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  1. I'm not a scratch builder,so I'm afraid you would feel dull about my works "".As I said I came by chance,so I didn't post anything here,but I do have several pieces in this following site:http://www.imx365.net/bbs/thread-110380-1-1.html http://www.imx365.net/bbs/thread-110240-1-1.html http://www.imx365.net/bbs/thread-78666-1-1.html This is a chinese modeling site ,many pretty good modelers there,and many green hands just like me,I'm not skilled enough to try any AFV model yet,but I'm interested in it,and I'll try some in the future~I've been recently working on some gundam modification pro
  2. Amazing scratch build! I'm a Chinese modeler,happened to see your post when I was googling "M983",just can't help saying something when seeing this. When it comes to modeling,there's no barrier between nations.I really enjoy you great work!
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