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  1. again, thanks guys, I struggle with depression but your comments give me great boost!
  2. Hello! Eduard etch, Wolfpack Mk.82's and wingfold, Furball Aero decals, Verlinden figures, chocks and tow bar.
  3. There was a lot of fit issues with the kit, and I was happy to finish it! I am sorry for the poor pictures, it is just too dark here in the arctic to photograph very well..
  4. You Sir, Are CRAZY!......but damned good!! FO
  5. Really cool! I have been wondering about building an F-8, now I see that I need to! Especially love the subtle panel wash, it really brings the model to life
  6. isnt that a little .....short...for an x-wing fighter?
  7. yes! youre right! I see it now, thanks, that will be taken care of! FO
  8. Thank you everyone! I am humbled by your opinions! It was a fun build, and the fun builds do tend to become your best ones! FO
  9. Crazy Snap Captain, you are totally right...it didnt fit very well...I should have checked that before I painted everything. It still annoys me very much! Thank you all for kind words FO
  10. Aires burner cans, Master pitot, Dreammodel ladder and figure(I know he has the wrong helmet) Aires cockpit and brassin wheels, Begemot decals. thank you for watching!
  11. Jumpin' Jehosafat on a pogo stick!!! That is....is...like...SICK! I have one in my stash, talk about inspiration! Can I steal the Pictures and use them to drool over when mine turns to crap?? FO
  12. Actually they both came like this in the Box, its the Thunderbirds Version of the F-84...and nothing will stick to it, no glue, Paint or decals...so NeXT time..I will do anything to remove it before I build something
  13. I am building an Academy 1/48, thanks for the hints...how do I tell the difference between the seats? it usually just say "...for F-4b" FO
  14. Hi! I am going to build an F-4b from 1972, uss Coral Sea, vf-51. What seats are correct for this Aircraft? are there any sets that one can buy? Thanx FO
  15. The Kinetic kit is allright, I put in a resin tub from Wolfpack and used PE for exterior and interior by Eduard. Also jammed in a gun-bay from Aires, designed for the AFV Club F5E it didnt fit very well.. FO
  16. BK974


    I have managed to loose the instructions for mye 1/32 Aires Resin cockpit for the Academy F-16cg/cj...can anyone help With a photocopy or something? PM me if you can! FO
  17. With a recce nose from "Major Accesories" kindly donated by a friend, decals from "Vingtor" and the kit, acrylic stick from England, baseplate from Panduro and picture from Google...here she is! FO
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