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  1. I have a collection that is similiar but after you get past the TBs and BAs F-4s the decals get very scarce.
  2. No,no,no... You mean when Detroit wins the Super Bowl.
  3. Just another factual inaccuracy that adds to hollywoods reputation with fans of military films. To those people, it's a major screwup.
  4. Here's an idea. The U.S. is in the market for a new tanker so let's have all the aerospace companies submit proposals on their best ideas. With me so far? Then we let the DoD....And ONLY, the DoD, review these proposals and select the best platform to do the job. Still with me? Then they submit their findings to D.C. so they can get the $$$ allocated. It's easy. Don't make it so damn difficult. Would I rather have a U.S. manufacturer build the A/C? Of course. Would I like for those jobs to come to my state? Yeah. Will that happen? Don't know. But the end game is to get the best piece of
  5. A slight veer off of nuclear weapons here....But that's 100% true. The company that produces those patches is home based in North Carolina but they have moved around 80% of their production facilities to Mexico and China.
  6. Bad trader? I'm going to lean toward yes. Regardless if it was free or cost 5K. And yes, this is the place to get these very issues resolved.
  7. Will this do it? I've built a few of these and they came out nice...Little fit issues with the bed but otherwise ok. http://i3.iofferphoto.com/img/1155538800/_i/13655484/1.jpg
  8. Beautiful Jet!! The detail is fantastic. I do have a small request, is it possible to see a photo of the entire A/C?
  9. Awesome looking Gunfighter you got there.
  10. Revell........Monogram......Same thing. lol
  11. It's probably the old Monogram kit. I built a few of the old kits years ago. I still have a few too.
  12. WOW! Awesome looking finish. How are the stores coming or are you keeping it pretty slick?
  13. I built a few of the DML harriers. Nice little kits but I sure didn't try to convert any of them. Good looking builds you have there.
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