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  1. so its much better to have the model molded without the plates and add them based on references, I can't imagine what a pain if you had to remove a bunch, so lack of plates is a positive here
  2. ^^ thx, I hope an upcoming future D variant will be a perfect start for an IAF Sufa
  3. ^^ I hate flying in general, but I'd almost try for this.
  4. it sounds like the good news is photo etch and resin replacements could easily address the issues, I suppose my concern is the bird slicers, I think an interchangeable part would have been better, but who knows, maybe they plan on a different nose for an A or B
  5. any more news? I thought maybe I should fly to Russia to buy this, but the State Dept says dont go, what do they know? I'm comfortable with ignoring them, the real problem is you can't fly direct, bummer
  6. but I saw pictures of the gap in this thread, it was there wasnt it?
  7. back to the Z-M G, does anyone else think the spine seam is rather large and unacceptable? I mean maybe for Revell, but this is Z-M
  8. ^^^ thank you so much for the response, there was one I didnt have and just now ordered, thanks!! I guess I again will speak of my dream....an out of the box F-4E(S) Peace Jack, at least I have resin noses for someday
  9. Im just hoping for an E so I can build a Kurnass
  10. so I should wait for a Tamiya F-4G? disappointed in ZM for not getting the canopy right, but still better than the Hasegawa? maybe an aftermarket resin tail?
  11. I would gladly do this, but sadly I think it might be harder than this. I hope we can find a way to get this amazing kit. In the meantime "Gator on the Rise" by Mlandenov is a pretty good reference book so far
  12. Or those who dont want the z can just not buy it. Perhaps they can build models and leave off swastikas or hinomarus. Being a modeler to me is duplicating history, and i for one applaud the decision to make accurate markings. This is turning out to be a world class project with tons of imagination and options, I hope we can find a way to get it here in the US. As it is 3d printed i wonder if it can be easily produced in 1/35 also. I would like markings to depict operational aircraft, in the US we only get to see shot down Russian equipment. I don’t build damaged equipment. I love the figure
  13. Holy cow, such amazing figure poses, love the dismounted armed crew, I need this!
  14. this is so beautiful and exciting to see, needs pilot figures! I wonder if Ka-52 pilots carry small arms like our Apache and Cobra crews do
  15. Arrghhh missed this, any chance youve got room for one more?
  16. ^^ puhleeze, no more political commentary, I really want this kit and I dont want this thread shut down, the video is relevant to me for markings and weapons loadout, I dont see people banning Tie Fighters, Klingon Warbirds, Japanes Zeros German Fw-190 or Vietnamese Migs, so please stay on topic of models
  17. anyone have success in ordering this?
  18. ^^^another league as in easier to build or more accurate? would it make sense to try and combine 2 kits to use Tamiya as a base?
  19. we need to set up some kind of International modeling swap meet, can people go to the border of Russia or maybe Switzerland? are they still neutral?
  20. the pictures make it look like aircraft there are kept in spotless hangers, I thought that aggressor aircraft were unable to be fully combat capable, some with degraded radar for simulation or no radar for less weight, but maybe that was Navy Top Gun adversary aircraft. As for Thunderbirds, aren't they required to be able to be turned combat capable rapidly? Blue Angels too? isnt there a story of a Blue Angel aircraft that went into combat in same paint scheme. I thought that some of the early Raptor and F-35s that were development aircraft serve as Aggressors as they are not fully comba
  21. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/camouflaged-aggressor-f-16s-are-intercepting-russian-bombers-in-alaska I thought aggressors were stripped to reduce weight and increase maneuverability and not fully combat capable. Are we this thinly stretched now? Are those live missiles?
  22. I had emailed Arma a few months ago, they said couldn't ship out of Russia or get payment, that conversion looks good, sadly I dont see it on their website anymore
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