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  1. Nice!! I giggled at that one! Plaque free as well too. Cheers AFM
  2. I use water and a step process with Micro mesh. Depending of the level of scratches in the clear part. Starting with 2400 - wet 4000 - wet 6000- wet 8000-wet Then finish with a buffing block - from the nail polishing world, usually a white smooth finish. If this doesn't make it very clear to your satisfaction, dip in future. This canopy had a deformity in the clear part and used this process to buff it out. Cheers AFM
  3. Don, Thank you for that bit of info, much appreciate the time and effort to help me out. Cheers AFM
  4. Tony, No Issues, just was looking at a project down the road. Setting up the project making sure all the details are in place prior to starting. I will be contacting Dave soon enough to get the decal sheet. I was more concerned that the new Airfix kits would not be mentioned in the instructions and wanted to make sure that if they are not, you experts could shove me over the cliff in the right direction. Appreciate the help with this subject matter. AFM
  5. Good day, Can anyone provide some references to these aircraft on the this decal sheet? http://lemdecal.com/P-51 Mustang RCAF 48.81.html Specifically which version of the Airfix kit in 1/48 would be best? Cheers AFM
  6. WOW nice, thank you for sharing this!
  7. What will you be doing to recognize this epic day in history? 6 June 1944 I will paying homage to these men/women by watching a move or two. First up...Saving Private Ryan. Maybe some Band of Bros. Cheers
  8. Still avail here at Spraygunner. https://spraygunner.com/gsi-creos-mr-color-leveling-thinner/
  9. Sir A few sites to help you out: http://lemdecal.com/F-18 RCAF 60th NORAD 32.html Note the new panel (small dome) behind the cockpit, applies to all single ac only. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/wolfpack-design-wp32066-cf-188a-hornet-operation-mobile-set--239427 There are plenty of "in progress" builds avail for reference within this site - past and present to build you project to meet today's standard. Cheers AFM
  10. If you have an android phone I suggest the Google play store app... Hobby Color Converter Great tool for finding an equivalent across multiple brands; and relative close colors if you are looking for a replacement not in your immediate inventory but need to use an alternate. Inventory information as well; which I love. When I go to the store, I now know what paint I need to top up in my personal inventory.
  11. Jet...it is powered by four axial flow JET engines and a jet engine APU.
  12. 2 questions... 1. Can I replace my CFL bulb (just burnt out) with a LED? 2. Does anyone know where I can get one of these light bases?
  13. LOL awesome..thanks guys appreciate your help! Cheers AFM
  14. Looking...nothing less
  15. Okay I have to ask...AS my friend Google is not providing me the answers i seek. Mr Mark Fit - Tamiya , have some Microsol (red/blue), have some Walthers Solvaset, have some Mr Mark Setter - Gunze, have some Mr Mark Softer - Gunze, have some Mig Setter - have not tried Mig Softer - have not tried Model Master - I'm all out VMS - not tried AV - have not tried Humbrol - have not tried Revell - Have not tried Scale MOTORSPORTS - Have not tried SOMEONE please tell me more of the DRACO product you speak of... Cheers AFM
  16. LOL, always. Thanks for looking...but don't stare too long. It just gets uncomfortable and awkward. Cheers AFM
  17. LOL, but it does keep you coming back tho doesn't it? Cheers AFM
  18. You are far too kind, I tend to watch allto of Youtube. It does really help. Also the inspirations come from fellow modellers here in ARC. Cheers AFM
  19. Sir, appreciate the compliment. I might get a few more pics later on. Cheers AFM
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