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  1. That's crazy! Really nicely done. The detail is incredible!
  2. Sharp work! Well done, keep going!
  3. It's not MM metalizers, I'm using a regular MM color in gloss, and Testor's silver. But I've actually read that you can use MM metalizers with a regular brush and create very nice metal effects. http://www.essmc.org.au/Natural_Metal_Finish.html I'd like to try it sometime. It would save me a bundle if I could do it that way instead of having to rely on Tamiya sprays.
  4. Thank you. I'll be sure to wait at least a week next time. Sadly, that means I won't be able to finish my model to take it home for winter break.
  5. Small update - no pics: I'm trying to work out the paint for the underside. I've bought 2 different bottles of blue which turned out to be green, and finally I bought a dark blue hoping to lighten it. After adding white, it also turned out to be duck-egg green like the last two. That got me fairly upset. I guess paint manufacturers are really just using the same pigments in different concentrations and giving them totally different names. Also a side window popped out. :) This build is pretty discouraging at this point. I also think it looks like crap. Maybe I should have wasted my tim
  6. I would just like to say thanks for the advice everyone - I'm getting some decent lines now :)
  7. Of course. I've been told that I can re-coat after 6 hours, but I let it dry for over 24. Surely the paint shouldn't lift then, right?
  8. Hi everyone, I've got a couple questions for you all today: 1) Testors metal enamel colors are really good stuff, and for my normal purposes (details, interior, etc) they work just fine. However, I've been having trouble when covering larger areas with it. Usually I use Tamiya silver-leaf spray, but I wanted to save a buck and try it old-fashioned style (with a hairy-stick). I'm having trouble getting a good result in one coat. If I try to re-coat later (which is what I usually do to get even brush-painted finishes) the original layer lifts off and gums up the new layer, and looks ugly.
  9. Thanks guys. I haven't gotten to the canopy frames just yet, but if the paint will creep, then we've got a big problem. I tried holding the model upside down, and painting with an un-loaded brush. This has helped a lot, but the line still isn't perfect. I hope it will come with practice Thanks for the tips so far guys.
  10. I should add that I'm using a "hairy stick" for this build. I have been burnishing with a fingernail only. Should I try something else? I will try to take advantage of gravity next time, that may do the trick. Thanks, and if anyone's got any more suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!
  11. Hey guys I'm having a problem with Tamiya masking tape and my Humbrol enamels. The paint is creeping under the edge of the tape, and leaving a "jagged" line. I made sure it wasn't lifting in any places, but here we go. I managed to "save" my work by pushing back beyond the demarcation with a brush wet with thinner, allowing me to try again after it has dried. It has not harmed the underlying paint layer. So, what am I doing wrong? Is the paint too thin? I thought the consistency had to be "like milk", but I guess mine must be more like skim milk, rather than like whole The paint also se
  12. Where do I "sign-up?" And can I also enter a partially built kit (about 2 weeks old)?
  13. Little update. This is my fifth attempt at making the aileron actuator fairings and navigation lights. I tried sculpting putty, and a few other tricks which failed, but this method seems to work OK. When it dries, and if I'm satisfied, the plane will be ready for paint. I took Tamiya tape, cut an ellipse, applied some white glue with a tip of a meat skewer (which has a looped end which is great for opening Humbrol tins without damaging them). Afterwords the tape is pulled off, and a bit of glue remains in the proper shape, position, and volume. Spartan. Any suggestions for next time?
  14. I finished one landing light with clear sprue sanded to shape. One more to go ;) It's the first time I've ever attempted it, so I know it's not so great. After that I just need to add the nav lights, and aileron actuator fairing/blister and I'm all done with the airframe and can begin painting.
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