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  1. Could you please apply to Lockheed and then become the CEO of assy for the upcoming Cdn ac purchase...I bet your skills could be used on how fast you can turn them out. Looks great!! Cheers
  2. Good Day, LTB (looking to Buy) a F/A-18D 1/144 scale. Cheers AFM
  3. Good Day, Looking to buy (LTB) a set of decals from your stash. I really only need the nose numbers (any), fuselage roundels) and dorsal spine markings. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers AFM
  4. Thank you rcaf*100, appreciate the kind words. PE was from Eduard for the IP. Ez-Line .010" for the Ant wires Decals are homemade masks cut from the Cricut, except the yellow numbers from my decal spares box. Cheers AFM
  5. Love the SM and the overall look of your build, well done. I would also like to thank you for the inspiration of the props!! Just in time for my commision build of a MC-130P with a 3 eng feather while in flight. Cheers
  6. Was a fun build, first WWI subject for me. Cheers AFM
  7. Kind of you to say so, I appreciate you stopping by! Cheers AFM
  8. I am so happy to hear that you've taken something away from this build. I too have learned allot along the way!! Your words are kind and truly appreciated. WOW, thank you. I can't thank alls y'all enough, thank you!
  9. Gentlemen, thank you for the kind words! I'm blushing...
  10. Impeccable work and would love to have one of your builds on my shelf!
  11. Thank you very much to you and others who stopped in and viewed my little project. I hope that someone took something from this and learned a little, as that's how I got to where I can be confident in my skills by watching others here in this forum. So...I also say thank you to people like you wou who make this an enjoyable environment to be in sharing a common hobby.
  12. Thanks Scoob...appreciate the compliments. That's my retirement project...with a whole Hangar of Hornets, with two in phase one on jacks one with two engines out.
  13. Good evening everyone...an home version of a Hornet Hangar, RCAF Style with a visitor from the Navy. Enjoy...I sure did. So..my next project...who knows depends on what I feel like when I stand over the small collection of kits.
  14. I think I'm done the production line...after a few hundred hours, days, weeks and months...LOL. I'll post group pics in another section of the forums... 795, faithful and reliable. I truly appreciate the kind words and the followers...until next time. Cheers AFM
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