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  1. A little history. In 1980, I was a "skeeter wing" (one stripe), 18 year old airman and this is where I went to work every day. I rode my bicycle from the barracks and went in the door marked, put my bike against the wall in the hangar and all our line trucks were parked where Philippe has placed the AGE equipment. We had our 0700 formation in the hangar and I went to go get a tool box from the tool crib, basically adjacent to the AGE shop in the direction of the arrow. In 1981, new USAFE directives came out that our shop had to be located in a hardened shelter so we spent days r
  2. I've always been a fan of Airwaves products. Unfortunately, I'm put off by the shipping costs, even from eBay. I'll likely get the set eventually but I am a poor-coin-pocket man these days.
  3. So the Kinetic kit arrived a few weeks ago and as is suggested in the HS review, a light wetsanding will soften the deep and harsh panel lines. The HMUR Reaver speedbrakes are OOP and discontinued. Shame...they were nice. I will need the EDUARD wheel-well and intake detail sets and maybe their PE speedbrakes will get the job done. No seat as the subject I'm doing had it removed as well as all the instruments and console boxes, leaving empty holes and wire caniplugs. The aux air doors were easily pushed in, and the speedbrakes flopped in the breeze. Meanwhile, I
  4. Glue it back together, sand it smooth, attach a stick or rod underneath with epoxy putty. acquire some clear acetate, heat it and "push mold or vacuform a new one over the top of the broken one.
  5. Anigrand. Somebody some years ago said it means, “not quite right” but for the dedicated craftsman, as good a starting place as any. You have to have b*lls this big to attempt this bit of resin creation. You are beating it into submission and it will be spectacular. You have given attention where every correction was needed and it’s rounding out well in the final lap. i remember 20 years ago a guy who doubted his abilities on these boards and now, you are the jedi master who is unafraid of any kit that stands in your way. You should be very proud. I knew you were go
  6. Well….after re-reading all the verbiage about the F-84F in 1/48th, I’ve opted for a Kinetic kit with the QuickBoost nose exchange. Though I don’t have a picture of it, back in April of 1980 I went TDY to Gioia Del Colle Airbase in Italy and near the barracks there was a ‘Streak that had seen better days. The canopy was open and there was no seat, no instruments, cut wire bundles, etc. I noted the aux air doors had their springs intact but the engine had long been removed. Perhaps the most odd thing was the face of a hornet that was standing guard inside the pitot tube and if you got too
  7. Thanks Tato. I did not know how close the kits were in spite of reading about it on the thread some years ago. Definitely helpful and I am grateful.
  8. Thanks, Rob. That’s pretty thorough. Not sure how I want to configure it yet but you’ve provided plenty of options.
  9. Thanks Ben. I saw some pics of that. Can’t find it anywhere so it was suggested to email Harold. Did so and will await a response.
  10. Hi everybody. Decided to pull the lever and get an old die-hard kit. Loved this kit when it came out but it needs some love. Does the resin available for the newer kits fit? Will the Eduard PE cockpit fit? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Thanks in advance Fang
  11. Super nice, crisp work. This is going to be a gem for sure.
  12. If I remember right, we put the Mk20’s on TERs a lot. The SUU-30 dispensers we also loaded a lot but I can’t remember if we put them on the bottom TER stations or not. The munition could clear the ground just fine but I can’t remember if the jammer table and arms could fit to get under the TER for Sta 1. But we definitely put three Mk20’s on each TER. I say SUU-30 because that’s the “canister” that held whatever was inside and that’s what determined the numerical designator for the munition. Mostly we got them as CBU-52’s. HTH
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