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  1. Great paints, very pleasant at work, very matt. Be sure to dilute IPA.
  2. The green color on the windshield is two thin layers of transparent green from tamiya.
  3. Hi My last model, Tamiya 1/48. The model straight from the box, the only accessories are: Eduard ejection seat, gun wents from Quickboost, decals Fightertown decals, all painted with AK Real Colors.
  4. Hi Needs pictures from dismantled radar cover . Thanks for any help .
  5. Hi My last model, Hasegawa 1/72 right out of the box. Enjoy watching :)/>/>
  6. Many thanks for your help, but it might have been pictures because I do not know how the lift mechanism and the bay.
  7. So now I just need to find a specific photo :/
  8. So if I understand I have no possibilities to make these flaps / spoilers were open at a standstill?
  9. Exactly, I mean those flaps on the LEX
  10. Hi, Looking for pictures of aerodynamic brakes open F/A-18 E / F, I'll be grateful for the help :)
  11. Hi guys, my latest work, a model made out of the box .
  12. Looking for photos of the F-4E "Kara Sahin," it would be nice to have them of all sides .
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