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Mike C

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About Me

I'm an IT professional, with a dry sense of humour. Married with 2 beautiful daughters. :coolio: 

I was born and bred in some screwed up country in South East Asia, then migrated to Australia with my wife (no kids then) in 1999. 

What got me into plastic modelling? It was actually after seeing my primary school classmate dad's collection of military model airplanes back in very early 80's. Afterwards, I begged my mom to buy me a kit too. She gave me some money and off I went to get myself my very first kit, which was Tamiya 1/48 F-15A Eagle. I literally glued the parts together, slapped the decals on, and that was it. After that, I bought a few more Tamiya kits: 1/48 F-16 (could be YF-16 actually), 1/48 A-10, and 1/35 British Centurion tank. I also built a couple of 1/700 WWII battleships (HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Nelson). After that, I lost interest in building kits, especially after I cut myself quite badly while trying to cut parts off sprue tree requiring some stitches.

Came back into modelling again about mid 2008 when accompanying a colleague browsing thru LHS for his son's birthday present. This time around, I decided to focus only on 1/72 jet fighters. Not sure how long it'll last this time! But one thing's for sure: I'm really enjoying it so far! :thumbsup:


UPDATE (26 Oct 2017) - Back on hiatus again, started when I lost my workspace since my daughters had grown up enough to want separate room (around end of 2015), so the study got re-converted back into 3rd bedroom. My 1st one is going to Uni next year. If she ends up going to Uni in different town, then I can potentially get my workspace back.