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  1. In order to change the N2 bottle you have to have a handle to open the clamshell... Cut a notch into the LAU, I place in my hand and cut at the same time t ensure symmetry. The Drill your small holes... Then with your pre made handles, a drop of glue on a sprue rod...cut to length... With a drop of Tamiya thin glue...done. Cheers AFM
  2. Thank you, I agree, they can make a nice difference. I love it when friends of mine who worked on the aircraft and they pick out the details. Cheers AFM
  3. Flight controls... Here I am starting to add the Flight controls. The flaps and ailerons added already as the position are fixed and predetermined by the flap/aileron actuators. Here I will show I add the Flap/Aileron shrouds... First I place in position and adjust with tabs of tape. I place flush with the airframe...this maintains good surface area contact with the wing. Then once I place my glue, Tamiya thin, I then place a piece of tape to position the shroud in the down position. There should be a small gap between the shroud and the flap/ailerons.
  4. Final Jet in this series...795 Some of the final parts to be applied. The underside where it will house the Sniper Pod and the connection points for the flight controls. Gently sanded the connection points for the flight controls, I wanted a solid connection point. Also added the connection point for the Stn 6. Cheers AFM
  5. Nice...thanks for the words appreciated. Cheers AFM
  6. Thats the OOB from the Kinetic F-18C boxing (K48031). Actual number , I'd have to pull out the instructions to find it... Cheers AFM
  7. Awe schuckx, you're making me blush Scoob. Thank you, you're were/are a pretty guy too. Cheers AFM
  8. Birds are in the Hangar....ready for my next posting. Made some supports , then hot glued them in place. Cheers AFM
  9. This is how to hangar Birds at the end of the day.... Cheers AFM
  10. Thank you, yeah I love that bird, she was a bit leaky, but worked well. Cheers AFM
  11. Thank you for the compliment, much appreciated. Sir, thank you. Cheers AFM
  12. BastianD Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback...truly appreciated. Cheers AFM
  13. Gonna let her sit for a few days and go back and see what I missed... I doo see three items I have missed....dangit...it's not the grounding cable. What are they? And is there more than I see right now? Cheers AFM
  14. Added some details... FOD in the cockpit...pilot pen. Removed the pen, replaced the TX'd seat and then safetied the seat and placed the Canopy Ejection pin in as well...LOL Cheers AFM
  15. Thanks. I find the sticks... sticky enough, When they "loose" their adhesion, I re sharpen, good to go! Cheers AFM
  16. Added some details... Net over the Hell hole. Added the Gun Electrical Switch...used a long rode and glued in place to ensure it was sitting square... Then snipped off to correct length and painted the tip after cut. I made it a bit longer than normal for the better look in scale. Will re-evaluate in a day to ensure I like this length. Love the wax sticks, AMAZON has them from adding jewels to finger nails...cheep. Easy peasey... Enjoy!! Cheers AFM
  17. And she's got legs...for days, beautiful. Cheers AFM
  18. Small update, just came back from camping this past week. Added an extra tank for the proper config and added the protective coating on the noses...and a little but of weathering. I also used magnets to attach the pylons. Cheers AFM
  19. Nice work, great finish (paint and build). You mentioned AK Matt, have you used VMS Matt....just looking for a comparasion. Cheers AFM
  20. Your presentation of your build is impressive. Great work sir!! Cheers AFM
  21. Two bags, two Radar, Two Heat and 500+ 20 Mike Mike... Need to finish the weathering, RBF flags one more AiM-9 on the right side, cockpit, canopy and that should be it. Cheers AFM
  22. Starting the paint process for #4...the last build in this production line. 795 with a load of weapons...more to come! Cheers AFM
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