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  1. Any chance someone can put up a list of which optional parts below to which rough time frame for those of us outside of CONUS with not much access to reference materials or info? Specifically, the antennas, RWR, lights as well as the bench/ fast rope frame. Recall seeing it mentioned somewhere it was a post GS model but can't seem to find the post anymore. Thks and regards, Andy
  2. 1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4C and F-4D

    Cool! Is that a local fab gun camera???
  3. Looks like I will be able to build a decent OEF Pedro after all!
  4. Mirage 2000 Under The Skin

    Hope mine is in the mail! Andy
  5. The Paradise of Phantoms

    Great vids! Are those Aggressor birds upgraded ones? Cos they're all carrying AAM-4s and JHCMS.
  6. Werner's Wings UH-1D/H Decals and Resin available now

    Floyd, will you be making the cabin mounted hoist in resin any time soon? TIA Andy
  7. Photobucket Fix?

    Any fixes for IE user?
  8. Recent Russian Colors

    Dang and there's still no kit for the K!
  9. Looks like we might be close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Hobbysearch Japan just posted a preorder page for Oct release at 6375yen http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10490885
  10. Mirage 2000 Under The Skin

    Notice you have not send me a paypal msg yet. So when do we need to pay for the preorder? Andy
  11. Mirage 2000 Under The Skin

    Ioannis my friend, Pls put me in for the preorder as usual! Andy
  12. I'm looking for the yellow aircav markings in the pic.
  13. Was wondering which AH-64D/E kit comes with the full color Air Cav markings you see nowadays on the sponsons. Its starting to grow on me after seeing them in movies and docus and would like to build one with the markings. Thanks for any info in advance Cheers, Andy