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  1. The kit: Kinetic 1/48 K48063 is, in a few words, a great model. Good measurements, good fit, with minor details to be filled. I will not go deep into fitting issues because there are no perfect models and we, modelers, are problem solvers. To correct any gap Kinetic should touch the moulding tools which is not financially feasible. I have compared with online photos, and it matches almost perfectly. Nevertheless, there are some few subjects of concern that can be easily fixed, I chose to build the Initial Production option (metallic red) because it looks like a racing plane. I al
  2. Really nice work! A couple of questions: which flat coat did you use on them? and, are you using a polarized filter on your camera? I like the flat finish and always looking for the best available and liked yours. Thank you
  3. I used Aires' seat (the one that comes in cockpit set for Academy's Fulcrum) it fits very well in GWH.
  4. Stencils for Archer's pylons are now complete, in 9-12 there were decals for just 2 of them.
  5. Great job! how about the Russian Knights' canopy, is that one of Haneto's?
  6. Great work! please post more pictures.
  7. Or reading again your post, I think it is other structure you are asking about, sorry
  8. Hello Steven, in Britmodeller there is a topic about: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/75354-su-27-question/ I think i Have read it is for a curtain, since the UB is a training plane, the student goes in front seat, and the curtain is used for IFR missions (whatever that means) Hope it is useful Alfredo
  9. great! is this the one you needed the extra-canopy for?
  10. Hey man, what's your problem? world doesn´t revolve around you: 1. dsahling posted his need. 2. You kindly offered him a advice 3. I never said you were wrong, but I thought that dsahling would think that it is a drop-in replacement. And adviced HIM to consider if he's willing to cut his model or not. 4. Take a deep breath and don't take things personally.
  11. Yes, but even if Haneto's canopy replacement is excellent, you are about to finish your model, and Haneto's need some modifications to the upper fuselage before assembling. So, unless you are willing to cut your almost finished model, avoid Haneto's this time.
  12. My previous message referred to painted models, on metal foil i've never tried before.
  13. Hey Neo, I think dry transfers are great, but when you intend to use them on BMF (Where we all suppose they would be their best use) you have to keep in mind: never try on Metallizers, resin aftermarket, or Mr. Metal Color (the kind of paint similar to Model Master metallizers). The reason is, paint doesn't stick to surface very well, even if you use a primer coat (mr. Sufacer or similar). When you rub dry transfer, then will start to hear several "clicks". That is paint being pulled off your model. On Alclad regular shine, Mr. Color, and acrylics and using a primer coat will never have a
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