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  1. Photobucket Fix?

    Any fixes for IE user?
  2. Recent Russian Colors

    Dang and there's still no kit for the K!
  3. Looks like we might be close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Hobbysearch Japan just posted a preorder page for Oct release at 6375yen http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10490885
  4. Mirage 2000 Under The Skin

    Notice you have not send me a paypal msg yet. So when do we need to pay for the preorder? Andy
  5. Mirage 2000 Under The Skin

    Ioannis my friend, Pls put me in for the preorder as usual! Andy
  6. I'm looking for the yellow aircav markings in the pic.
  7. Was wondering which AH-64D/E kit comes with the full color Air Cav markings you see nowadays on the sponsons. Its starting to grow on me after seeing them in movies and docus and would like to build one with the markings. Thanks for any info in advance Cheers, Andy
  8. Any idea why the ALQs were mounted on the bottom of the tail boom instead of on top the engine housing like Marine birds? I know Marine birds are N and have a flat top but from the pics the mounting adapter is just a flat plate with 4 legs so theoretically it would also work on top. Just curious since the only hueys I've seen are the local birds which were never ASE equipped, even when they deployed for their only ever trip down range(East Timor).
  9. Monogram, 1/48, B-17G

    Thanks folks!
  10. Monogram, 1/48, B-17G

    How is the kit? Any one can share pics of the plastic. Being wanting to pick one up but worried cos of the age of the mold. If its the same quality as their F-105 or A-1 then I'll get one! Thanks in advance!
  11. Thks Ioannis looking forward to it! Andy
  12. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I'm with you bro! After all the nice noises for almost 2 years (since they didn't actually promised anything according to some), now they're saying essentially they are too busy making money elsewhere and if we want the kit then we need to basically pony up and pay them up front like a corporate manufacturing client for an entire production run so that they will then consider slotting the kit into their schedule in Dec (show faith if that's the word), if there's not enough faith then it will happen as and when they have some slack time in the factory! Hahaha thanks but no thanks! Really liked the Kfir but why get bother into if its only going to be a sideshow for the company? Supplementary income to pay the rent on slow days? At least don't put any timeframe on the releases or just say it up front all releases will happen at the discretion of the company!
  13. Hi Ioannis! I would like to order the stick but worried about the shipping to Singapore. Any chance you can let me know the postage cost? Andy
  14. Werner's Wings 35-13 AH-1/ UH-1 External Fuel Tank

    About time! Woohoo! Thks Floyd!