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  1. Oh man no reason not to get the KH kit when it comes out now!
  2. torchf4

    second intruder/crusader type pilot by Reedoak

    I second the wishlist for OV-10 crews, esp seated in 1/32. Both modern and Vietnam (VAL-4) would be great
  3. torchf4

    S-3 Viking 1/48

    Damn that must have been a scary time! Glad you made it! And RIP to those that didn't...
  4. torchf4

    S-3 Viking 1/48

    Do S-3 crews fly with O2 masks? I'm guessing no but just wanna ask for confirmation. Thks! Andy
  5. From the pics online, KH have made no attempt to correct problems pointed out in the -E and just duplicate the problems, including now 2 unusable pilots. Nor made any efforts on the accuracy of their marking options. The S'pore F-5F is totally wrong for the markings(color and size) and the paint scheme pattern, not to mention the fact that if my 20+ yr memory is correct, 855 was most likely already upgraded to F-5T when it flew in the 2 tone camo, which entails structural and cockpit mods. The RTAF option is also a similarly upgraded bird under their Super Tigris AUP although this bird kept the sharknose.
  6. torchf4

    F-15E 1:48 from F-15I GWH?

    You need the B/D kit. Fighter twin tubs defer from the E in the cockpit and landing gear/ doors. Fin top counterbalances too and tail booms too if it's a early DJ.
  7. torchf4

    Coningsby visit.

    Are all the RAF fast jets becoming badgeless? Jeez that would be a real downer! Really love the RAF badges for the history and traditions and of course the colors! Really classy
  8. torchf4

    Fightertown Decals and the Tamiya Tomcat...

    Would FTD48-075 fit the tamiya F-14A kit after it's re-issued? Really wanna do a low vis VF-1 bird like those seen in Top Gun. But I think those are overall LGG with dark gray markings I think but still a TPS wolf would be nice! Andy
  9. Thks so much Rod!
  10. Hi Rod, Could I trouble you for close up pics of the strela mod panels on both sides of the engine? Trying to scratch build it but have no ref pics of how it looks like close up so can't do the mounts etc... TIA Andy
  11. Wondering if any AM manufacturers make the outer pylons seen on the Saudi -SAs and Boeing F-15 upgrade yet? If not any suggestions on how to scratchbuild or close up pics? Thks in adv! Andy
  12. torchf4

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Arigatou Tamiya-sama!!!!!!!!!
  13. torchf4

    S-3 Viking 1/48

    Thks for the info guys! Seeing as the kit did not come with the S-3 belly part and MAD tip, a late -B is all I can make from what I have on hand.
  14. torchf4

    S-3 Viking 1/48

    Need some help from the Hoover experts: I'm building a 1/48 S-3B from the Italeri ES-3A kit(only avalialbe kits over here). I've got the 2 Mikes -B update, Wolfpack wingfold, metal legs. Question is are there any parts for the S-3 that were taken out from the ES boxing? Also any info on what parts I should or should not use from the kit to make a S-3? especially on the antennas and airframe. Also would I be able to leave the bomb bay open and put some stores in there or are the racks and door actuators missing? Thks for any info on the above! Andy
  15. Hmmm they give you both noses but only -6 LERXs for sharknose version. Looks like will need to cut the LERXs for the non shark nose versions then. No AIM-9J/Ps too which is pretty common for foreign Tigers. Can't make out if they gave a early or late canopy (vented) though. Mavericks in the CAD but not in the kit! Hope it comes in the F-5F release! Breakdown is quite similar to the Has kit. I am worried about the fit on the fwd nose area though as it seems to be fully panelised from the gunbay onwards. Might be tricky if planning for a fully closed up nose. Other than that looks good enough for me. If they had included the IFR probe and South American tail I would be a happy man!