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  1. And I wonder if it is a large mouth intake I see....?
  2. Hm..she doesn't look like OOB...must be some aftermarket parts in there..... FO
  3. That is just Great Holmes...altough I think I prefer the Norwegian music.....hehe FO
  4. Her is a clip of Norwegian Dancer Hallgrim Hansegaard, he is dancing traditional norwegian "Halling-dans" on the Norwegian version of "So You Think You Can Dance" I really love it! Enjoy! FO
  5. nice to know! Thank you friends! FO
  6. I guess I could try Tamiya....It is just that the Crossdelta ones are so easy! FO
  7. Been very busy at work, have just started building the cockpit for the Sufa. In the meantime I have decaled and matted the ordnance... In a few weeks all will cool down, then I hope to get some speed on the Sufa! Fo
  8. Hi good people! I am planning a new project, and need 1/48 crossdelta stiffener plates for F-16...they seem to be sold out everywhere I usually look... Anyone know if they are out of production? Anyone have a link to a shop that has some? Thanx in advance, friends... FO
  9. I am sorry for the slow movement right now, but there is HEAPS of work to do on my job, will hopefully be able to build some this weekend.. FO
  10. After a long, cold winter with LOTS of snow. My Air-Soft Team was at last ready for the first mission of the year.... Here is yours truly ready to go, inspired by the last days events we decided to hunt down the most infamous of Dressings in Norway...Remu Laden!! (Remulade is a sort of mayonaise with a bit more acidic taste..great for fish) We soon spotted the culprit and before it could do anything it was over... Sorry for the graphic nature of the pictures but we decided to show them to prove we got the Remu Laden for real! It was then sent on its way in a local stream... This wa
  11. Thanks for the comment Kurnass, your opinion of course means a lot! You beeing an sort of expert on the Israelis! Nice to hear about the foil from fishing store...will check out the local one for something easier than the CD stuff! FO
  12. I see where I will be buying my christmas presents this year..... FO
  13. This is all for the Ra'am.... The Sufa will have Aim-120, Python-IV. IMI Delilah and 600 gallon tanks and a centreline tank. Most of this is primed and or painted, will start on the decaling as soon as I have gotten the AA ready for the Ra'am! FO
  14. I use tamiya sky and flat earth, but flat earth is really to dark, both for Kinetic decals and Isradecal. I fixed this last time by painting over the decal with vallejo,but then that color became darker than the flat earth...it is quite difficult. With the bat that is stationed a bit away from the nearest dark brown, so I can easier "get away" with it not looking quite like the dark brown. The One is very close to a large light sand area, and will be very easy to spot as wrong....I will see...I dont want to mess too much with the colors also, because i want my israelis to look the same as much
  15. I guess someone could buy the paints and send them to me, the only problem is that if the customs open the package they will simply take them. FO
  16. The One is mighty cool.... Mr.Color? Unfortunately I live in a modelers 3-world country. I have to order all my stuff on the net. Normally that is no problem, but Norway also has tough restrictions on allowing paint through customs. No Tamiya, No Alclad....so I have to get my Tamiya from a Norwegian importer that has a permit. There is a handful of dealers in Norway, so I do get Vallejo and Tamiya. But otherwise I have no chance of getting Gunze or anything that the community talks about... FO
  17. Maly: I was actually thinking about the One squadron when I got the decals, but the resent birds have learned me it is hard to match the colors of the decals with my paints. So I think I will get away more easily with the "Attalef" Bat squadron actually I have been busy working on the ordnance the past few days. This is some of the stuff for the Ra'am It is not finished yet, but these are soon ready for their first batch of Johnson! Also found out today that you cannot have AIM-120's with GBU-15 on the wings... So it will be just the Python IV's then... Stay tuned FO
  18. Id love to have tea and biscuits with you Sir....*smiles broadly*
  19. I disagree that the kit is lousy, but whatever... Looking good I think, the last two Kinetics Ive built had better fit on the nose panels, so it might be fixed! Nice to see such an exotic bird. BTW..if someone thinks I do not know what I talk about, I have built 6 Kinetic f-16's in the last year.... FO
  20. I actually cracked open a CD I found lying around here...it was labeled "Wedding pictures" or something.....OH S**T No just kidding, it was a blank CD. Some of the film inside stick to the plastic, but when peeling it off it is transparent but still holds a very clear prism effect. I the laid the HUD on the film and cut around it, it goes very easy as the film is very fragile. Then I "glued" the piece of film to the HUD using Johnson! FO
  21. Have been assembling some ordnance today, the Ra'am is ready for primer so tonight I will begin in earnest with the F-16I....to quote shamelessely from "The Terminator" Gas station attendant: "- He says there is a big storm coming!" Sarah Connor: "- I know...." FO
  22. When I was starting my Sufa. I was told that it could not carry the popeye, but these pictures tell a different story I think! I will however build it with the Delilah as that is a little exotic too... Good luck FO
  23. Thank you guys! I am really trying to take my time to make things better, have been way to sloppy with the basics before....learned a lot and was mighty inspired during the national competition I entered a month ago... Today I have fitted the CFT to the fuselage, it went on very good! Just a few places with putty. While it is drying I have tricked around with trying to make that prism effect I see on every picture of the HUD. Thanx for watching! FO
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