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  1. Folks, been working on some other projects lately and testing a new airbrush/compressor combo. The items tested is in the shots of the model. i will be using the neatandhandy combo for the remaining build of 795. Some progress with the paint Using some Mr Surfacer to create the anti skid on the Lex. I thinned it down with Mr Leveler and then as it dries, I kept stippling with a stiff brush until i got the desired effect. The application of the paint was impressive with the neatandhandy system. It came with a .3mm needle and has impressive control properti
  2. I am watching the evolution of the model building aspect. You sir are responsible for the next step in this hobby. Incredible work; mark my words...allot more of underwater wreck modelling coming. Cheers AFM
  3. cruiz, thank you appreciate the kind words, thanks for looking. Cheers AFM
  4. Hi folks just finished this tonight while watching Midway. Check out the in progress here for the build. I wanted a quick build and challenged myself to see how fast with good results. Plenty of after market with the instrument panel seat, pitot tube, and wheels. Enjoy, I did. Cheers AFM
  5. Well I am almost done, next post will be the completed bird, with exhausts and little bit more staining... Thanks for looking. Cheers AFM
  6. Day seven continued On her legs and finished painting the details....added an aftermarket pitot tube. Cheers AFM
  7. Day seven...continued. Tamiya enamel black panel line wash, Black panel wiped off after drying for a few minutes. Showing the result on the dark side. Next...dull coating and weathering... Cheers AFM
  8. Day Five Gloss coat...no pics Day Six Yard work... Day Seven...Decals Starting today, place the movie Pearl Harbor (2001) for background noise... One more coats of gloss coat to seal in the decals. Cheers AFM
  9. Day Four Primary coat applied for flaking effect. and the progress to the near final coat. Masking applied, love this stuff too me about 10 minutes, first time use for me. Thin initial coating to create abit of modulation. Highlighted some panels. Even coats to fill out the rest of the body, the panels for modulation is subtle. Final coat color in light coats to achieve the look you want...40% flat white added. Different perspective with some chipping. Cheers AFM
  10. Day 3, little more work done... Filling gaps, sanding gaps... Blackening the white metal gear, first time for using VMS Black track Pro 2.0 and first time using white metal gear...and I'm impressed. Follow the directions...corrosive. Priming almost done.. All the bits n pieces... Cheers AFM
  11. Day two... Main assy Until tomorrow...glue will set and be much better to sand out. Cheers AFM
  12. Actually, its the Kit part...only the instrument panel was replaced. Cheers AFM
  13. Hey folks, waiting for some supplies for my Hornet build...so I am building a few P-40s for our club contest for Dec. This is one of them. Just a quick build of the Pearl Harbour version...nothing fancy really. This was a great excuse to work on some subjects I always wanted to build. Day one: Cockpit shots. The cockpit should have been a little more yellow, but oh well, it's mine not yours...LOL. AND I likes it!! Cheers AFM
  14. Beautiful!! Nice presentation. Cheers AFM
  15. Excellent work...watching very very closely on this aspect of your work. Cheers AFM
  16. You are most welcome, and I hope you can take at least one thing away from this build...on my 5th one and still learning...LOL Cheers AFM
  17. More cow bell...well, more HUD. With a .5mm led pencil for scale... Cheers AFM
  18. I found the HUD, I mentioned this before, but here is some better pics...is too wide. So I cut in half and slightly trim a little off (optional)..I found if you trimmed a bit off from the center cut it will sit square and flat in the final position, leaving a 90 degree HUD on both sides. I cut in half after I removed from the PE fret, then folded each one separately. Final position with IC-9000 BSI Black CA glue. Time for a black touch up...but I am going to add a couple details before I place the windscreen in place. Cheers AFM
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