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  1. I am sorry but the kit has already been sold

  2. Still have the Collect Aire F2H-3/4 BANSHEE for sale??? Please ping me at mmcleod5@cfl.rr.com if its still available!

  3. Are you planing another Guardian decal sheet with grey/white colored aircrafts?
  4. I really hobe AMK will do the Super Etendard. I have tried so many KH kits (F-94, Jaguar, F1, Mig-25) but all of them where really bad in fitting and also in accurancy compared to their price. Kinetic ist much better, but if I compare their Magister directly to the AMK Magister, I really have to prefer the AMK. So I really hope to have the chance to buy a AMK SuE.
  5. I am selling unstarted Collect Aire kits in 1/48! Collect Aire F3D-2 Skyknight (4828, unstartetd) -> 199$ Collect Aire F2H-3/4 Banshee (4844, unstarted) -> 199$ Collect Aire Lifting Body Set -> 600$ Collect Aire X-24A Lifting Body (4821, unstarted) Collect Aire X-24B Lifting Body (4822, unstarted) Collect Aire HL-10 Lifting Body (4823, unstarted) Collect Aire M2F2/3 Lifting Body (4824, unstarted) Worldwide delivery possible!
  6. For sale: Paragon KB-29P Conversion 1/48 (4860) -> 60$ Worldwide shipping possible!
  7. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fc/Three_AGM-65_Maverick_Missiles_on_an_A-10_Thunderbolt.JPEG
  8. Does anyone have pictures of the decal variants of MRCs new H-34 releases UH-34D and VH-34D? Thanks!
  9. Are you also planing to do some non US variants and can you tell us, which ones? Thanks!
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