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  1. Very cool. I did not know it was used in The Doomsday Machine but it makes sense for all the forced perspective things they had to do. Your rendition of the replica is aces! Might even do a 'shop of yourself in a similar pose as The Great Bird Of The Galaxy with your model properly positioned. No, I'm not being snarky. Just something fun to bring smiles. In other news, and possibly due to intrusive algorithms in my web searches, a metal replica of the Cat's Paw Enterprise appeared in my eBay feed and I bought it. Made by a feller in the UK. Not as precise as the original
  2. Very excellent reporting. Now tell us where this one went:
  3. Wellllll goll-durnnit! I BEEN patient a'waitin' fer these dang critters ta come back, sheriff! My patience is a'wearin' mighty thin these days. Ain't much I can do 'bout it though. Jest don't like waitin' is all. Shucks.
  4. I've been following the F9F-8 single seat on eBay for some years now. Prices on the Bay varied widely but nothing I could afford/was willing to pay for. The listing for this new mfr shows it at ¥ 999 which is about $140 US but I think since lots of their kits have this amount, it may just be a 'place-holder' or approximation. In any case, $140 is a lot but considerably less than what's being asked on eBay. Would love to see it under $100 but that is likely a pipe-dream. Should have bought the Cougar and the F-101B when first offered.
  5. Looks pretty nice. Nice effort on the fan blades, something nobody else seemed willing to tackle to that level. Nose also looks really good. As "slow" as kit production is these days, the ones coming out seem to be setting a better standard. The old argument of them being in the money business and making kits that have a wide appeal still holds as they need to make money to stay in business. So the off-chances of seeing this quality in a 1AB1F2 Wifferdill is unlikely. Still Jonesing for the Trumpeter 1/32 F-106 they promised in 2003. :-/
  6. I had a long ago brief email exchange with Trumpeter back in the early 2000's about a 1/32 F-106. The respondent told me that Trumpeter would definitely be producing that kit. I do not intend to make this a wish list entry...the emails really happened. Then, I believe Kitty Hawk intended to do a 1/32 T-38 but went OOB. Their 1/32 F-5F has the complicated canopy bits...and I would guess that although the two aircraft are completely different, the canopy bits are almost identical.
  7. Indeed! The old fedora. You could tell a lot about a man by his hat. How he wore it, what kind of condition it was in, his manners with women and his chapeau. I got my kit this week and immediately started trying to figure out how to add a passenger window on each side, in-between the two that are there. The plastic is a bit thick but I think making a stencil on tape from the holes and then slowly dremeling out a new one might work. Not absolutely necessary but for the purposes of accuracy with what I want to build....I'm thinking it's necessary. I'll figure it
  8. This kit is a welcome addition to my collection. This airplane started its life long ago as a product of Mitsubishi Aircraft in the 1980'sand then was bought by the Beechcraft Aircraft Company and marketed as the Beechjet. A nice purchase by the USAF for an aircrew-type trainer, designated the T-1 Jayhawk put some life into it and Beechcraft did fairly well in the newly evolving light jet world with it. It's final rendition as of about 10 to 15 years ago is the Nextant with a light engine upgrade, winglets and Garmin avionics has given it quite a new lease on life.
  9. Thanks Gene. Moral support in misery is still moral support. I just today re-discovered my shelf-of-doom Anigrand Jetstar. I'm afraid to track back to my old posts and see when I gave up on it. But in that time, I've moved four times, lost a job because of Covid, retired and settled down in a small bungalow in my beloved state of South Carolina and hopefully will get back to work. The Anigrand kit was put away and all the nice work is still there, so it may be worth picking up again. Plus with all the 1/72 Biz jets coming out, I think it may want company. I've ordered the b
  10. Thanks much for the photos! I may find myself purchasing the kit! Looks every bit the part. Might need the Hobbycraft 1/2 F-86 kit as a slat donor. Much appreciated. My dad flew this one out of Poughkeepsie for IBM. I have a goal of 3D printing the model in 1/48. In 1962/3 this was one EXPENSIVE paintjob. But hey, in a ramp dio, door open, a few businessmen with thin ties and white shirts.... Yeah.
  11. An Addendum: There is a Quinta Studios 3D decal set for the cockpit. $35 on eBay. Purchased straight away for "personal modeling needs". There is no Mrs, so I have no misses.
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