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  1. Hi Manfred, Thanks for mentioning STS-1 today. It's hard to believe it was 40 years ago. Your work on the track on the Crawler chains is amazing. As always I follow all of your posts. Mike.
  2. Great job! The payload bay looks real nice. If you can show the bottom tiles it would be nice to see them.
  3. Hi Manfred, Could you scale Maier's 1/144(1/150)paper kit to 1/160 and have it printed at that size? Would that work? Mike.
  4. Hi Manfred, It appears that David Maier's Paper kit is not scaled correctly. Can you re-size it to the drawing? Mike.
  5. Manfred, Excellent research as always! I can't wait to see this built. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Mike.
  6. Manfred, I'm honored to have that medal. I have some ideas but maybe I'll get back to my Airfix STS-135 Atlantis build in the near future. Mike.
  7. Manfred, You are doing an amazing job on this build! I've been following it here at ARC since you started. Keep taking your time, slow and steady wins the race. I got back into model building in 2008 when I decided to build a Star Trek Refit Enterprise. I stopped working on it to build my Revell Shuttle Stack, which I finished, but I never got back to the Enterprise. One day soon I hope. Mike.
  8. George, The decals look great! What gray paint did you use for the RCC panels and nose? Mike.
  9. George, The RCC sections look excellent. The color and shading look exactly like they do on the real shuttle. Mike.
  10. Manfred, Thanks for the update! I'm sure you will make the right decision and take your time getting the right advice. Please keep us updated and continue to feel better. Mike.
  11. Hi Manfred, Keep us updated on your shoulder. Hopefully you will be OK and not need an operation. I have an Iwata Eclipse Airbrush which has a .35 mm nozzle. I also bought a .5 mm needle/nozzle for it which works better with acrylic paints and lacquers. I had some problems spraying acrylics with the .35 mm nozzle. If you can get a .5 mm needle/nozzle it should help a bit with the clogging. I also found that the thinner to paint mixture is dependent on the weather and humidity. Some days the acrylics spray great and on humid days they clog the
  12. George, I love your painting technique for the TPS. I can't wait to see it after it's painted. Mike.
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