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  1. Manfred, This is beautifully done. Even unfinished it's looking the part. Mike.
  2. Manfred, Great idea using the balsa! Have a Happy Easter!🐇 Mike.
  3. Manfred, The transporter is beautiful. All the details you've added are really making it come to life. I love the wipers you made. I'm learning a lot about the shuttle program following your build. I can't wait to see what you do with the canister. Mike.
  4. Hi Manfred, I just caught up on the last few pages. The transporter looks great and keeps getting better with all the details you are adding, The tiny fire extinguishers and the rear view mirrors really make it look real. Keep up the great work. Mike.
  5. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a tragic loss of these 7 great people. They should always be remembered.
  6. Manfred, Will you be adding little people to the diorama? Oops, I hope I didn't just give you an idea. lol You have enough to do on this project. Happy New Year everyone!
  7. Manfred, Excellent job on the Astrovan. Have a Merry Christmas! Mike.
  8. Manfred, It's great to have you back. The vehicles look great. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Mike.
  9. Happy Anniversary Manfred! It's been a pleasure following all your work here over the past decade. It's been great getting to know you. You're a real nice guy and I consider you a friend. Mike.
  10. Hi Manfred, The motors look great! That buildup of primer won't be noticeable on those small parts especially where they will be located. You can also put the parts into 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and remove the primer which will require using a small brush and possbly a tooth pick to get all the primer off but I would just use them the way they are. I spray primer from a spray can all the time. It's important to spray very light mist coats of primer to build it up. It can be controlled using a spray can but has to be applied in light coats. It's much easier than havin
  11. Manfred, I have to say I really like your scratch built gearbox more than the 3D printed ones. There's noting wrong with the 3D printed ones but the fine details on your scratch built one look amazing. I can't wait to see more. Mike.
  12. I'm looking forward to following this project. I can't wait for updates.
  13. Hi Manfred, Outstanding job on this! Your attention to detail is amazing! I can almost hear the Star Wars theme playing. Mike.
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