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  1. Hi Manfred, The motors look great! That buildup of primer won't be noticeable on those small parts especially where they will be located. You can also put the parts into 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and remove the primer which will require using a small brush and possbly a tooth pick to get all the primer off but I would just use them the way they are. I spray primer from a spray can all the time. It's important to spray very light mist coats of primer to build it up. It can be controlled using a spray can but has to be applied in light coats. It's much easier than havin
  2. Manfred, I have to say I really like your scratch built gearbox more than the 3D printed ones. There's noting wrong with the 3D printed ones but the fine details on your scratch built one look amazing. I can't wait to see more. Mike.
  3. I'm looking forward to following this project. I can't wait for updates.
  4. Hi Manfred, Outstanding job on this! Your attention to detail is amazing! I can almost hear the Star Wars theme playing. Mike.
  5. Joe, It almost looks as good as the one Manfred scratch built! It does sort of resemble an AT-AT. Excellent job! Mike.
  6. Hi Manfred, Your scratch built Propel motor looks great! I can't imagine the 3D ones looking much better. Mike.
  7. I'm looking to buy an airbrush with a Fan Spray Cap. The Grex Tritium.TG has a Fan Spray Cap option and the Iwata HP-TH comes with the Fan Spray Cap. How do these 2 airbrushes compare? I currently have an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS that I also have a .5mm needle that I switch out with the .35mm depending on the jobs I'm doing. I like the Eclipse but I need something that can spray a larger area.
  8. Hi Manfred, Thanks for mentioning STS-1 today. It's hard to believe it was 40 years ago. Your work on the track on the Crawler chains is amazing. As always I follow all of your posts. Mike.
  9. Great job! The payload bay looks real nice. If you can show the bottom tiles it would be nice to see them.
  10. Hi Manfred, Could you scale Maier's 1/144(1/150)paper kit to 1/160 and have it printed at that size? Would that work? Mike.
  11. Hi Manfred, It appears that David Maier's Paper kit is not scaled correctly. Can you re-size it to the drawing? Mike.
  12. Manfred, Excellent research as always! I can't wait to see this built. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Mike.
  13. Manfred, I'm honored to have that medal. I have some ideas but maybe I'll get back to my Airfix STS-135 Atlantis build in the near future. Mike.
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