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  1. Not sure if this will help but after looking at the sprue shots and then photos of the real aircraft, I think their fidelity to accuracy is laudable but the reality of wanting to display the model with gear down is atrocious. https://dddimaxxx.artstation.com/projects/aRnGx0 Here's maybe another idea: SAC Landing Gear for 1/48 Zvezda Su-25
  2. That's good stuff! I had a brief email exchange with the eBay seller and he assures me that the model will be sent out. He explained some of the logistics he deals with so the lower price is attributable to how he gets the kits. Family op? I don't know. In any case, I feel more confident that it will show up at my door. He was a very nice fellow and completely acknowledged my concerns and admitted many others have the same. So I look forward to it. The thought of going to HobbyLink occurred to me shortly after I first posted and that will likely be the way I'll
  3. Hey everybody. I have lamented here once or twice about the fate of Kitty Hawk's molds and apparently my pleas did not go unheard. Or, I'd like to imagine as much. It seems, as has been discussed here, a company called "Storm Factory" is or will be producing kit #32002, F-5F which was one of Kitty Hawk's "crowning" achievements, though some may debate that point. In any case, it was a really nice rendition of the family model F-5 and I liked it because it had two crew ladders and would possibly be a good graft for the 1/32 resin Collecr-Aire T-38 for the cockpit coa
  4. Would it at all be possible to purchase acrylic sheet, of your desired thickness, a used or inexpensive bandsaw, make a template or copy an existing shape and cut the pieces out, glue them together and have what you need? Sometimes, the need to be "more than just a modeler" is key. I'm not criticizing but I found that to properly display various models I've built, I've had to make a case or a stand. Sometimes the stand is a nice piece of hardwood, routered with a fine, decorative edge, a stout brass rod epoxied to the side, gracefully curved to insert into a custom-made brass
  5. Wow, signs that I'm getting old. On a side note, I remember when ARC was brand spanking new and I joined at a time when I was living in a third floor apartment, had an adopted Labrador mix and was scraping by working for a horrible, awful airline. All my things are still in storage, John. In my previous life with the airline, I ended up selling my home, moving three times and finally settling back to a place I can call home. But decades have passed and there's much to do before I can get to cutting plastic. As for the Comet kits, I am torn between building the p
  6. Camera fairings. I used to work D's E's and G's. The D's had these but not all of them. One (the starboard one) has it's flat-pane looking forward and the port one looks aft. That may be a Navy B model?
  7. Okay, Received the kit yesterday in the post. Was packed (from China) in 1/2" styrofoam, wrapped in packing tape. Arrived completely unscathed after its multi-thousand mile journey. No shrinkwrap on the box but no damage to the box at all. Not quite filled to the top with plastic but that's of no problem to me. The parts, though. Absolutely exquisite molding and I completely retract and humbly bow my head for my sin of supposed "missing" rivet detail on the aft fuselage and tail surfaces. They are simply so well-executed that they really get the job done.
  8. Those are gorgeous, Mr K. I plan on acquiring a set but the facebook link did not work for me, but it's probably something I did. Will keep trying.
  9. Well...it shouldn't be all that hard as there aren't any real shape issues. I loved working on those jets and the job was pretty easy and the hours were fine. Occasional weekend duty....sometimes washrack...sometimes phase barn. No biggie. What was a 22 year old going to do with his time? I went to night school, got my PPL, took care of my little white 924 and enjoyed the deserts of the Pima area. Took a trip to Mt Lemmon, rode the bus for the boneyard several times and got lots of model ideas...went to Craig's Hobbies and Tucson Hobby Shop a lot and also to the Dumas model shop on o
  10. I did not see the rivets, though i watched the video to the point where I missed them. I am pleased to say I was totally blind. Honestly...I did watch the video but I don't see so good anymore. I just ordered the kit and should get it by May of next year, according to eBay. However, and this may be sacrilege, I will back-date it to an early jet because that's what I worked at DM in the early to mid 80's
  11. Seems nobody has chosen to mold the rivets on the aft portion of the airframe anymore. Otherwise, very nice kit.
  12. Very nice job, Scott! They offered up kits of things that others did not. I guess at the end of the day, I just wish I could get my grubby little mitts on a couple of the ones I wanted. Perhaps, after that, maybe I don't care what happens. However, and also, any new kitmaker is welcome in my world and the "best in the business" Tamiya, etc., keep upping their game. Z-M has certainly done some nice stuff and I guess I'll wait forever for Trumpeter's 1/32 F-106 but that's ok too. Meanwhile, 3D printing is becoming quite a thing. It may be the eventual replacement of the wh
  13. Junk is a relative term. The F9F-8 Cougar was a gem and it's getting $180-$220 on theBay I also thought the 1/32 F-5F was pretty well done. By the time I found the money to get either, KH had shut down.
  14. Seems it's the end-user who always suffers. But....after all, I guess it's just a hobby. To them, of course, it's a business and has to generate revenue and the revenues have to exceed costs. In many cases, it's just that simple. But to intentionally alter a mold or method-of-production is (possibly) a "cardinal sin". I remember some other things that went like that but not with model kits. Like when Hot Wheels went to the "fast wheels" bit and the cast metal cars looked more like toys than collectible miniatures. But still, they found a bigger audience in the eight-and-under set and m
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