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  1. Nice! Looking forward to seeing them! If the box is right then the JGSDF has at least 2-3 different blocks within a single sqn! Not to mention probably having the world record for taking the longest time to equip just the one sqn.
  2. Oh I wasn’t paying attention to the boxart! I know the Singapore AF boxing had it included so that’s an alternative if it’s still floating around or the E like you mentioned. Can always sell the Jap kit on eBay or build it as an early D! But I agree it sucks especially since it’s shown on the boxart. And you would expect that being a home team subject Has would do a better job like most of their Jap releases
  3. I believe the JGSDF Ds were earlier block birds which did not come with the Arrowhead PNVS. Its probably their super long stretched out acquisition period that mislead you into thinking they were late block birds. Singapore AF birds were the first to get the Arrowhead I think.
  4. Thks for the additional info! Looks like some extensive online searches ahead to get more pics of the Seawolves esp their later UH-1Cs!
  5. So close! Just 5 more pages to 200! That rear curve! Wonder if they will sell the weapons separately?
  6. Thks Twong! Was there only one page to the markings? Tot there might be more given the amount of options on the sheet
  7. Hi guys, I seem to have misplaced my instructions for Fireball Modelworks 1/35 HA(L)-3 USN Seawolves decal sheet. Can anyone help to do a color scan of their instructions so I can print out use??? TIA Andy Lee
  8. Cool thks Jonathan! Would a hard wing Karpada have the short or long gun muzzle? Planning to do a Karpada with Mavs using my 1/32 Tamiya f-4e. Hard wing version would save some money in not having to buy a slat wing set. Thks again Jonathan! Andy
  9. Jonathan- Any idea what would be the loadout if Mavericks were carried? 6 AGMs with no AIM-9s or a mixed load? TIA Andy
  10. I agree! Hoping Ioannis will make one soon!
  11. Yes it was as the P3s had larger fins than an AIM-9
  12. Nice bird! Believe they were still flying 412s back when I was going down under to build aluminium helidecks for some of the hospitals(2006-2010 period) Andy
  13. A couple questions for the experts here: 1: Does the MC H kit in stores now come with the corrected nose and tail sections? 2. Did the H ever fly in the early SIOP scheme? (White undersides) and did it ever carry conventional munitions or harpoons in that scheme? Wanna do one in the early SIOP scheme and conventional munitions if possible but not sure to get the H or get the G and spend more on the corrections. TIA
  14. Will there be a new box art or some other indication on the box once the 'corrected' G is released? How can I tell if the box I buy contains the corrected parts or the original release that you have to write in and request for the new parts? TIA
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