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  1. Autodesk Fusion 360 all the way. Free to use as long as you make less than 100.000$ a year from it. Not the easiest piece of software to use, but a ton of very good tutorials on youtube. Sketchup might be a nice program to start with, but I soon got frustrated with all sorts of limitations and quirks. After struggling to make a specific simple design for hours, I decided to switch to Fusion 360. 30 minutes of youtube video and an hour of trying later I had what I needed. I just deleted sketchup after that.
  2. I've had a cell phone for many years. I'm one of those people who likes to tincker with all sorts of stuff, so I've bricked a few phones in my time. My employer gives us a phone, but then doesn't allow us to make personal calls with it, so I've been using dual sim phones for the last 7 or 8 years. My latest phone is one of the 'Android One' kind: cheap, quite good hardware, virtually stock android and guaranteed 2 years of firmware updates by Google itself(I'm on 7.1.1 with my 170€ phone). It runs great, I just restart it every few weeks, when I feel it slows down a bit, that"s all. I've used
  3. Sad to see this happen in our capital. May thoughts go out to the victims. Unfortunately, with Brussels being the capital of the EU, it wasn't a matter of 'if' but of 'when'...
  4. Where stuff like this could happen every now and again...
  5. problem with those is (and I have one myself): they tend to brag about what they caught. I've had cats bring live mice and birds inside the house. And then I can begin chasing...
  6. And don't use cheese to get the mouse in the trap, chocolate works much better as a lure.
  7. I've used a H&S for years and they are very good. Knowing what their standard airbrushes cost, I'm assuming the price of these things will also be custom?
  8. Since 1928 The Last Post has been played every night under the Menin Gate, a memorial for the allied victims in the Ypres Salient during World War I. A very moving salute, that I've had the privilege of attending a few times. Tomorrow evening, they'll be playing it for the 30.000th time. The Last Post at Ypres
  9. I use a 30+ years old sil-air(or predecessor, there's no info on the compressor, but the shape points to sil-air)
  10. Who would have thought cutting up meat would be so different between continents. Brisket? No sorry. T-bone steak? Don't have it... I'll have to make do with what's available(or order a whole cow and have it cut up to spec...)
  11. I've just received my new kettle grill this week. Unfortunately the weather isn't cooperating at the moment. I've never used a grill with a lid, so I'll start with some simple stuff, but I'm gathering all the information required for some smoking and some long duration grilling. Recipes, hints and tips are more than welcome, as 99.9 % of the grilling that is done over here(and that I have done) is store bought, packaged, marinated meat, grilled for a few minutes over an open charcoal fire. I'm looking forward to taking matters into my own hands, so to speak.
  12. Last summer we went to Ireland, 14 years after our previous visit (our honeymoon, actually). The first time, we stumbled upon a small, dusty museum in Foynes. It's dedicated to the flying boat service between Ireland and the US. Last year we passed through the area and decided to see if it still existed. And it does! It's still small and dedicated only to the flying boats that flew from Foynes, but it got a major update. Is it worth a major detour? Only if you live and breath flying boats. But if you're in the neighbourhood, it's certainly worth dropping by. And they have a 1/1 model of a B31
  13. At kids who share the 'hobbyroom':"Which one of you little ***** messed with my workspace. I can't find (insert subassembly')!!!! I'll ban you from the hobbyroom!!!! *interlude: 1 hour of searching while constantly mumbling about the advantages of contraceptives.... And then: "It's ok, turns out it was in the box with finished stuff all along." ... A little slice of life, dated yesterday, and accentuated with a gash on the top of my head, obtained while crawling under the workbench, searching for the lost canopy part... (Oh, and I really love my kids, and wouldn't want to trade them for an
  14. On reading this from someone like you, Chuck, my first thought was that you (and other skilled modellers like you) are living proof that not every model comes out identical. Thinking away all aftermarket on your 'Kicked up a notch' builds still leaves us with unique models, purely because of your skills. I'm not saying I'd never use some aftermarket part to correct a big problem, but still, I aim to make better models through advancing my skills. On the other hand, I'm genetically programmed to oppose tiny PE stuff: I'm sausage fingered and ham fisted.
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