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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-A6-EL-Panel-Electroluminescent-Light-Neon-Sheet-Tape-Cuttable-Actuator That link won't work, so it seems but if you copy and past in the eBay search window, you should be able to find it. The trimmable sheets work It'll take some thinking and patience. This is from a stalled project where the buyer backed out. I tried fluorescent paint with a UV LED behind it, didn't care for it. I ultimately decided on electroluminescent sheets that are cuttable/trimmable. They are powered by a 9VDC battery but with an AC inverter.
  2. Glad you're still in there kickin'. I am not at the buying stage yet but curious if your 1/32 F-100 intake will fit on the all-new F-100F from Trumpeter. I'm assuming (uh-oh) that the engineering of theirs is identical to the "D"; Flat on the bottom. I'm still awaiting reviews and comparison sprue shots from some enterprising individual.
  3. I love this thread. I noted Randy's interior and marveled at it. Naturally, this model cries out for "diorama", either landing on the asteroid with The Companion and Zephram Cochran or on Eden with Sevrin. Maybe on the hostile planet where they crashed investigating Murasaki 312.... or even a giant wall presentation with the planet killer and Matt Decker flying into it. My mechanical engineering side cries out for figuring out how to flip a switch and get the doors to operate, knowing full well that grips on the set opened and closed them, sometimes with difficulty.
  4. Remember, the Tardis is bigger inside than it is outside. I will watch to see how you master this modeling feat. Shouldn't be a problem...🤨
  5. Pondering that...maybe possible to have removable outside skin sections that are held in place with jewelers screws or pin-slides. Done in such a way as to not remove such a large section that causes structural weakness but where you can remove a section and with some modest LED lighting, display the interior. If it were me, I'd make the exterior panel cuts along existing panel lines and make sure they fit very snug so as to not have glaring gaps at the lines. Another option might be hinged panels which wouldn't look exactly scale and might arouse some rivet-counter to critique
  6. https://trucolorpaint.com/ https://trucolorpaint.com/
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