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  1. A couple of pictures of my Jet2 Holidays A321 built using my decal set Revell kit sharklets made by myself
  2. HI Guys i have added a fully upto date decal list to this post in word format Richard My DECAL LIST.doc
  3. do you want the reno ones first or wait untill the aircal one is done
  4. Hi Tracy I do have the Reno Air i can look at the Air cal i am away from tommrow untill the 12th June i can sort you the Reno one out when i come back i do have limited access to the internet while i am away so i will reply to your messages as soon as i can Richard
  5. New Decall forThomas Cook " Cooks Club" A321 THOMAS COOK A321 I LOVE COOKS CLUB by Richard Warcup, on Flickr New Decal for Alaska 737-900ER Alaska Airlines New 737-900ER finished by Richard Warcup, on Flickr New Decal for Alaska A320 Alaska Airlines A320 by Richard Warcup, on Flickr New Decal for the United 737-800 in the New Colours United 737-800 by Richard Warcup, on Flickr
  6. Thanks for letting me know you got them glad you are happy with them Richard
  7. Hi Rich. Looking for a set of you American Airlines TWA  737 decals. How do I get a set?





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    2. Vidar_710


      It should be in the PayPal statement, but here it is:


      Tracy Mann

      293 Village Green Ave.

      Jacksonville, Fla.

      U.S.A. 32259

    3. RICH W

      RICH W

      Decals Posted  Today 





    4. Vidar_710
  8. Some new decals click on the thumbnail photos to see them PM me for contact details and prices
  9. Hi Mike i have the United 1980s livery 727-200
  10. Hi 767-200 conversion Remove 21mm from in front of the wing and 23mm from behind the wing Richard
  11. yeah probably i wonder if they will include the bomb bay detail , i was going to buy the resin nozzles then looking at the nylon tube i thought it would be perfect for the engine nozzles
  12. then the light grey for the top then for the green camoflage i scaled up the airfix instructions to full scale cut away the green areas that were to be sprayed then stuck the bits i was left with onto the model with blue tak The finished model after the green was sprayed on just the decals to go on now Richard
  13. Having built this model back in 1993 after XH558 was grounded and retired from the RAF i decided the kit need a repaint and i decided i would to the other famous Vulcan XM607 that carried out Black Buck 1 raid on Port Stanley back in 1982 , i am doinf XH558 after this , and it will have the Bomb bay detail which i have built myself Exhaust pipes extended using nylon tube and filler Exhaust pipes filled and sanded back Next job was to remove the blue steel missile and put the bomb bay doors back on having lost the original bomb bay door part i made a new one from plasticard
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