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  1. crowe-t

    Revell 1/144 OV-099 Challenger

    I just removed the horizontal bands(ribs) and the vertical Inter-Tank ribs. I did this while the 2 halves were glued together.
  2. Manfred, The Main Sprocket set looks fantastic! I can't wait to see you put all this together. Mike.
  3. crowe-t

    Revell 1/144 OV-099 Challenger

    It's nice to see a Revell stack being built. I actually prefer the look of the Revell shuttle. The cockpit's window area seems to have a more accurate shape than the Airfix kit. Thanks for the compliment. I don't think my pictures show anymore since PhotoBucket started charging. I didn't pay for their service. I just shaved off the ET's horizontal ribs with a razor saw. I think it took about 10 minutes to do at the time. It wasn't pretty so I have to use a sanding stick to clean it up and some putty but it wasn't difficult.
  4. Manfred, Thanks for posting all of this! Mike.
  5. crowe-t

    Apollo 11 launch

    The years did go fast! The 50th anniversary will be here before we know it.
  6. Manfred, This is great information! The ET was rotated while the foam was sprayed on? Mike.
  7. Manfred, These are interesting pictures, especially the ET in Cell A. Maybe the ET rotates in the cell as the foam is being sprayed on. This is just a thought. Mike.
  8. Manfred, I'm happy for you that the cleaning worked this time. It took a lot of work but the result was worth it. Mike.
  9. Simon Atkinson did an outstanding job on his 1/72 stack. The ET is amazing. I really like the surface of his shuttle.
  10. crowe-t

    TORCAN Model Show

    Thanks for posting this Pete! I can never get enough of your Cutaway Shuttle. Mike.
  11. Manfred, I can't wait to see the stack come together. The Real Space SSME's are a bit oversized but once installed/painted and the whole stack is together they'll look fine. I used them on my Revell shuttle stack. I actually like how they look, being slightly larger than they should be. The Newware SSME's are more accurate looking. Maybe not 100% accurate but are more accurate. I do believe the openings of the Airfix SSME's are somewhat accurately sized and they look about the same size as the openings of the Newware SSME's. With the stack in the upright position the SSME's won't be seen too much. Mike.
  12. Manfred, Have you tried using sand paper in the grooves to remove the wax or tried scraping it out? The WSF IT may still be the better option if you can't figure out a good way to clean the wax. Mike.
  13. crowe-t

    Bought a Printer!

    Way to go Bill! With all your great designs I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of this printer. Kididdle, Reemistran, Kidaddle... I feel like I'm watching the Grinch with all the Who's.
  14. Manfred, I haven't used Mr. Surfacer but it seems to be a filler primer which will work. A filler primer goes on a bit thicker to fill minor imperfections and scratches. I used Duplicolor Filler primer on the car body but it doesn't matter what brand is used. The Mr. Surfacer will do the same thing. Mike.
  15. Manfred, For the WSF parts a high build or scratch filler primer works great to fill in some of the texture. I started doing this on a WSF car body to smooth it out. On the IT it won't be easy to sand all the primer smooth with all the small grooves but the IT will look OK with some texture. Considering all the problems you are having with cleaning off the wax and the fit issue the WSF IT may be a better option. Mike.