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  1. Cool work man!
  2. Hell yes! Had to wear a PT shirt under that just to soak up the sweat and feel less uncomfortable even if it made me sweat more. Nomex also had a weird smell that never went away regards how many times you washed it and what detergent you used!
  3. Ray beat me to it. Tape is also found on the leading edges of modern fixed wing birds, might be a diff P?N due to speed difference. Made by 3M by the way, good stuff. Turns a bit opaque and yellowish with atmospheric exposure over time. The F-16s had it on the hort stabs, forgot bout the wings though. F-5s had it on both.
  4. Wow nice birds! Any decals in 1/48 and 1/35?
  5. As expected! Looks like I will use gunze's tank OD which is more dark green compared to their brown US Army helo OD and eyeball from there. Those are excellent builds by the way! Now to hope someone reissues Cobr's B parts and colorful decals! Fingers crossed!
  6. Question about the gloss era OD scheme Ray, Did the color looked more green or brown cos color photos from that period seems to alternate between the 2. Your pic above shows a dark green hue but I have seen some browner looking birds even when listed as fresh from factory. I use gunze paints over here and theirs has a definite brown tone to it.
  7. What would be the issues with the MRC/Academy kit? Small stuff I can live with. I did hear about the rotor blades chord if building a B, probably by you in previous threads hahaha! Yes I do know the Bs had more colors but sadly decals are sorely lacking in this area! Been wanting to do a day glow trimmed Jap bird for ages and maybe a RAN blue/white one as well
  8. Wow that's a huge difference in size! If I were to convert the Tamiya F-4E, would there be parts and decals to do it? I know the slat wing is available in resin, exhaust too and E or F is the same. Only issues would be the unsloted tail, instrument panels (if ICE) and decals.
  9. Dang looks like I will have to stick to building short cab Hueys for a while more!
  10. Hi folks, Like the title says would really appreciate any info on what's available currently aftermarket wise to build a Luftwaffe F4F in 1/32? Esp deals and resin for german specific parts like the unslotted stabs. Thanks and regards, Andy
  11. Didn't catch the exhausts! Wow must be an expensive vis mod then! They even got the defensive aids, satcom and even correct gun mounts!
  12. I know this is about the skis but since the title says HH-60G I hope I have hijack it a bit by asking about other HH-60G stuff. Specifically- been rewatching 'Lone Survivor' and the HH-60Gs in the movies have me stumped! They don't look like vis-mods done for the movie like the birds in 'Six' as they have too much details, yet that non folding stab is weird. I tot all spec ops birds regardless of service already have the squared folding stabs? Cheers and thanks for any answers Andy
  13. Must be relatively new! That is the blackest MH I've seen ever!
  14. Interesting that the F-16 seems to be the only modern jet that has tail illum lights a la commercial airliners. Any idea why it was in the design? Jets both before and after didn't seem to need it
  15. Wow interesting! Would really like to know what was mounted on the tail boom previously for the T-shape shadow!