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  1. Manfred, It looks great on the MLP! Using the support rod to connect the SRB's is the best way to do it. I did this on my STS-133 stack and it's rock solid. Now you need to get the SSWS all painted. Mike.
  2. Hi Manfred, You might want to use something with a point(i.e. the pointed side of a compass) to start the hole in the resin Newware Forward Skirt so the drill bit has a place to start. This should keep it from running away. Mike.
  3. I remember this day like it was yesterday! It was such a tragic loss!
  4. The Dupli-Color primer I use is lacquer so it dries real fast.
  5. Pete great job on the PE and the white paint! I used to use Tamiya Fine Surface Primer but it was expensive for the small cans. I'm now using Dupli-Color Sandable primer. It goes on as thin as Tamiya Fine Surface Primer but costs a lot less. It comes in White, Grey Hot Rod, Red Oxide and Black Hot Rod. I use the White and Gray Hot Rod which is a medium to dark gray. It works as well as the Tamiya primer and sands real easy.
  6. Merry Christmas to you too Pete! It's great seeing you back at building again! It seems the wing/fuselage gap is hard to avoid with these shuttle kits. The older Revell and Airfix shuttle kits have this as well.
  7. Pete, I'm really looking forward to this one. You always do great work! Do the photo etch parts come with the kit? Does this kit come with black tile decals? Mike.
  8. Manfred, Excellent job on the feedline and the explanation of the manholes and the ET Aft Support Transportation Fittings! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Mike.
  9. Manfred, Excellent work on all this! Your research and effort is really paying off and a joy to see. Mike.
  10. Hi Manfred, I would make the bow(Part 3.1) and glue the two tiny parts 3.2/3.3. It'll come out more accurate that way and be easier to do than trying to file out the whole part. Mike.
  11. Manfred, You should leave the ET/Orbiter Interface Attachment off until everything is painted and then attach it. That's how I did it on my Revell ET. It's much easier that way. When I painted Hotdog's 1/200 ET the ET/Orbiter Interface Attachment(cradle) was attached and it was a lot of work masking with Tamiya tape. Mike.
  12. The primer should even it out quite a bit. I can't wait to see the ET all done.
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