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  1. Thanks for the link. I've been watching them on evilbay for some time now but I haven't pulled the trigger on them yet. I should start thinking about doing it soon.
  2. The tool is called the bug Here is a link to one. It's a great tool if you use PE The Bug
  3. Interior, Phase 3 - The Cockpit, Part 2 Time to add the throttle levers for the engines. Because none of the Evergreen stock I have is small enough I decided to go back to the Dr Pepper can. Using some scissors I cut some slivers from the can and attached each lever one at a time. I trimmed them down after they were all dried and in place The control wheels came next. In this kit they came as full steering wheels and needed to have the tops cut off. Here you can see the wheels trimmed and in place. Here is the almost completed flight deck That about finishes off the cockpit
  4. "There is something about that big old lumbering B-24 that I found reassuring. The B-17 Flying Fortress was easier to take off, easier to fly, easier to land, and had other advantages, such as it didn't break up or sink when it crash landed in the sea. But the B-24 was a man's airplane. It could be sternly unforgiving. It always required, and sometimes demanded, almost superhuman strength to fly. On long missions it could wear out even the strongest pilot. I've seen pilots at the end of the mission that were so exhausted they literally had to be lifted out of the pilot's seat by their crew bec
  5. Bomb racks installed There will be some more touch up work to be done later on after the fuselage is attached. I realized this angle doesn't show off some of the support braces that I put in. I'll post these later. Perfect? Not a chance. Passable? Should be. Thanks for looking.
  6. Interior, Phase 2 - The Bomb Bay For those following you'll remember that the bomb bay in this kit is nothing more then a gaping hole. While I'm not trying to recreate the area down to the rivet I just want to have some similarity to one. Here is what we started with Work commences First I applied the base color. There has been a lot of discussion over the correct color of the interior of a B-24 but I've yet to see it nailed down to a specific color. I've read the color also depended on which plant the aircraft was built at. To be completely honest I don't know which plant this particula
  7. Interior, Phase 1 - Rib work Work on Sunshine has been progressing slowly but still progressing. In this phase I prepped the interior of the fuselage by getting rid of the 14 ejector marks and providing some interior detail. My goal is not to crate an exact replica of the B-24 interior but to just crate some illusion of an interior from the few points people can see inside the aircraft. The biggest area being the bomb bay and the waist gunner windows. Here I had to remove the mounting point for the waist gunners .50 Cal to make room for the rib work Measuring out the ribs for the bomb bay
  8. Next I turned to the cockpit area. Next I turned to the bomb bay doors. Using a sharp blade and saw the doors came off rather easily With all the doors removed, and the fuselage halves taped together, this shows the huge void which has to be covered by a scratch-built bomb bay. Thanks for looking
  9. As part of the cleanup I cleaned the edges and thinned out the openings around the turrets. I think over all it looks better.
  10. It's time to start the build process. Started by cleaning and inspecting the fuselage parts. There are some rough edges and flash to be cleaned up. It's hard to see with the white plastic and the lighting but just forward of the cockpit is two sink holes that will need to be addressed. Also the shape of the cockpit opening is incorrect. Panel lines are raised and so are the rivets. Over all I'm not terribly unhappy with it. I may take down the detail a little but I'm not going to go crazy with it. You can see it needs some TLC around the turret openings
  11. My bad, sorry about that. I can't seem to edit the title... Silly me.
  12. Sunshine was a B-24H with an offbeat story to tell. In April 1944 she landed at Venegono airport in Italy, and the Germans made a movie showing her "surrendering". The crewmen in American uniforms are Germans, but the undamaged aircraft made the whole stunt look convincing. These photos are from that movie
  13. I love the subject of P.O.W. aircraft. For my build i will be doing the B-24 "Sunshine" I'm not going to get into a history lesson about this aircraft because there is little that I could offer that isn't already known. However I do like this brief description I came across about the Liberator. The B-24 was built like a Mack truck, except that it had an aluminium skin that could be cut with a knife. It could carry a heavy load far and fast but it had no refinements. Steering the four engine aircraft was difficult and exhausting as there was no power except the pilot's muscles. It didn't ev
  14. I would like to get this kit some day. I like Sweet's. I would love to be able to find the decals for this bird in 1/72. I think they are out of production though
  15. Thanks for the kind words guys Everyday I'm getting a step closer to completion. Last night I did the masking for the Olive Drab The unmasking Thanks for looking
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