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  1. Ok..this is a longshot but... is there anybody out there who has these decals and woul let me buy some of the norwegian stuff? like the roundels or the fin "flag" flash and maybe some numbers? I would really pay handsomely, 50 us dollars on pay pal for someone interested...I would really like to build a norwegian Viper in 1/32... FO
  2. Terrible news, condolences and prayers for everyone involved!! FO
  3. BK974

    Su-27B colors

    I will see what I can do! Thank you Anton, it was Nice to see you at Skala! Finn Ove Johansen
  4. BK974

    Su-27B colors

    Berkut, My bad...thanx for correcting me. I have thought about a special plane just did not remeber it when I posted... Will come back to that! FO
  5. Hello! I am planning on building a 1/48 Flanker, what colors do you recommend for a "standard" blue/gray russian machine? the paints I can get here in Norway is Tamiya, Vallejo and Gunze Sangyo... Thanx! FO
  6. ThankS That should do the trick then!! FO
  7. Hi! I am looking into building a Norwegian AM. I was wondering if the Academy CJ/DG kit includes the small mouth intake? FO
  8. A few more pictures, got the baseplate nearly ready... FO
  9. And here is the finished product.... http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=245924 FO
  10. Thank you all for the compliments....*humbly bows* The Aires cans are beautiful...just rememeber if you have a Hase kit, that you need to make room for them in the back...the "plate" that forms the underside of the plane's body goes too long backwards..i had to cut it 13 mm to fit! Here is the WIP : http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=243887 Ryan: I mixed Games Workshop paint Brazen Brass and Chainmail and painted it on, did not come out exactly how I planned. So I have done it over with Burnished gold mixed with Chainmail...liking it better I will take some new pi
  11. Thanx everyone...I am quite happy and will enter itt in the National IPMS championship this month! FO
  12. I have a girlfriend that happens to be interested in my hobby! She stated once after visting my hobby-room that I have to many "grey planes" on the shelves.. "You should build a Pink plane! " She said..."I have always liked sea-planes..." I thought that OK...she will get her pink sea-plane.... Here we go! FO
  13. Silvering is a B**ch... But even still your model is Awesome.... FO
  14. Thank you!! I really appreciate it! FO
  15. Finished this one on sunday, posted it in Critique Corner but maybe I am missing someone? The kit is Hasegawa, the decals are Afterburner...gosh..they are GREAT!! Aires cockpit and burner cans. PE from Eduard and Aires, Pylons and intakes from True Details... My first time into resin and PE I am quite happy! Built this at the same time as Tiger27 built his "E", as you can see further down this forum. We have had our share of fun building together via web-cam! Cheers FO
  16. The "black thing" inside the lights are RWR antennaes...he has painted both so..nothing wrong there!! FO ..as far as I can see....
  17. It wouldn't have been the same without you Marlin.... FO
  18. Thank you Sebastijan!! Greywolf: Go for it...It is a really nice kit! Scott....thanks...great pictures and you put my mind at rest.... FO
  19. It did come off a bit thin... But I left it as I thought it looked a little like texture or "worn out".... I do know that the HARMs are light grey, but in scale they look so close to white that I just went for it....Maybe I should have tried to mix some color for it... Thank you for great constructive criticism!! Appreciate it, and always hope to improve! FO
  20. Finished her today, here are some pictures. Aires pit and burner-cans, Afterburner decals, photo etch from Eduard and Aires. HARM missiles from Tamiya and AIM-7's from Kinetic. True Detail pylons and intakes. FO
  21. I am on the last stretch on my Phantom now...thank you for the link to your italian forum, I used your pictures a lot for my cockpit... Cheers FO
  22. The model looks cool....but there is a differnet between that and beeing realsitic, as Berkut says... FO
  23. Right now the Phantom is all decaled up...I will put some pictures up as soon as it is ready..!! Excited.... hehe FO
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