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  1. Here's a "GANG" (lol), with a spectacular sharkmouth to boot:
  2. I'm not into the details either, but I think that the UK have overdone it a bit with their import tax regulations. The EU are closely behind, but still manageable. I'm not sure about other EU countries, but Germany, where I am, does now collect import tax for everything that enters the country. I order a fair bit of stuff from Japan, so I consider myself somewhat seasoned. In the past (i.e. before July 2021) it could happen that some shipments slipped by under the radar. Other times (rather often, actually) one had to pick up parcels at one's local customs office, providing proof o
  3. Am I seeing things, or is this Lady flying with three of her rotor blades removed? Amazing...
  4. Please excuse my noob question. Now that CD48203 is out, which current kits are most suited to model the particular airfames, A-10C and F-16C, without (or as few as possible) modifications?
  5. What sort of weather is that this time of year????
  6. Not mine, but interesting all the same: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/mainly_military/classic-kit-hawk-1-48-t-33-1958-t12539.html A build of an ancient Hawk T-33 using Caracal decals
  7. My bad! Please excuse my ignorance. Kindly disregard my previous post >_<
  8. You could simply paint the inside of the canopy. But depending on the thickness of the model's canopy itself, this could look out of scale. Safe bet would be, like Collin said, to accentuate the area with a gloss coat.
  9. Like the B-25 pictures, this is photographed from the book "Peace Was Their Profession - SAC: A Tribute", authored by Mike Hill, John M. Campbell & Donna Campbell, Schiffer Publishing, ISBN 0-88740-688-2 I have the impression that the stars in the left picture have a different design. They are sized more alike than those in the right picture. Moreover, the left B-47 sports the fully spelled-out UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, indicating an earlier incarnation of the SAC sash maybe?
  10. The following pictures are from the book "Peace Was Their Profession - SAC: A Tribute", authored by Mike Hill, John M. Campbell & Donna Campbell, Schiffer Publishing, ISBN 0-88740-688-2 It's for a good cause, but if anybody feels these violate the copyright, please delete this post. I've simply photographed them from the book, but if you need better quality images (such as they are), message me and I'll see if I can scan them without breaking the book's spine. Below is 44-31464 The following is 44-88700 (The second photo is just to show that
  11. Like Scotty said: "A keyboard? How quaint!" lol
  12. Awesome! I was going to suggest a search bar, but I never knew about this feature. Live and learn! TYSM 😄
  13. Malmstrom or Malstrom? Unless there are two bases wearing the respective names, this is a prime example to be wary of profiles... 😜
  14. So, a noob question to the F-14 buffs. Which kits would be suitable to build a (very) early F-14? Both 1/72 and 1/48 scales... What would have to be modified? (I think I have a 1/72 Matchbox lying around somewhere, and I recently purchased an Academy 1/72 F-14A. Are they any good for a prototype project?)
  15. C-130 U.S. Forest Service, in storage at Davis-Monthan Mobile Screenshot (Google Maps) taken 3rd August 2019 (No idea if this was ever done in any scale, at any rate I had never seen or even heard of this before...)
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