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  1. NOT A SALE FRIENDLY SITE. ALL SALES CANCELLED ESCI F4-E/F PHANTOM KIT # 4041 $25.00 TAMIYA DOUGLAS A1-H SKYRAIDER KIT # 61505-3500 (Motorized) $40.00 REVELL P 61 BLACK WIDOW KIT # 85-7546 $25.00 TAMIYA F-16CJ FIGHTING FALCON BLOCK 50 KIT # 98 $40.00 REVELL EA-6A WILD WEASEL KIT # 85-5623 $26.00 AMT/ERTLl F-4G WILD WEASEL KIT # 8913 $16.50 REVELL 1/48 F-18E SUPER HORNET KIT # 85-5850 $19.00 REVELL OF GERMANY F-4C/D PHANTOM II Kit # 04583 $30.00 AMT/ERTL F/A-18A HORNET KIT # 8876 $16.50 REVELL/MONOGRAM F15C EAGLE KIT # 85-5823 $21.00 ESCI DOUGLAS A1-H SANDY KIT # 4075 $20.00 REVELL A-10 THUNDERBOLT II KIT # 4516 $16.50 HASEGAWA F-16CG FIGHTING FALCON "OSAN" KIT # 09826 $40.00 SCALE CRAFT/ESCI F-100D SUPER SABRE KIT # SC-4008 $16.50 TAMIYA F-15C EAGLE KIT # 61029 $25.00 TAMIYA F-15A EAGLE KIT # MA-124 $25.00 FUJIMI F-15C EAGLE KIT # 32004 $20.00 HASEGAWA F-16C FIGHTING FALCON KIT # V003-1500 $26.00 FUJIMI F-14A TOMCAT KIT # 5A29 $22.00 FUJIMI F-15 EAGLE KIT # 5A27-1200 $20.00 HOBBY BOSS 1/48 FJ-4 FURY KIT # 80312 $25.00 Shipping is $15.00 per kit Payment is Via Paypal USA Sales ONLY I have hundreds of kits, aircraft 1/48, 1/32 and armor 1/35, that need to go, do not have enough years left to build them. When the above kits sell I will list/add more
  2. NOT A SALE FRIENDLY SITE. ALL SALES CANCELLED HELLER LEOPARD A4 KIT # 81136 $23.00 ITALAEREI OPEL BLITZ 3 (t) S. TYPE GERMAN TRUCK KIT # 216 $35.00 TAMIYA M3 BRADLEY CFV KIT # 3631 $30.00 Shipping is $15.00 per kit Payment is Via Paypal USA Sales ONLY I have hundreds of kits, aircraft 1/48, 1/32 and armor 1/35, that need to go, do not have enough years left to build them. When the above kits sell I will list/add more.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/sch/violetlover/m.html?item=112459059828&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  4. That P-51 looks great.
  5. 42 years ago and before, South Fort was all Basic Training Brigades, and North Fort (Tiger Land) was Advanced Infantry Training (11B,11C,11D,11H). South Fort was also where Post Headquarters was. North Fort was considered the boonies and no one went there (not even to visit) unless they were in an Infantry Training Brigade. In between South and North Fort was the Stockade. All of Fort Polk in those days was WWII buildings with a few exceptions of modern (for the day) metal buildings that were used as classrooms to get the troops out of the rain. When I took my Infantry Training there, many of the barracks were "swayback" but the Army had deemed them safe to house troops in due to the fact they had settled as far as they were going to go. When I went back to Polk and again at North Fort with A Co 3/10 Inf 2nd Brigade 5th ID the barracks were in the same dismal shape as 5 years earlier, but the Post Engineers would periodically come out and jack up and level the buildings. There was no AC and the bugs were plenty. I looked at it this way, it was just part of being in the old Army and it could be worse.
  6. Here are the photos and info I have, the tail number was 472509 or 05. I remember back in the late 60"s early 70's a write up about Shomo and his feat was in either Wings or Air Classics magazines and this aircraft was in that article as the one used to shoot the 7 down.
  7. What is the tail number of the plane in the photo(s) you have? I have photos of Shomo's F-6D with "The Flying Undertaker" under the left exhaust manifold and "Snooks-5th" under the right side exhaust.
  8. Sixty Eight years ago yesterday there was a tank battle between units of the US 4th Armored Division and the German 11th Panzer Division in the town/area of Singling France. You can read about it here, http://www.history.army.mil/books/wwii/smallunit/smallunit-singling.htm When I was stationed in Germany in the 70's and 80's when I had free time I would go to areas in France and Germany where battles took place during WWII. I took many photograghs, and just so happened to go to the town of Singling. The photos below are of Singling and the area around it. German pillboxes were everywhere, at intersections, fields and even in and/or were the basements of houses. There was also a few Maginot Line fortifications in the area. The photos might be helpful to the modeler of dioramas on how the actual pillboxes looked, built and positioned. All photos are the property of the poster Alpha13, from my personal collection, none are scans from books or from the Internet or else where. They are shown for the purpose for hobbyists and fans of tactical vehicles and/or WWII battlefields. Using them for financial gain by others is prohibited. Thanks
  9. Kits have been donated to a local charity, no other kits will be posted for sale.
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