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  1. Airfix 1/72nd Harrier Gr.5, with FlightDec decals, working flaps and a pilot from the spares box - everything else OOB. Colour is 2:1 Xtracolor #123 'Blue Angel Blue' and Revell #7 'Black' cheers Grant
  2. Well, it is done, and very pretty it looks too. I finally got around to taking some photos. Here it is 'at Filton'. Thanks for the comments guys, I hope you have enjoyed the build. cheers Grant
  3. Well the painting went well. However, the decals being a pain. The backing/glue has aged and is coming off white. I have to rinse the decals off, once they are off the paper, but then they are going on fine with a bit of Klear. They are a bit thick, but a couple of coats of Klear seem help reduce that effect. Here is a top shot with all the upper decals on, and with the tips and controls surface sealing being painted. Why is white paint such an awful paint to use? And here with the masking tape removed. Now just the rest of the decals and put the U/C on and it should be ready for next w
  4. Terrific!. I like that a lot. That is a great finish with a brush. The only problem I have is with that dam on the nose. I do hate it when kit manufacturers push out kits of prototypes, without positively identifying them as such. That nose only existed for a very short time, on one test airframe, and has never gone into production. Still, it's a What-if, so whose to say....(shame there aren't any actually in commercial service) A cool model Hajo. cheers Grant
  5. Motoring along nicely here. The final job, before attaching the wings, was to drill out the two molded openings in the mid section, thin the plastic on the inside and stick some 0.2mm mesh weave (from Little-cars) on the inside. Looks a lot better. And now onto the paint shop. As I am having to mix the colour, I have had to get everything ready, at the same time, 'cos I will never manage to mix the same colour twice! Here are all the U/C doors, exhausts and the aircraft, ready for a serious paint session. cheers Grant
  6. Bonehammer and Unang - go on, give it a go, you know you want too!! Paulo's tutorial was so good. He had figured it all out, all I did was follow the instructions. I must admit the second one has turned out better than the first. It was definitely worth doing though. Those flaps are such a big part of the 'look' of a Harrier when it is slow and dirty. Moving on, I next had to tackle the intakes. An interesting parts break down, that didn'y actually fit together too well. So, as I am doing flaps down, engine running (maybe at T/O) the doors needed opening. So out with the file and remove load
  7. Congratulations on all these in box reviews. Great photo's. The effort is much appreciated! cheers Grant
  8. And now the STBD flaps are done - and working! Many thanks to Paulo for his excellent tutorial. I had to make some slight changes due to the different molding, and scale, but it was surprisingly simple (once I knew how) and looks really effective. Clearly the brass pin will be replaced, but this is just for checking it all works. cheers Grant
  9. Grant

    My Gallery

    It was certainly impressive watching it come together, and that photo is brilliant! Grant
  10. Don't you dare! That is a lovely looking Lotus. You deserve a medal for those wheel decals. Indydog - I do like the look of those old school Honda and Lotus cars. All that exposed engien detail. Lovely work. cheers Grant
  11. Always a treat to see your Mclaren again Skii. And I have to say, Carbon Fiber decals are definitely worth getting, as they really add that little bit extra to the finished article. Here is my Tamiya Williams FW24. The tyre dry transfer decals went on OK, but with Klear to seal the edges and protect them. cheers Grant
  12. Condor 1/48th Heinkel He 178 V1 Cockpit interior seems over sized, but kit PE adds a nice level of detail. cheers Grant
  13. OK finished! Not too bad. I think the 'dark aluminium' may have been a step too far, and straight Aluminium might have been better. But now that it is painted up it is a slightly prettier a/c. cheers Grant
  14. What neat little kit. I like the idea of the whole front section being clear - makes life a lot easier. cheers Grant
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