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  1. Hopefully I'll have a shuttle project to work on in the coming year.
  2. Hi Manfred, Maybe you can use the ASTC parts from the Revell kit and scribe thin lines to separate the 24 segments or use thin styrene strip to make the separations. These parts will be under the SRB's when it's mounted so they really won't be seen much. If you do use 3D printed parts I would use FUD for those. WSF is very grainy. I like your decorated MLP! Have a Merry Christmas!
  3. Hi Manfred, You're doing such a great job on this project! It's great to see you starting to research and work on the shuttle stack. I haven't posted a lot lately but I'm following along with all of your posts. Will Michael Key's 1/144 3D printed Intertank be available for everyone to buy? Mike.
  4. Manfred, I haven't used the Gator Glue but I've used the Formula 560 Canopy Glue. I believe they are both very similar glues. They are very strong water soluble glues that hold really well. I've used Formula 560 Canopy Glue for gluing windshields into car models and other parts. I've heard other builders say they even glue photo etch with the Formula 560 Canopy glue. Mike.
  5. Manfred, The Gator's Grip-Thin Blend or Formula 560 Canopy Glue should both work fine. Mike.
  6. Manfred, The support looks good to me. I think you got the shape correct! Mike.
  7. photobucket sucks

    Photobucket is not easy to use. I wouldn't pay a dime to use them. Even for free there are better sites to use.
  8. PHOTOBUCKET? What do you all use?

    I recently signed up with Flickr which is much easier to use than Photobucket. Now a days a lot of the photo sharing sites are charging. $400 for 1 year is insane. It's a shame because I have a build thread here that has pictures that span a 2 year time and none are showing. I don't think I'll be replacing the pictures using another photo sharing site. There are just too many pictures.
  9. Need some Space 1999 help

    The MPC 22 inch Eagle is about all you'll need to build a nice accurate Eagle. Round 2 does make some aluminum parts to bring it to another level like the studio models. However the Eagle kit alone can be built very well on it's own if you don't want to spend the extra money. SPACE 1999 EAGLE TRANSPORTER SMALL METAL PARTS PACK 1:48 SCALE http://www.autoworldstore.com/product_p/mka016.htm SPACE 1999 EAGLE TRANSPORTER DELUXE ACCESSORY PACK 1:48 SCALE http://www.autoworldstore.com/product_p/mka014.htm
  10. Manfred, I was using Safari but now I'm on Google Chrome and I can see the pictures. The new Interface panels you added look much nicer. Mike.
  11. Manfred, there are no pictures showing in this new post. Mike.
  12. Manfred, Congratulations on a job well done! The SSWS is incredible! Have a Happy Easter! Mike.
  13. Manfred, It seems like it will be easier to glue it all together and then airbrush the paint. I can't guarantee it but I don't think you'll have any trouble getting in all the crevices with the airbrush. Of course spray in light coats but the air pressure should allow the paint to make it into all those areas. If you do paint the parts separately you will most likely have to re-spray some areas after you glue it together. Mike.