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  1. RBF and Loaded Flags This is how I thread them... Using a .3 mm drill bit I pre drill a small hole in the flag. The I carefully push the thread through the predrilled hole. Then I clamp in my tweezers with an clamp (flat)... and then place a drop of CA near the tweezer tip. For the Loaded flag I glued the thin EZ Line to the end of the flag, let set. The once done I hand printed LOADED on the flag, practice can be seen next to the flag... Then cut to length the EZ Line and glue in place, tip.
  2. WOW, thanks for the inspiring words, truly appreciated. But this is how I got to where I'm at, from others who did the same for me! Cheers AFM
  3. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the very kind words. We should talk again at the next AtlCon coming up soon!! Cheers AFM
  4. Minor update, lots of details to finish up...but here is a sneak peek. Cheers AFM
  5. More weathering... blending will continue... Cheers AFM
  6. Weathering starts...trying my hand at full on oil use. Started with some external tanks/weapons. Yes, I know weapons are always clean, especially when depicting Cdn live weapons. They are very clean, usually. There is some very rare times they can become somewhat weathered...but it's the environment they are in. But for modelling purposes I used a little dark oil for creating some fake shadows and make some of the lines more prominent. So basically, I'm saying, yes I know, the kit is for me and it's how I like it... Cheers AFM
  7. Finishing off the office... Making the screen over the Hell Hole...prevents radar from bouncing inside the HH and thus making the Hornet a little smaller target. Placed some tape on the perimeter and then placed my cut reference lines. Once dry brushed, placed in position...don't worry the dog hair will be gone. My dog came for a visit when I was taking pics. Supervisor Cheers AFM
  8. Thanks, I used Gunze paint...Acrylic/Lacquer hybrid. Cheers AFM
  9. Yeah only the one word that has been repeated...WOW Cheers AFM
  10. Wing tips almost done...just need to paint some details, and a detent wrench... Cheers AFM
  11. RBF Flags Tamiya Tape on a hotel key...then paint primer white. Painted the tape the appropriate colours...in this case RCAF RBF Tag colours. Cut width, twice as wide as required and then fold. Trim the tip and apply silver colour stripes on the bright yellow. Install pins as per the Technical manuals...LOL. I used CA with fine EZ line. Cheers AFM
  12. Landing Gear Pins from 3d Printing I did for T type handles and .010 soldering wire. Trim the "pin" and then simply add the RBF flag...LOL. This is gonna be fun. CHeers AFM
  13. I use the 2mm rare earth from Amazon. Thanks for checking in and thanks for the kind words. Cheers AFM
  14. Thanks for the nice words, appreciated very much. Can't remember the exact date but we tested and cleared them for Operational Testing in about 2015 ish for use on the BRU-55. Cheers AFM
  15. WOW, incredible finish! Cheers AFM
  16. Thank you sir, that was very kind of you to say. Appreciated. Cheers AFM
  17. Thank so very much, the complements mean allot. Cheers AFM
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