progress will be there Damien
  8. Hi guys, Don't see time passed, so here a new update. No many progress because I'm also working on a Mirage III/5/50 project but I managed to arrange the rear area. I'm working on the first seat and then, I could start to detailing all of this Thanks for reading Damien
  9. I check in "Les monoréacteurs Dassault Tome 2 : Mirage IIIE dans l'armée de l'air" (this 4 books series is a very good reference) : and it's identify as a "sense antenna". All french people who know the aircraft also talk about it as a "sense antenna". I don't like to be in doubt, so I'll check again with some friends if they have other reference to be sure about it ;) Edit : After some research on ADF/radio-compass, I found that the sense antenna is an HF antenna (between 2 and 23MHz) located in the fairing at the base of the fin. So we are both right
  10. No problem Jorge. I found a translation in Dassault website which name it as "Sense antenna". Do you think that is a better translation ? Damien Edit : after research, it's look like the good traduction so I'll make the correction
  11. Thanks for your comments guys This : I'll try to find a better translation for the next update with two-seater versions (and somes little correction to the current file). In my memory, it's not a VHF antenna. In french, we call it "antenne de levée de doute", it's a part of the radio compass/radio direction finder but I'll check it again to be sure
  12. Hi all, With the availability of the Kinetic kit and following his topic, I started the 03/01 a PDF file with all one-seater version of this aircraft (except IIIC, Kfir, Cheetah for the moment). The file can be download here and will be updated regularly with all remark, suggestion and future update (two-seater, Kfir, IIIC/B, etc...) If there is any translation issue, feel free to tell me. Thanks for reading Damien
  13. Very impressive and instuctive work Mark. I take somes notes for my build and surely do some purchase next week
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