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  1. Mark, A truly excellent build and result. The painting is truly a cut above.The only criticism I have concerns the emergency bar on the door hatch which appears to me to have been painted red. Wartime bars were metallic and not red as this is a modern requirement for such emergency equipment appearing on restorations. A quick lick of a brush should be able to resolve it. Kind Regards,
  2. Mate they have decided to dump all pre existing plans and change their T and C's. Once you reach your bandwidth limit, they will not show your photos in any post. New pricing schemes starting at US $50 but not offering much.Basically only offering "3rd party hosting" if you fork over US $400 a year. Many, many unhappy customers who are balking at the price (rightly so) and jumping ship. Been likened to being held to ransom. Poor notification and business practice. I and others can still see and post but once those pictures become popular, you are blocked. Many of the fora are carrying thr
  3. Thanks Chris I shall have a look. Regards.
  4. And down to the wire...literally. Ezi line antenna, heat stretched and pierced deflectors, PE and touch ups: Pencil chipping with water colours and some AK Kerosene and AK Engine oil enamel washes: QB MG 17's installed in the business end: Into the cabinet in front of the 1/4 scale Bf 110 panel from the Royal Class boxing: Thanks to all that followed and commented.
  5. Welcome back, I have flat coated the retouched markings, added the QB exhausts, sprayed the exhaust stains (a first for me) and completed the gunner's area: It won't win any awards but will sit nicely in my collection. Regards,
  6. The class in remedial masking and spraying is out and it's not a bad end. Probably indicative that I should have done it this way first! I will give it a matte coat in a day or so and then go forward with weathering and final assembly: Regards,
  7. I added some bits and bobs. The MLG doors and the PE retraction cables: The remedial work on the silvered decals has both good and bad. The balkenkreutz is finished and awaits a final matte coat: Port serial came out well with some minor lifting. I think the final matte coat will sort that out. Starboard side will need another go: Regards,
  8. Thanks, I wasn't excited by the schemes in the kit. I went with the Techmod for Falck's aircraft scheme. Regards,
  9. No matter how many times I tried to convince myself, "silvered decals do not worry me", it was never going to end well. I cut some pre loved Tamiya tape masks for the serials. It appears the silvering is mainly confined to the RLM 71 as the darker RLM 70 is not as noticeable. Maybe something to do with Humbrol paint? Who knows! Not too bad, if I say so myself. The port insignia had also silvered so it had to go. Surprisingly it came away with a new piece of tape (after two coats of matte varnish) and I masked the balkankreutz: That's all for now. I will update you all on the success
  10. Hello again, I shot a couple of thin coats of AK Interactive Ultra Matte Varnish as a topcoat. If you want a dead flat finish, this is the stuff for you. Unfortunately, a number of the decals have silvered. I will chalk this down to a user problem but it means I will probably not use Techmod decals again. The masks came off the canopies and I have a couple of touch ups but I am very happy with the general result. The addition of the mass balances, pitot and a scratch built ladder have finished off the underside: Next up is weathering and final assembly. Regards,
  11. Thanks guys, I hope to have it completed for the next meet Calum. Is it this Saturday? To be brutally honest, I don't recall what colour I painted the tyres as they were done in 2007! Probably Gunze Tyre black. They have been weathered recently with AK Interactive Landing Gear and Dust effects washes from their Air range. Once the overall matt coat goes on, I may touch them up with Tamiya Weathering Sets. Regards,
  12. Just a quick update. The Flory wash has been applied. I then set about adding the DF and "clothes line" antennas: Regards,
  13. Welcome back, The wheels are on! You can see the distinctive outward stance of the MLG. I used AK Interactive Landing Gear and Grease and Bearings enamel washes for the first time instead of my usual oil washes. The data plates are from the Aurscale LW cockpit placards decal set: Regards,
  14. The QB exhausts got a coat of Burned Iron and then a couple of thin coats of AK Interactive Exhaust Wash: Regards,
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