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  1. Anticipating the arrival of my ICM 1/48 O-2A, I ordered this sheet a couple days ago, and it arrived just fine - thanks, Kursad. Now I have the kit before me, and it looks very nice in the box. However, I can't say anything about accuracy. Except for loving the looks of the O-2, I know nothing about it... Anyway, I'm looking forward to building this kit and using Caracal decals on it. Being designed for the Testors kit, the anti-glare panel decal may prove a bit off. But if push comes to shove, painting this shouldn't be too difficult. For anyone interested, the ICM decal options are as follows (they don't provide any unit details): 1: USAF 21407 (light grey / white) 2: USAF 10868 (light grey / white) 3: USAF 11053 (light grey / white) 4: 418 (all black; no "THE FAC" markings though)
  2. TomTheCat


    I know it's off-topic, but there has been talk about the B-50 already here, too. I can't seem to find anything about it on Minicraft's own page, but Hobby Search list the 1/144 Minicraft B-50A to be released next month (June 2020): https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10697578 It was originally announced for February 2018. Normally, those Japanese shops are pretty accurate about their release dates, so I think that it's real at last.
  3. Roadrunner, El Coyote and the Arctic Fox were all covered by a baby-seal-killing competitor on one single sheet. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt though if all of them were freshly done. No idea about royalties however, and how that other company handled this matter.
  4. Squadron are listing this sheet as available...
  5. According to Scalemates (Link), it was released in 2018 already. I found these listings, however they're both sold out: Hannants "Will be back in stock soon" KitLinx It may still be available elsewhere.
  6. Oops, I'm sorry if I sounded pushy. Wasn't my intention. But you're saying that you've known about it for months already? To the folks at Britmodeller at least, it apparently came as a complete surprise... I don't expect you to reveal your sources, but do you, by any chance, know anything more about the scale? (Not that it really matters, we'll know in due time, lol)
  7. During the Nuremberg Toy Fair this past weekend, Revell announced a new-tool SR-71 for 2021. As I write this, scale is NOT CONFIRMED YET. The Scalemates entry is in 1/48, but that is based on statements allegedly made by unnamed "well informed circles". Apparently, the picture was placed among other 1/48 kits, while the 1/72 stuff was on another side of the display, and the "Skill level 5" on the boxtop-like picture hints at 1/48. But all of that is far from a definite confirmation. It COULD still be 1/72. Nobody will deny that a new tool SR-71 in either scale would be very welcome. Anyway, you should watch Revell's progress, and may want to consider a reprint of the according decals whenever these new-tools are ready for release.
  8. According to Scalemates, this kit is a rebox of the 1995 Revell tooling. Getting instructions for that one should be rather easy, if you want to know how the plastic goes together. If you're after painting directions and decal placement, I'm sorry I can't help you. But there should be some photos and colour profiles to be found on the web. Simply google "f-104 turkey" 😄
  9. Indeed they are! Many thanks! I'm now off to polish my glasses >_<
  10. Very nice! Although, someone had posted a photo (I think it was in the F-15 Early Years thread, which has vanished into oblivion) of an F-16 which had the Israeli flag in the lineup below the cockpit. You seemed to be all excited about that, and I wonder what became of that variant?
  11. A few other posts also went missing, among them the F-14 thread. Not much info there yet, but still annoying...
  12. The Modelsvit 1/48 model of the P-51H is now available for pre-order at Hobby Search Japan. Scheduled release in December 2019, pre-order price 5610 Yen (RRP 7260 Yen). They even got some sprue shots for the rivet counters 😉
  13. Don't give up too easily! Hajo, I'm a fellow German 😄 Give it a couple more days. I do order more or less frequently from Japan (don't ask), and it's not unusual for a shipment to sit two weeks in customs. Problem in such a situation is that the German Post doesn't have the tracking in their system yet, thus can't give any information on it either. Apart from that, it's often the case that although I mostly have my parcels sent registered, when I enter the tracking #s into my DHL page, I'm told that "this number does not include the tracking option." Yeah right, wtf... Kursad, do not simply resend. Of course it's inconvenient for the recipient if they have to wait even longer, but I thought the point of paying for tracked shipping is to have a handle for, well, tracking the item. Be aware that in Germany, only the sender can request a tracking inquiry. (It may be different in other countries, I wouldn't know.) That means if push comes to shove, you'll have to contact your carrier, so that they start an inquiry through official channels. Most likely this should do the trick to bump such a shipment. I don't want to scare anybody, but just for your information: I once had an (unregistered) shipment from Japan arrive after almost FIVE MONTHS!!! Naturally, I had already given up on it. On the sunny side, I have to say that in 19-odd years of buying online all over the world, I only lost one single shipment (knock on wood). And that was a domestic one - go figure.
  14. Yay!! Ordered 1x early + 1x late. Many thanks 😄
  15. I already indicated my interest in the spare stencil sheets above. So +1 to what habu2 said. I'll buy two stencil sheets to go with the full sets no matter what they cost 😄
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