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  1. Andy, A heartfelt and touching tribute to a wonderful pet. I grieve with you as many here do, I'm sure. Our pets do become such solid anchors to our own existence and I, for one, forget how, as one person has said, "They are with us for a short period in our lives, but for them we are there for their whole life." That has been in my head since Jan 4 this year and I still feel devastated. I suppose it will get easier as time passes but yes, I understand the enormous space that has been left. They are our alter egos and our friends, asking for very little and giving
  2. That is so cool. Only recently have people dove into the very unusual relationship that people have with dogs. I've also noted how through selective breeding, humans have diversified all the different breeds, supposedly from one genome, the wolf. Everything from Chihuahuas to Bull Mastiffs, it's remarkable and many of them with distinct and unique personality traits. It's been a month and a half now and though I'm feeling a little better, I am still very much attached to my emotions toward Coby. I have read many testimonials and seen some videos where dogs and their masters
  3. A most kind word, thank you. The month is passing quickly and I am packing, almost ready to move 1500 miles away. I have an almost irrational fear that I will leave his spirit behind here as I go. I have his ashes and memories which seem so miniscule to the larger-than-life pup that he was. I do believe he was sent to me so I could have a companion and to help my self-worth as the airline I worked for continuously tried to destroy me. But Coby was always there, happy to see me, to be my friend and to spend time with me as if it was automatic. There is no other relationship o
  4. Thanks Model-Junkie. It's strangely compelling how we get so attached to our four-legged friends. Thank you for sharing your story about Niblet. Cool name.
  5. Thanks, Rob, you are most kind. It was completely unexpected the first time I saw Coby watching TV. I've had dogs all my life but none of them had any interest and I had always supposed that it had something to do with the picture tube and the way the human brain processes visual information vs. the way a dog's brain does. But this little guy would also watch the large picture tube TV I used to have and that's where "doggie on TV" became a thing. If I said that, he would run to go see the dog on TV. Sounds silly, yeah, but like a lot of people I talk "child-speak" to my dogs.
  6. Thanks crackerjazz. And thank you, everyone. I took Coby's ashes home yesterday afternoon and they did a paw-print and hair trimmings that I can look at from time-to-time, along with the nice box that hold his mortal remains. Will Rogers said, "They tell me when dogs die, they don't go to heaven. Well, when I die, I want to go where they go." I also noticed that on IMDB, one of the single most popular episodes of the old The Twilight Zone TV show was "The Hunt" where a hillbilly and his dog, Rip both drown when raccoon hunting. The show examines the pair as they travel a road
  7. Thanks T thunder. I took his ashes home today. They did a paw-print cast and hair trimmings. It's only been a little over a week but I'm trying.
  8. Two fine buddies to have around! I'll bet they are a blast! Thanks for the photo. They look great!
  9. Thank you Curt B. The pain they tell me will diminish but never go away. I should hope it never leaves completely for it would lessen the value of this extraordinary animal who would wake me when my blood sugar was low (no training) and who would follow me to every room or find me when I went out of his sight and he didn't catch it. Fora belly rub, a rawhide chewy, a walk or a ride in the car. Always just happy to be with, to be "among". Only dog I ever knew who watched television. He knew what the day would be like based on what clothes I put on in the morning. Slacks = work day and he
  10. Thanks most kindly to all who've replied and also all who've viewed my post. I genuinely think very highly of this site and have been coming here since the early 2000's...most knew me as Rusty Shackleford. My life changed dramatically in 2004 and after that, much of the joy had gone out of it, except for this little guy who always made me smile. Good people here. Kind and thoughtful and I've watched a great many builds here and some extraordinary skills. Thank you all again.
  11. Note the tail jack to prevent the nose from pointing sykward.
  12. Fellow ARC'ers, I have spent the last week grieving heavily for my beloved dog, Coby. I have never had a dog as fun, as loving, as loyal and as smart as him. In 2007, I was on a day off and going into town for lunch in South Carolina and he ran in front of my truck. I screeched to a stop, got out and he was genuinely glad to see me, jumped up with his paws on my chest and I noted the lack of a collar. However, I assumed he had escaped from his yard and so, I put him over the fence where I thought he belonged and went about my day. Oddly enough, the exact same thing happened th
  13. I went with this that I found on eBay® years ago but for the life of me I cannot find it again listed there. A wooden or metal-mesh would've done just as well but I was on a budget then. They came in various sizes and this was the largest capacity one. The shelves all had a clear plastic front barrier allowing me to read the labels
  14. Once the lume is "charged up" you can take the UV light away and let it glow for as long as it lasts. Here you can see in a lighted room it still retains some "glow" and if you dim the room lights it will be a bit more pronounced. Same as on a wristwatch dial.
  15. I am shining a UV flashlight onto the material here and you can see it glows brightly when the UV light is on it. One application might be to have the model displayed in such a way that you can have UV LED's shining on places on the model in such a way to keep them bright like this.
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