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  1. If you look at it hard enough you will see that it resembles a F-35.... A point less fight that we really don't need. The Russians figured it out why can't the Americans
  2. Track the shuttle and the iss What where they think when they desided to end this program Porkchop
  3. The Booster rockets are what push the Shuttle up and out of the Atmosphyer. Once the booster's separate the shuttle is already in space. The Engine's on the shuttle don't need to be as powerfull in space since there is no gravity and no friction. With Earth's rotation and the thrusters the shuttle can do the speed it need... 17'000 mile per hour. It does not need to go any faster than that.
  4. Hey Everyone, Have badger double action and the Dam thing is blowing Air into the cup... For you double action Men... ( I don't mean it that other way) how may i stop this? Porkchop . Fixed the problem and not bent needle.... it was the wrong nozel
  5. Hey does anyone of info on the early Blackaces marking for the Cosair and the early Phantom? Frank
  6. Mustangs sure, Spits yup, Thuderbolts for sure...in 1/72 scale of course
  7. Humming bird from hell
  8. Their have been talks that BMW, Honda and Hyndai my joing in next year....
  9. GO DALE EARNHART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Time do some racing!!!! Beer Check, BBQ heater up Check, sitting in front of the tv with the Daytona 500 on FOX ......Priceless Frank
  11. Congrads.... Now you get to go do a model in the a garge.... and just remember she is the boss!!!!! Frank
  12. Has anyone heard if they are still going to launch STS-133 this month? Frank
  13. I am building the 1/72 scale verision from the same company. Great kits aren't they?
  14. I am going to have to get you guys some photos of my Brother Kits plane. He has a Zenith with a flat six.
  15. They play the Orginial on Monday nights here in the US but now for awhile. And they have blocked it from veiwings through the web here. Frank
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