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  1. Thanx for the compliment! I used Tamiya TS-30 for the silver color, and GW Fortress Grey for the grey on the wings. The black on the tail is cheap black from the convinient store and in the pit I have used a mix of Vallejo, Tamiya and GW... FO
  2. A few more pictures, I have now attached the missing fuel-dump and I am almost finished with a little GPU as company for Tom..... FO
  3. WOW...that IS one MEAN looking Weasel... I am just starting a F-4G as well...have bought the Aires 'pit and Afterburner decals... But I have a question, do you have a WIP thread on this? It doesnt say much in the box how to fit the Aires pit...how much plastic has to be cut away on the original model and so forth... So I would like to see how you did it!! Great job!! FO
  4. Hey Jorgen! How is the Academy kit? does it contain the long 6-3 wing? Finding good references of the RNoAF Sabres is quite hard. So all I had while working on it was the profile on the decal instruction sheet and a few pictures of the Sabres on the museum on Gardermoen and in Bodø. In the end, just before I finished i got one picture of a Ørland-bird, it was helpfull to show if panel-lines were prominently showing on the lightning flash! This picture were published on the IPMS Norway forum page. Are you a member there? FO
  5. No! My bad... The decals are from the norwegian company "Vingtor decals" Thanx for the comment!! FO
  6. Niiice.....My Ra'am is waiting for me.... FO
  7. Oi...det var snyggt... Very Nice Bosse....that burner can really LOOK the BIZ....!! watching closely as you are turning to the enemy? FO
  8. They were all metal color.... It will be my first one in metal...nerve wracking but exciting as well! FO
  9. To embrace my new man-cave and to christen it wih a little luck I decided to build something I have never built before... And some references and decals... And the beginning on the 'pit... Now I wait for a resin seat.... FO
  10. Good to see you back at it Bosse!! I have taken a little break from my Israelis, but I still plan to finish them soon... My Netz won its class at Norways Southern Challenge in August, very much thanks to the inspiration I get from you!! Cheers and keep up the good work!! FO
  11. Yeah...she does rock.... I am so happy about this room it is hard to comprehend that I have really got it!! FO
  12. To keep the cleaning help away from my models man!!! No seriously... I do not have a machine gun in my hobby room...Its an assault rifle! FO
  13. While I was away on business for a few days, my wife decided to get some friends over and give me a surprise for my birthday... when I came home i found this in one of the spare bedrooms! A NEW HOBBY ROOM!!! I have started to move in... My stash.... My finished models My Norwegian two-seaters...they are both moving to the National Air-Force museum in Bodø! I am very humble... FO
  14. If you drop me a PM, I can send you both a Kinetic and a Tamiya one...free of charge, and you can decide which one you want to use! FO
  15. BK974


    I dont think I have commented anywhere on this.... But it really looks good Anton!! FO
  16. HOW did you do those burner cans.....????????!!!!!!!! WOWOOWWOWOWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! That is so Awesome I am lost for words... FO
  17. This is a therapybuild, It does not have the right color and is just basic...But I still Love it! She is not all finished yet, but pretty close to! Cheers FO
  18. BK974


    i am building a norwegian starfigher a CF.... I need two AIM-9J's to finish it! I hope someone who has built the AFV Club F-5 has two 1/48 scale missiles to spare?? Please send me a PM if you do.. I will pay for them! FO
  19. Hello! I want to build a warthog. I can get my hands on vallejo or tamiya paints. Does anyone have any tip on which colours would be best for "european one" scheme?? numbers of vallejo and tamiya please, fs numbers helps me little... FO
  20. Yes yours is GREAT Brett....how many cans of AS-27 did you use?? FO
  21. I hope to find as-27. as it looks better for my B1, tried the Royalresin link, but it was dead...anyone know what has happened? I want those wheels as well... FO
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