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  1. Thank you all! She is my favorite too!! FO
  2. And whoop-dee-doo---amazingly this weekend I won the Norwegian SC (Southern Challenge) with this bird!!!! FO
  3. they Are indeed beautiful my friend.... FO
  4. When are we to be served more of this excellent cuisine?? FO
  5. And today the Kit arrived...wow...huge box... I will take some pictures of the contents if someone is interested? Also the metal gear (very solid) arrived.... There is noo instructions with the metal gear, is it just to replace similar kit parts then? FO
  6. I think it is an honour that you visit my thread! Did not know about the tires, I will order them next week, Sir!! Thanx alot! I hope the main kit will arrive tomorrow, cant wait to crack open the box and look at the content...... FO
  7. I could not agree more! Here in Norway some buy the Tamiya block 25-30 and converts it to a Norwegian AM, fine if one wants the hassle fixing the back and the tail to make it an AM...but I say, you get a lot less hassle by just building the Kinetic!! FO
  8. Really great pictures.... I thank you so much....they are all downloaded and saved in my "B-1B" file... I see that Tamiya TS-48 is used, but it looks awfully dark on my 1/144 B-1....will it look better on the BIG bird?? FO
  9. It was really helpful!!!! Thank you.....If anyone has any reference photos that they wish to share, feel free!! FO
  10. Today I will paint the cockpit, pictures this evening I hope! FO
  11. Thanks for the kind comments on the "sneak-peak" I have made! I am reaaly looking forward to this build, I will start as quickly as I can!! FO
  12. Yup...I have plans for my next project.... BIG http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=232940 But first the ThunderStorm... FO
  13. Well well....I will not start building this girl untill my two Israeli's are finished...but the planning and shopping is ON! I got so excited that I had to start a thread about it.... I recently bought a Minicraft 1/144 BONE..it is the A version but still...I really like the lines on this plane..it is just beautiful.... So, with some money secured, I bought the big one....It is still on the way to me, but some of the after market stuff has arrived! You cannot do anything but LOVE the Two-Bobs decals..... And SHULL24 is not disappointing with his SNIPER XR And also the AN/ALE-50 Towe
  14. Your F-16 from UAE was great Sir....I am just bashing things together... Anyway, Some progress has been made on the Sufa, But I have been busy for a few weeks now roundign up work and my father passing away....But soon I will have some more time, between fixing up the house and stuff.... Nights will be used for buildig of small...and big airplanes! FO
  15. I have had the privilege to build 6 Kinetic f-16's the last year. And I do like the kit a lot. In the first kit I struggled with a few issues, but now It is all good. When I put the Kinetic Viper next to the Hase, I get a feeling that the Kinetic kit does look better. It looks somewhat more "agreesiv". I cannot explain why. So far the Aires stuff I have bought that fits a Tamiya, fits the Kinetic with minor tweeks! FO
  16. Got the Cutting Edge burner cans on E-bay! Lucky me.... Now I just have to wait for the kit! FO
  17. I will try that then! Will work my way through the pages before I start building, I have ordered the PE and the metal gear, hoping it will be solid! (pun intented) Might go for the PE burner cans as well... FO
  18. Hello everybody I have just ordered my B-1B from SB, there is so many pages here, that I do not have a chance at looking at them all now...Are the Cutting Edge nozzles totally gone? FO
  19. Why doesn't anyone make a decent MiG 25 in 1:48......It is sooo coool and I think it would sell like hot bread (as we say in Norway)... FO By the way, your MiG's are Awesome!!!!! Fo again...
  20. I dont ever find any pictures of the planes in these threads... FO
  21. BK974

    Saab SK-60

    I will have to look into the 1:72 version....this movie is reaaly cool also!! FO
  22. BK974

    Saab SK-60

    I sometimes see this fantastic plane train here in norway...is there ANY kit of this plane at all?? FO
  23. Holy Mackerel! That is beautiful.... welcome to us, hoping to see more like this!! Cheers FO
  24. Yeeah...feels like forever... but soon..I fear that my wife has all summer planned for me though, but will squeeze in som building in between...I hope... FO
  25. Hello Maly, no time for updates...I am still hard at work before the summer vacation, but only a few weeks left now then I hope to pick up the pace... Been puzzling with a few small bitz though..will put them out on the forum soon!! thanks for your interest! BK
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