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    Model planes, ships, Space craft, Star Trek. Building the Monogram B-17G Flying Fortress.. I do have HK's in 1/32 the G model. I like fly for the Civil Air Patrol I am a Master Observer my current rank is Major. I am happy being married with on daughter and granddaughter.

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  1. I have both Tamiya kits. They are nice, but the new AMK kit will win me over. I have there MiG-31 and it is a winner so will this kit.
  2. I have the Revell F-15E. I am looking for one control stick and one four piece Ejection seat. Please let me know if you have them. Thank you
  3. I have the Revell/ Monogram B-17G kit number 85-5600  in 1/48th. I was wondering if you have two part 13 the pitot tube for the left side of the fuselage. Please let me know. Thank you and best wishes to you.

  4. I am looking for on the Revell/ Monogram kit number 85-5600 Part number 13. Why I ask is this. Revell/ Monogram closed there missing parts department. Thank you guys and I wish everybody all the very best.
  5. You did a great job on it. I want to wish you all the very best and keep the great work up.
  6. This kit 5600 is not too bad of a kit since it came out in 1975. I was 14 at the time and I have built many of them. Some were done by me for a former club we had. I find this kit simple but great to build.
  7. I know Revell of Germany is due out a big 1/32 E.
  8. Ollie 17

    HK B-17F

    I want to wish all the very best building it and have fun. I gotten the late G plus all the other goodies.
  9. I have decal sheet 48-031 from Aeromaster and I do not have the instruction sheet. I wonder anybody has this sheet and if you can make a copy of it and send it to me. My email address is modelplanemaker814@gmail.com Thank you.
  10. Check there web site or write to them
  11. Revell models showed they are coming out with a 1/32 UH-1D Huey Gunship. Yes I remember that kit and I hope it does come out. I was just wondering can it be made into a slick or this kit is not coming out at all? All I can say time will tell.
  12. I have Aeromaster decal 48-031 for the S-3 Viking. I do not have the instructions for this and I was wondering anybody has them so I can put on my model right. This is the decal sheet with all the data. It has not been used at all and it is all complete. If you have them can somebody scan them to me to my email address here. modelplanemaker@gmail.com I really would like this. Thank you and you can call me Adrian.
  13. I gotten your parts and thank you so much Terrence.
  14. I have kit number 85-5823 Monogram/Revell F-15C Eagle. I need four parts and they are parts 64 x 2 and 65 x 2. Anybody wants to part with them please send me an email here modelplanemaker @gmail.com. On 9 February I am having major surgery and I do not know how long I will be off the computer. I hope somebody has these parts. Thank you.
  15. I have the Monogram/Revell F-15C Kit number 5823 in 1/48th scale. I need six parts and I was wondering if anybody has these parts. They are 51,52,Fuel tank and 64 x 2 and 65 x 2 exhaust pipes. You can email me here. modelplanemaker@gmail.com and please call me Adrian. Thank you.
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