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  1. George, Beautiful job on the TPS so far! I can't wait to see more progress pictures. Mike.
  2. George, Awesome job! You painting always looks so real. Mike.
  3. Manfred, I use the cotton swab as soon as the airbrush clogs. Depending on the weather it can be every time I start to spray. I find that acrylics clog the tip easily. Your Vallejo paints might need to be thinned a bit. I haven't used Vallejo paints yet but it seems like they might need a couple of drops of thinner. I have Testors and Tamiya acrylics that are several years old and are still good. Testors Acryl acrylics claim to be airbrush ready but I always add a couple of drops of thinner which helps. Tamiya acrylics need to be thinned for airbrushing. The older acrylics tend to dry out a bit and do require some thinner. Acrylics do tend to dry very quickly which does cause them to clog the tip of the airbrush. Lacquer is a bit easier to work with due to the lacquer thinner so they don't clog so much. Mike.
  4. Very well said Bill! Then there's what the director/film maker intended the color to look like vs. the actual color of a studio model. Most studio models color doesn't look like what it looked like on screen. Mike.
  5. Manfred, The IT Dummy looks fantastic in the color! The texture effect with the tape looks perfect. I can't wait to eventually try it myself. I agree the area that was slightly sanded looks more in scale. I'd go with the sanding. When paint is sprayed it usually looks different than a droplet or when it's brushed. Sprayed paint tends to look a bit lighter when airbrushed due to the texture. Acrylic paint often clogs the airbrush. One thing I do is keep a cotton swab on hand while I'm airbrushing and dip it in thinner and clean the airbrush tip regularly. This usually keeps the paint flowing and allows me to keep painting without having to completely clean the airbrush. How do you like the Vallejo paints? Mike.
  6. Here's an AMT 18" Enterprise I built using a mix of Tamiya XF-12 JN Grey, XF-19 Sky Grey and XF-2 Flat White. I matched it to a sample Gary Kerr sent me and also a Walmart Concrete paint chip. It has a slight hint of green but not nearly as much as XF-12 with white added.
  7. George, Excellent job on this one. This is one of my favorite shuttles you built. You can load pictures directly on this forum and not have to use Photobucket. It's easier. Mike.
  8. Manfred, The sanded half looks much more accurate and not 'furry' at all. Well done. The only concern I'd have is whether or not the flour will retain moisture even after being primed but it should be OK since it's so thin. Mike.
  9. This is all new to me. I have a studio scale resin casting of a Skyfighter from the TV show V. I'd like to have it scanned or use the camera method and scale it down since the ship is about 27 inches long. Maybe a 1/3 or 1/4 size that I can have a good 3D printing to use as a master to make resin copies for myself.
  10. I came across some articles that say you can do a 3D scan using a regular camera. Is this possible? Here's an article. https://www.instructables.com/id/3d-Scan-Anything-Using-Just-a-Camera/
  11. I love animals! As you know I have 3 cats and I also feed a cat that lives outside.
  12. Manfred, Your ET looks incredible! I know how that feels when a part drops onto the floor. No matter how hard I try to see where it fell I always end up on all fours. Mike.
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