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  1. It looks like ya-gabors concerns about cost were right. To build a proper Hind, you'll need the Eduard rivets, and a cockpit set. These items should have come with it. I rarely complete a model, so time saving is worth the money, but in this case, if it had come with rivets I wouldn't have to buy them and put them on now. There seems to be no advantage to this, at least the Zvezda is better than the monogram kit! Unless youre willing to go to Russia, it seems like the Eduard is the only choice now.
  2. so do I try and source the Arma or wait for the Eduard
  3. ^^yes, I agree! Gabor please give us your analysis!
  4. Im hoping for eventually metal landing gear, Quinta cockpit, SM version, decal to build Blue 06 of course, I'm also looking at getting brass sensors and cannon from the aftermarket. This on I'll build as Afghan war, next on for Syrian campaign Off topic-why do some pictures I see of Su-34 pilots make them look fat?
  5. ^^ this is what I am worried about, are there many external differences? I have the Yefim Gordon book of course, it looks like different antennae, cockpit computer and engines are the major changes, however I presume Zvezda will release a variant version in the future or aftermarket parts will eventually be available
  6. At present you've got 2 choices, but better move fast, The Airplane shop in Netherlands or HLJ as a preorder, if this fails dont freak out, I figure eBay will have kits from Chinese market coming, plus Ive bought some stuff from Russia that did get shipped, they say its just slower thats all
  7. fascinating, they seem so different almost like theyre aliens from another planet, I think thats why I find their aircraft so interesting, I noticed the attack aircraft pilots seem to not have nvg mounts on their helmets whereas the others do
  8. got news my Zvezda 1:48 on the way, suggestions on common load out for Syrian campaign? Im also wondering if theres any news on aftermarket detailing sets
  9. its out now anyone seen it? https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10798299
  10. I agree, I have no idea what that guy said, it was just the rambling of angry people who dont like it they can't win an argument and want to cancel those who dont agree
  11. The people who are so angry here need to rethink their lives, their attitudes destroy modeling, the attitude of stupidity is okay". screaming "boomer" etc. Its the reason kids dont model anymore, the big puss attitude, here's an example, my neighbor seemed like a nice guy, he and I were talking, he had some relative fight in Korea, he liked airplanes of that era, was trying to talk him into building, he seemed very interested, later told me his wife wouldn't let him "spend money on stuff like that", she looks like Grimace from McDonalds In her purple clothes, pasty white w/ear holes, short
  12. ^^The White Knight has arrived, kids everywhere are thanking you for protecting them from mean adults who speak truths as for the past, you can lack time for modeling when you are chasing girls and playing with cars, but lots do come back, people who lack the basic skills in life to be a male or think rationally cant model
  13. Many of todays youth lack the problem solving abilities you need to build models. Ask them how their phone works, they dont know. Some of them dont care to drive a car, so they cant manage directions, thus they can't build a model, What am I doing? Im teaching them, modeling isnt racist! I complained about the teacher who told my kid he couldn't talk about Enola Gay or show a model because it was "racist" she also lied saying the crew all suicided or were institutionalized. Part of modeling is understanding history, recreating it in an accurate model, heck even star trek modelers work on
  14. back to the topic at hand, now we have wonderful kits, photo etch 3d instrument panel decals, printed parts, its an amazing time, but I see young people as disinterested or even offended by history. As model builders many of us love the history of what we build and we are fascinated with the machines involved. I see young people lacking in this inquisitiveness or having teachers actively discourage it. I remember building a crappy Revell mig-25 and hanging it from my ceiling, references were some blurry pics from an aviation magazine, now I can buy a Yefim Gordon book, buy a semi accurat
  15. ooh, burn, I feel so terrible, being a normal male who likes to build models is such a bad role model for your children, maybe I should start demanding people remove hakenkreuz, hinomarus and confederate flags from models
  16. ^^ no Im so old I cant recall, why so bitter, you have a kid who you let act like this?
  17. doubt my grandparents say that about me, highly doubt any of the people who dont know if theyre a boy or girl could build a model airplane without feeling guilty triggered or offended
  18. actually Im very welcoming, I go to shows, I patronize vendors, I encourage anyone I can...but I shouldn't have to pander to stupid people and realistically, what kind of younger people do you see at a show, occasionally some sullen green hair is being dragged along. Theres nobody there complaining that nobody is encouraging them
  19. I saw this somewhere anyone know where to find it, it was resin and photo etch blades I think
  20. ^^ look at Germany, fewer model train stores and hobby stores, kids these days are idiotic, ask them to change a tire, then tell me you disagree
  21. Is this one of the best times ever to be in the hobby? we have some accurate kits that can be built, decals photo etch 3D parts, or is the hobby dying, young people are socialist morons staring at their phones all day crying with blue hair. New kit releases seem to be slowing a bit or could be my imagination, what do others think ?
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