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  1. Ray, This is superlative work. Outstanding and fun to see!
  2. And there lies the rub, as it were. I am hoping someone picks them up. KH's last statement that I was aware of was that their cost-of-kit vs sales were off-kilter and they stated, arguably that "plastic modeling is a dying hobby". That point has been discussed here for the past twenty years as well as elsewhere. Us "oldsters" remember when plastic kits were a great way to spend a rainy weekend and indulge our fantasies of what we might become when reaching adulthood and some of us developed skills to make very nice replicas and so it continued to evolve but now seems more of a hobby for
  3. Does anyone know if there will be some disposition of the molds for the now-defunct Kitty Hawk Models? I was finally ready to start building my 1/48 stash for Navy stuff and desperately wanted a F9F-8 Cougar and never expected them to go OOB. Not only is it a shame but opportunists on eBay are putting them up for $150 and more. The "family model" is still available for a reasonable cost but I don't have the bucks to get either the F-101 ( I know, not Navy)for a kit-bash with the Monogram or for the Cougar. I guess it's to be expected but maybe...just maybe...someone
  4. https://www.shapeways.com/product/G7Y4QQG6E/o-scale-scuba-divers?optionId=178070899&li=marketplace O-scale scuba divers. Not in swimming configuration, just standing 522EC840-C230-4F9F-9B75-F3FA458679D0.webp
  5. This is killer. How long have we waited for this? Moebius comes to the rescue with a large-scale rendition. Wish we had it in 1969 but hey, what’s a 50+ year wait?
  6. It sounds like you have an excellent handle on it. It’ll look very good. Three fuel tanks is fine though I suspect it would’ve launched with only two. But then, here’s the kicker, the USAFE “deal” was no live weapons to be overflown unless an actual hostile action. Note the SUU-21’s had doors on them to prevent inadvertent release of even a practice munition. I like your ideas and hope to see them come up on the boards here. I’m proud to sayI worked Phantoms and three versions of them at that. I have the “phantom bites” on my hands to prove it. Definitely two of the
  7. Some last questions: - What kind of bombs were used on the MER's? I guess 6 mk.82's or 6 mk.20's? We often loaded six Mk-20's on TER's. Three each side. Not uncommon to have three on Sta's 2 & 8. A MER on Sta 5 with six Mk-82's is reasonable or the Mk-20's. My personal "pet peeve" is that modelers tend to want to load up their planes with tons and tons of ("mixed")munitions. In the real world, A to G munitions add lots of drag and weight, both of which affect fuel-burn. If the target is not far away, fine, load away. For every mile more, then there's got to be a tanker
  8. - Can I assume that my favored loadout of an AN/ALQ-119 (st6), an AN/ASQ-153 (st4), 2 GBU-10's (st2+8), 2 droptanks (st1+9), a SUU-23 (st5) and 2 AIM-7's (st3+7) is realistic if I lose the SUU-23? The laser designator could go on 4 or 6. Funny thing is us weapons toads never loaded them. They were done by a different shop. Same with the ECM pods. We never touched them. Since they were not munitions, they were out of our AFSC. The mission would likely call for two AIM-7's in the aft launchers though we almost never loaded them except in the load-barn for qual. We once had a NATO/TA
  9. Actually worked 714 in the early 80's before the 23rd went to E models. USAF was going to subdued fatigues from the bright blue. I built this one after I returned to CONUS. To answer your questions 1) I was there from Mar 80 to Mar 82 as a 462X0 weapons loader so.... When I got there, all the jets in the three squadrons had SEA camo with white markings. Over the course of two years, the transition to black tailcodes happened gradually but by the fall of 1981 they were all black and the aircraft were still SEA camo. 2) Typical weapons loads
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