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  1. Thanks folks!
  2. How is the kit? Any one can share pics of the plastic. Being wanting to pick one up but worried cos of the age of the mold. If its the same quality as their F-105 or A-1 then I'll get one! Thanks in advance!
  3. Thks Ioannis looking forward to it! Andy
  4. I'm with you bro! After all the nice noises for almost 2 years (since they didn't actually promised anything according to some), now they're saying essentially they are too busy making money elsewhere and if we want the kit then we need to basically pony up and pay them up front like a corporate manufacturing client for an entire production run so that they will then consider slotting the kit into their schedule in Dec (show faith if that's the word), if there's not enough faith then it will happen as and when they have some slack time in the factory! Hahaha thanks but no thanks! Really liked the Kfir but why get bother into if its only going to be a sideshow for the company? Supplementary income to pay the rent on slow days? At least don't put any timeframe on the releases or just say it up front all releases will happen at the discretion of the company!
  5. Hi Ioannis! I would like to order the stick but worried about the shipping to Singapore. Any chance you can let me know the postage cost? Andy
  6. About time! Woohoo! Thks Floyd!
  7. If I'm not wrong the 3 tone with black scheme is only found on the OH, UH-60s and NH The Hueys never had black added. I could be wrong though
  8. Nice! Tempted to do a Bushranger config myself if the late version ever comes out and with the gunship parts
  9. So in a nutshell- Decals, sharknose and -6 LERXes from your Mig-28. All other parts as per your USAF F-5F. No VHF antenna on spine, just the usual 2 under the nose per your kit instructions. Leave off the CM dispenser under the fuselage and the 4 RWR blisters. Late seats and vented canopy. HTH
  10. The LERX are separate pieces in the AFV kits so you can just use the parts from your Mig-28 kits i.e nose and LERXes. Looking at limited pics on google there seems to be no extra antennas so you are good with the USAF kit, however you will need the later seats with the bigger headrests. Not sure if that's in the kit but you can get aftermarket easy. Only thing I cant make out is the canopy so not sure if its early or late but I just checked the USAF instructions and you have the late vented canopy in there and the Mig-28 instruction shows a late canopy as well so looks like you're good with what you have now. Also just saw the late seats are in the USAF kits.
  11. They probably won't do it at all. Or worse mold it to the struts
  12. Kinda confused on the variants now. Is not the MLU A/Bs being released by Freedom the same as the C/Ds being released by AFV? Or were there 2 separate upgrade programs i.e. half the fleet got the full conversion to C/D version while the rest got a more modest MLU upgrade?
  13. Yeah what Mark said. Can't have the sharknose without the -6 LERX, they were both either installed together or not. For that timeframe I would venture any other extras would be limited to bang seats (early or late) and Navy specific antennas if any. Would have to watch the movie again to see. Of course if you wanna be anal, the rear canopy also need to be checked if it had the cabin pres relief valve vent.
  14. Well I'm just glad they're coming back and shawn's resin just might too! Need a ton of stuff! Here's to hoping he not only comes back but expands the range too!
  15. Cool work man!