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  1. Honestly I would really like to have this baby But you guys don't seem to plan to release any thing Su-33 related stuff yet so it will remain as a dream I guess
  2. And there is also a problem with a tailboom too, the kit's tail boom is a little bit wider and less faceted than it was on the real plane
  3. From Paralay ... http://paralay.iboards.ru/download/file.ph...5&mode=view
  4. The most expensive 1/72 I have ever seen: http://cgi.ebay.com/1-72-Neomega-resin-PAK...=item1e5c0fdbbc
  5. Great work Ken And this is coming pretty soon http://forums.airforce.ru/attachment.php?a...mp;d=1274290749 http://forums.airforce.ru/attachment.php?a...mp;d=1274290757 http://forums.airforce.ru/attachment.php?a...mp;d=1274290743
  6. Great work Ken Also keep us update when the new PAK-FA kit will be released
  7. I think it's from Paralay, but he is making a RC PAK-FA I think An
  8. http://www.hobbies-31.ucoz.ru/forum/17-198-1 Ken, you got a serious competitor here :) anyway, keep up with your great work
  9. Hi Haneto, Is there any new updates about the AL-31F exhaust resin/photo-etched ? When they will be released? An
  10. Oh god Ken. I will follow this closely What a subject. Good luck, Ken
  11. Just a side question, I look at the AKAN color set for Su-27 and they look pretty accurate but since they are water-based acrylic then you have to paint them by brush ? I am not really sure about this because I read it on Narita's website that acrylic color is not suitable for airbrushing :-?? http://naritafamily.com/howto/paint.htm
  12. Hi Supergru, I guess your build is gonna be a great built. I will follow it step by step. Also, I remember Kasatka said on my topic when I asked about the Su-27 that the Academy kit is 1/50th instead of 1/48th. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....t&p=1902307 I think you may want to check with him about that. All da best. An
  13. Anynews on the exhaust Yufei, when and where will they will be released
  14. I am sure that I will be able to wait until it's released and hope that you release it, I am still a college student
  15. Zactoman please make this in 1/32. Only you can do it right, Trumpy will make serious shape mistake and ruin this bird. :D B) :(
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