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  1. Anybody a set of the tank and pylon they are willing to spare? Thanks in advance! Andy
  2. Oh man another one for the library! Dunno whether to rejoice or cry hahaha!
  3. Hi Darren Any chance you can list the item nos here as there's lots of different tomcat parts and I don't wanna end up with the wrong sets. Also is it possible to backdate the Tamiya 1/32 Black Knights kit to a 80s bird? Are the early parts still in the box or I need resin? Thanks and regards, Andy
  4. Wow love this! Couple of questions- are decals available to build this scheme and any mods needed to the Tamiya kit????
  5. As the title says anyone has info on whether this boxing of the A6M5 is based on the new mold 1/32 A6M5c kit or the much older Zero that has been around since I was a kid? Price is 4000yen which suggest a new mold but could very well be just a price hike cos of the Iwamoto decals! Would like to know before committing to one. Thks and regards, Andy
  6. Hahaha we had a test pilot that was way worse! He would cancel test flights for the slightest slights like the line crew not lined up to welcome him or there was the slightest noise on the flightline while he was there i.e. everyone else had to shut down while he was doing his brief until after he took off! God help you if even a single switch was in the wrong posit or the elevator trim wasn't exactly at 8degon the gauge. We would be starting up for low power or comp wash or some other shoot and suddenly the test line crew would bomb burst out of their trailer, cut throating everyone. A couple of times you would see the staff car turn around and head back cos somebody got the signal late or was too slow and he already heard the noise! Granted he was a LT Col and head of the test unit but still... We nicknamed him Emperor. Even his own AF guys don't like him much, famous service wide. USNTPS grad, even used his own personal USN spec flight gear. Must not have much friends the SOB!
  7. Thanks Brian! Andy
  8. Any idea what was the loadout for both birds? Thks!
  9. Any news on the JHMCS sensors? Would you be doing the helmets as well in 1/48? And maybe DASH helmets as well since many countries are using those? Andy
  10. Holy smokes! I see at least 6 kits in there! Will you be doing a write up or review of the kit???
  11. What would I need if I wanna build a mid 80s bird 'a la Top Gun' from the Tamiya kit? Apart from TCS and decals?
  12. Not related to the bleed doors but early F-14 question. Was the TARPS pod operational in 77/78 and would a TARPS bird carry the external tanks in that time frame if the pod was loaded?
  13. I'm curious about loadout possibilities for the inboard wing pylons with AIM-9 rails and missiles loaded Would it be possible to have a AGM-45 or 78 on there as well or maybe Maverick? I know TERs can be loaded on there as there are loads of pics showing them but found none so far with missiles. I'm guessing the fwd fins on the Shrike might be an issue but the other mssiles have lower fins so. If possible would you need a spacer between the plyons or just mount direct like which you see with TERs? Hoping for some help from F-4 loadies or anyone with the T.Os or info. Pics would be much appreciated! Thanks again! Andy
  14. Yeah we don't use masks here neither. All free hand with the spray gun just like for cars. That line around the outer edges of the darker camo is caused by how the paint atomizes (guess that's the right word) as it leaves the nozzle. You can see the effect if you spray a line with a spray can. The center of the line has the most paint and solvent hence it stays wet while at the top and bottom edges atomizes more hence the paint particles are dryer and dries even before hitting the surface hence you see the blurry feathered edges and if you touch it, it may even feel powdery. if its a gloss or semi gloss paint you will see that the edges will be flatter than the center once everything is fully dried. Same thing happens when painting a car or plane except the effect is super magnified. Hence painters are always taught to overspray the previous run by at least 1/3 on their next run to eliminate this flat effect especially if you want a nice shiny car finish. For the pic posted what you are seeing is the outer edge of the paint run that has remained rough and powdery but the inner edge has been covered up by the filling in of the darker color portion. The effect is very obvious when viewed on a new bird out of the shop in sunlight at a slant angle as in the pic as the fully matt demarcation absorbs light while the rest of the paintwork reflects. The effect is most obvious when freshly painted. It will diminish over time as the whole surface gets polished by the airflow but still discernible in he right conditions as above. Next time you chance upon a newly painted bird, especially before its 1st FCF, just run your hand over the demarcation edge, it will feel like sandpaper and the paint powder will even come off in your hand. Hope my babble is understandable! Cheers Andy